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Laksh: we will be going to Goa the next weekend.
He informed her typing something on his laptop. After that night, things have become comfortable between them but that didn’t brought any change in ragini. As always, laksh is still feeling guilty for marrying a first hand girl.
Ragini: we?
She asked adjusting her sheets on couch.
Laksh: yeah, don’t worry sanskar bhai is also coming.
Her face lit up just for the thought of spending a complete weekend with her sister. When she turned to laksh, he is already staring which made her blush
Laksh: why don’t you sleep on bed?
The expression on the face suddenly dropped to plain.
Ragini: I..I..need time laksh.
He sighed before both of them leaving the room for dinner.

Swara peeked out of the book which she is currently reading when she felt someone running away from her room. She came out and checked the corridor
Swara:( to herself) oh God! I have started hallucinating.. Pregnancy mood swings are really typical.
She laughed to herself and again went inside resuming to her work. She again heard someone running across their room. She narrowed her eyes and a smile came on her lips when she understood the reason.
Swara: ansh!
She called him with a warning tone. He stepped in the room gulping hard with big eyes.
Swara: what do you want?
Ansh glanced the whole room and then fixed his eyes to swara.
Ansh: cha..chacha
Swara: oh! He is getting fresh. You can wait there.
She informed him pointing to the couch. Actually she loves to tease children. He followed her instruction. She resumed to her work but observed him staring her. So, she closed her book and turned to him.
Swara: why are afraid of me?
Ansh: because you are alien.
He blurted out and then closed his mouth with left hand. She smiled inwardly for his gesture
Swara: and why?
Ansh: because.. Because..
He pointed to her bump and she bursted out laughing when she understood him.
Ansh: actually, I have never seen anyone like this. You are wiered.
Swara: so you named me alien?
She is still laughing and he nodded.
Swara: come here.
She made him sit on her lap.
Swara: I am not any alien my champ, your sister is there here.
Ansh stared her in an unbelievable expression.
Swara: yeah, within two months she will be out and then I don’t look like this any more.
She reasoned. Sanskar frowned at them when he came out of washroom.
Sanskar: what’s going on?
Swara: I am just explaining him that I am not any alien.
Sanskar: alien?
Swara nodded. ansh ran to sanskar.
Ansh: chachi said that my sister is inside her womb. Is she right?
He asked his eyes gleaming.
Sanskar: yes champ, she is just like us. You know what, she loves you the same way me and laksh chacha love you.
Ansh: do you love me chachi?
Swara nodded and he again ran to her embracing her in his little hands.

Swara: I am heavy today. Ma, you should not feed me this way.
She said once she finished her dinner.
Sujatha: no way, I don’t want you and my grandchild to be weak.
Swara smiled to her and then looked at her plate. Her blood boiled immediately.
Swara: this is not fair sanskar
She shouted at him in which she got an innocent smile as reply. She turned to her right and saw ragini with pleading eyes and shook her head in no when she saw her holding few groundnuts in her hand
Swara: you and your jiju are so mean, he too always gives me all the roasted peanuts and now you too..no way, I already have them to eat.
Ragini let out a breath of disappointment and turned to her plate when she felt a hand on her’s. She then saw laksh eating the peanuts from her plate. He gave her a genuine smile which lit up the faces of all maheswaries at dining.

Ragini narrowed her eyes when she didn’t find couch in the room. Laksh is already sitting on bed.
Ragini: where is my couch?
She asked crossing her arms to which he just shrugged. The corners of his lips curved which seemed like a smrik.
Ragini: I know that this is your plan
Laksh: you are really genius
Ragini: don’t need to so sarcastic.
He placed his right hand on his chest and faked a gasp.
Laksh: those are hurting and by the way, my comment was genuine.
Ragini stamped her foot and sat on other corner of the bed. Laksh smiled victouriosly before leaving the room with his mobile.
Laksh: finished your construction?
He asked her once he is inside the room after disconnecting the call. She jumped a little suddenly startled by his words.
Ragini: huh?
Laksh: construction of the great wall of China!
He said sarcastically pointing the pillow wall and she rolled her eyes.
Laksh: but I am not used to sleep this way.
Ragini: you should get used my dear husband
He smriked to her sarcasm and switched off main lights before dozing off

