RAGLAK- Second love (11)


Sorry guys. No acceptance from my side. Actually I am exhausted by festival celebration but just to keep my promise I wrote this part. My head is aching a lot. So please excuse me if you find some typos
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Laksh rubbed his palms and draped them around himself. He took a deep breath and turned to ragini who is waking behind her with her head down. It has been neaky ten minutes they started to walk but nine of them spoke a letter.
Ragini: I am sorry
She murmured breaking the thickness of silence.
Laksh: for what!
Ragini: for behaving rudely with you. It’s just that I was unable to accept you as my husband.
Laksh: was?
Ragini: oh sorry! Is.
Laksh sighed and stopped her.
Laksh: I can’t say that I understand you because that will be a lie but I am really sorry for creating a trouble in your life
Ragini smiled sadly
Ragini: it’s the game of destiny laksh. I..I just want sometime to build and accept our relationship.
Laksh: I am not in a rush either.
They both exchanged warm smile and continued to walk towards their car.
Ragini: so, we will be more than strangers and..
Laksh: less than friends.
Ragini leaned towards the seat when he started the car. Of course, there is no way for her to escape from this relationship rather than accepting him which really needs time for her. Laksh is feeling light after conversation because the time required to fix their relation will help him to get out of his past.

Laksh: do you need any help?
Laksh saw ragini struggling with books all around her. Many of them are open and she is trying hard to memorize few things.
Ragini lifted her head listening his voice and stopped chewing the end of the pencil in Midway.
Laksh: have some mercy on pencil ragini. If you want to eat again, I will ask our servant to serve you again.
She immediately took the pencil out and lowered her head before shooting a fake glare. Her cheeks turned red because he teased her and it is first time in her marriage life. So surely, it’s a news for her. Laksh kept his humor filled gaze fixed on ragini and smiled seeing her flush.
Laksh: is this first time you are appearing?
Ragini: huh?
Laksh: exam! Is it your first time?
Ragini: second. I lost first time with four marks.
Laksh: oh! It’s okay. You can explain me if you want.
Ragini: what!
She didn’t understand what he meant
Laksh: I mean if you are not memorising anything, just explain me. You will remember.
Ragini: oh! That. But you hate chemistry.
Laksh: I hate administrative principles even but sanskar bhai never shown mercy on me.
She smiled seeing him pout. She gestured laksh to sit before her on bed and they both did night out enjoying each other’s company

Sanskar sighed after disconnecting the call. He then turned to his badepapa at breakfast table.
Sanskar: papa, I need to go back to my work. It’s urgent.
Everyone one stopped eating and turned to sanskar but his eyes are locked with swara.
Sanskar: pack our bags swara. We need to catch next flight. Mahesh called me just now.
Swara nodded unwillingly but she understood the pain in sanskar’s voice. It is no doubt their house but they are not sure about durga Prasad’s decision about them letting in.
Ram Prasad: you are not going anywhere.
Sujatha: yeah. Three years of separation is enough sanskar.
She had water on her eyes.
Sanskar: ma. Please. Understand me.
Durga Prasad: sanskar is not going anywhere.
It is now sanskar and swara turn to be shock. Ragini smiled hopefully because she didn’t want to loose her sister, the only person with whom she can share her sorrow.
Durga Prasad: you are son of this house and we all are expecting you to join us in business
Sanskar: but papa ..
Aadarsh: it’s final sanskar. You are getting into the board room.
Sanskar smiled hesitatingly but he knew that his heart may burst anytime due to happiness.
Soon everyone finished their breakfast.
Laksh jumped in excitement and hugged sanskar.
Laksh: I said you right that the chair belongs to you, only you. It is waiting there.
Sanskar: for heaven’s sake, you are grown up. Behave like the one.
Laksh raised his eyebrows and then narrowed his eyes.
Laksh: I will be like this only. Do you have any problem?
He asked with a bright smile which noone has seen after his marriage.
Sujatha:( murmured) jiji..did you just listen that. I think ragini is succeeding.
Annapurna smiled and wiped unseen tears of happiness.
Sanskar: it’s waste to argue with you. I don’t know how ragini is bearing you.
He soon realised what he said but by the time, ragini and laksh’s face colors changed but not less compared to last time.