Ragini opened her eyes and as usual, they searched for laksh. She is still unaware of the reason why she wanted to see his face when she first opens her eyes. To much of surprise, he is not inside.
Ragini:( to herself) where did he go this early? May be in washroom.
She brushed off some foreign feeling inside her for not seeing him and approached washroom but he is not inside. Tension started to build inside her. She went down after getting fresh.
Ragini: where is laksh ma?
Patients: looks like someone is missing him
Ragini blushed which is again foreign to her.
Parineta: sorry, he said that he had some important meeting. Will be back by night dear.
Ragini smiled and joined in household work.

Ragini kept pacing in her room when and occasionally glancing at watch. It is almost 9:00pm. Her tension is because laksh neither messaged or called her the entire day, okay, he never called her but she hasn’t seen him at morning is increasing her tension. Shaking her head, she thought that a dinner with family would serve better.
Parineta: I was thinking to call you ragini. It’s good that you came..
Ragini sat beside swara smiling. She tried to eat but nothing went inside.
Ragini:( to herself) you are acting too typical ragini. Just drink water and complete your dinner
She drank water but nothing worked so she stood up.
Sujatha: what happened ragini?
Ragini: umm…umm..I will eat with laksh ji
Receiving surprised gazes from her family she reasoned.
Ragini: it’s just he will not have any company.
She forced a smile and left the place unable to answer their still surprised faces.
Swara opened her mouth and stared ragini until she disappeared. Aadarsh smiled satisfactorily.
Sanskar: close your mouth before any insect enters it.
Swara closed her mouth and smiled forcefully.

Ragini turned to click for the hundredth time as it struck 11:00pm. The door of their room opened slowly and relief washed through her when she saw laksh entering the room with two plates.
Ragini: why didn’t you call me?
He gasped at her almost broken voice. It is the last thing he expected from her.
Laksh: I was just…busy
Ragini sighed and grabbed plate from his hand.
He smiled to himself occasionally seeing ragini and when she raised her eyebrows, he remained quiet.
Laksh: so, you were tensed because I didn’t call you
She startled by his words and irritation flushed through her body for his ability to read her.
Laksh: bhabhi said that you didn’t eat dinner
Ragini: yes
She snapped
Ragini: that’s because it’s my responsibility
It stabbed him for unknown reason.
Laksh: responsibility!!
His voice deep and broken.
Ragini: yes, and please don’t over imagine anything beyond that definitely not that I am going to extend this relationship. For me, you are always..
She trailed off and stood to walk to the door but slipped and fell down.
Laksh didn’t went to her rescue because the previous conversation is eating him up for some unknown reason especially not giving a chance to relationship because he started considering her as his friend.
Ragini glated him and shook her head
Ragini: what a man you are laksh!
She shouted bring him back to his senses. He then noticed her and walked two steps towards her. She raised her hand to him.
Ragini: you are the same laksh. You think that you are some pious soul and blamed your ex but the problem is within you. When you don’t have minimum sense of informing me at morning or helping me now, I am sure that she..
Laksh: enough!
He screamed through gritted teeth with fisted hands. He closed his eyes before opening them red.
Laksh: I never talked about your..
Ragini: is this the way you behave with a girl?
She answered him with same intensity rubbing her ankle.
Laksh: you are crossing your limits
It stabbed her. Doesn’t she mean anything to him?
Ragini: I am very happy for her for leaving a heart less person like you.
She taunted him. Laksh raised his hand and withdrew in within seconds. Throwing a deathly glare, he stromed out of the room grabbing car keys. ragini stared the door still panting with anger.


Credit to: Sree harini

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    1. Love you too dear. Now it is laksh’s time but when it comes to ragini, you will get to see more cute scenes..I am fine but badly affected by sunstroke..even today, I thought to update at 10:00 but I woke at 11:30..so will upload at afternoon.

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    1. You are absolutely right About ragini..it is really hard sometimes…yes, laksh is also right from his place..he is feeling guilty.

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    1. Hello ramya..I just didn’t want to sideline SWASAN so just added it. Lol.. And peanuts is just to show how laksh wants to make her comfortable.will update arond 2:30.. I am really sorry dear.

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