Ragini came to their room with a bowl of gulab jamun and searched for her husband in the room. When she failed, she went to balcony and found him sitting in his favourite cradle which is her favourite too.
Laksh: any problem?
Ragini: just..um..gulab jamun.
Hos mouth stared watering.
Laksh: thank-you so much ragini.
Ragini simply smiled and he understood that she is still uncomfortable with him.
Laksh: sit
He showed her a chair and she sat breathing in the beauty of dusk. After few minutes of silence, ragini spoke.
Ragini: we need to go to temple tomorrow.
Laksh: we two?
Ragini: no!…I mean our family.
Laksh: any reason?
He asked with mouth full of gulab jamun. She smiled seeing him.
Ragini: I don’t know.
She simply shrugged and again silence did its work.
Laksh: so when is your exam?
Ragini: exactly five days from today.
Laksh: oh! Should we night out tonight too?
Ragini: no nee laksh. I will read by myself.
She smiled and lowered her head. Suddenly, she felt someone standing infront of her. When she lifted her head up, she saw a spoon of jamun near her lips and a true smile on his lips. She raised her eyebrows.
Laksh:simple, I just love to share my jamun with the one who sits near me.
Ragini’s heart flinched for his words which surprised her even.
‘Do you want him to say that he wants to share only with you’ it questioned her much to her surprise.
Ragini: but I don’t eat without any occasion.
Laksh dropped his hand for a while and they again brought back to his place smiling brightly.
Laksh: celebration for us being more than strangers and less than friends.
Ragini felt embrassed by his words. He fed her when she parted her lips involuntarily. Awkward silence started consuming them. Laksh really didn’t understood why did he feel like sharing with her but he is sure that ragini is important to her because for him,it is completely autonomous activity by his brain.

Surprisingly, theor hearts are light after the incident and they enjoyed dinner even. Again for the first time, ragini ate till her stomach ached so did laksh.
Ragini: didi..I want to feel it. Please
Ragini pleaded swara to feel baby kicks when they both reached swara’s room. Swara smiled at her sisters cute face ,took her hand and placed it on her expanded belly.
Ragini: how cute!
She exclaimed like a child after feeling the kick. Her excitement knew no limits because, it is her first time that too her sister’s child.
Ragini: I really can’t wait for him to come out.
Swara: her.
Ragini rolled her eyes.
Sanskar: enjoying the sisterhood?
He asked them entering into the room. Ragini adjusted herself and sat decently.
Swara: do you have any problem?
Swara’s sarcasm irritated him.
Sanskar: oh yeah! My Prince’s sleep is getting disturbed.
Swara: oh. Then you can make him sleep afterwards.
Ragini: didi..
Swara: your jiju always like to tease me.
Sanskar: what me!!(he pointed himself) of course you will now scold me. After all your child is important for you. I really miss the girl who proposed me.
He pouted to which swara narrowed her eyes. Ragini bursted out laughing. Both of them waited till she stopped.
Sanskar: what’s so funny?
Ragini: sorry jiju but I found your conversation silly. I mean none of your both answers coincide and..and I felt like it is you suffering from mood swings but not di.
She again bursted out laughing and sanskar rubbed his temples in embarrassment.
Ragini: okay, fine. I should learn didi. Bye jiju and good my prince
Ragini: whatever.

Swara turned to sanskar with moist eyes.
Swara: did you just see how she laughed. I am slowly getting my sister back sanskar.
Sanskar smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.
Sanskar: everything will fall in its place my dear. Our’s took three years. Let’s see.
She cuddled herself more into his embrace.

Ragini entered her room and found it messey, so messy. She glanced the room but didn’t find laksh but her froze when she saw his marriage album on bed with half of the photos missing. She wondered seeing it and sighed because she understood his pain and he might have burnt them like the previous one he found.
Ragini:( to herself) it would be better if I sleep.
With that, she slept on the couch without cleaning the room but her mind wanted to know the reason for his sudden change in behavior. Adarsh’s words about laksh suciding came to her mind and strangely, her heart ached.

Maheswari family reached a local temple and offered prayers. Then a special pooja has been done. Ragini’s eyes scanned the temple searching for laksh and she spotted him sitting on one of the temple steps.
Ragini: what are you doing here?
She asked sitting beside him maintaining a safe distance.
Laksh nodded his head in no and smiled. Again the same silence engulfed them.
Ragini: anu
Laksh raised his head with wide eyes. Ragini turned to him and locked her’s with his.
Ragini: her name is anu,right?
She asked with confidence which she too didn’t knew where it came from. Probably the curiosity to know his past.
Laksh fisted his hands and Clenched his jaw. She saw his nostrils flaring and the tip of nose becoming red. Surely, his in angry again. He stood up and looked at the direction of car parking where the other members of family are gesturing him to come.
Laksh: it is better for you not to interfere in my life.
His voice is low, cold yet warning.
Ragini: ( murmured) all men are same.
Laksh stopped after descending two steps.
Laksh: under which category are you tagging them now?
‘ arrogance’ she wanted to say but without uttering a word, she descended the steps with arms crossed near her stomach
Laksh closed his eyes cursing himself.

Credit to: Sree harini

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