RAGLAK- Second love (10)

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Swara: idly??
Swara widened her eyes seeing the plate infront of her at breakfast.
Swara: I am not suffering from any disease. I don’t want to eat.
She made a face. Sanskar exhaled at took plate in his hands.
Sanskar: stop acting like a kid swara. Learn from ansh. See how good he is.
Swara followed sanskar and pouted seeing ansh eating so cleanly and quietly.
Swara: I don’t want to eat.
Sanskar: okay then, …what if I will make you eat?
Swara unwillingly nodded yes because she doesn’t get the chance often. Sanskar smiled at her and started feeding.
Uttara: me bhai?
Uttara pouted at sanskar who just entered the dining area. Sanskar raised his eyebrow and feed her.
Uttara: you are so cute.
She pulled his cheeks. Sanskar kept feeding swara and uttara alternatively until he observed ragini watching them with teary eyes from far. He went to her and brought a piece of idly near her lips. She looked at him in surprise.
Sanskar: yesterday night, I said that you are my sister. I mean it ragini.
Tears rolled down her cheeks with happiness. For some reason, she believed him, strongly. She opened her mouth to accept idly.

Sanskar: why are you smiling now?
Ragini nodded her head in no and wiped her tears looking down.
Ragini: you got an extra sister to take shopping for.
Sanskar opened his mouth in shock.
Sanskar: shopping!! Noway.
He turned to feed swara but observed swara, uttara and parineta glaring him which had the heat to burn. Parineta had rolling pin in her hand which is a danger sign for him.Sanskar thought it would be good to escape the situation and accepted their wish to which everyone laughed.
Ragini: bye didi, bye jiju. I should go to cafe.
With that, she left the place.

Ragini opened the door of cafe and found riya in tears. She had few cards in her hand probably her wedding cards which is in next week. She understood the situation.Ragini doesn’t know what came to her but she stromed to her boss’s cabin.
Ragini: what do you think of yourself?
She screamed at him which surprised not only him but also her because this is the first time she is talking to someone in high voice. Her boss smriked and stood from his place.
Boss: so you are angry because I misbehaved with your friend.
Ragini: oh! So atleat you know that you are misbehaving?
She tried hard to hide sarcasm but that failed. He stepped close to her.
Boss: I am surprised to know that you have a tongue Mrs. Maheswari.
Ragini kept her glare on him and walked back. He stepped forward for her every step till she is pinned to the wall.
Boss: you see, I am very old person. I mean not so old even, my wife is out of station and hence I need someone to take care of me.
Ragini lowered her eyes and gulped understanding his words.
Boss: will you take care of me?
Tears came to her eyes and the brave ragini vanished. She just wanted somehow to escape this situation which she didn’t know how to.
Boss: well then think about it if you want your job to be secure because generally I fire the one who talks to me in high pitch but for some reason, I loved your dominance..
He stepped back and let her go. Without wasting a minute, she ran from his office.

Laksh reached manison early as he had no work to complete. His heart is so light and he is in a joyful mood for some unknown reason. Maybe, because he shared his pain.
Laksh: what’s going on?
He asked uttara who is very busy in serving dinner.
Uttara: can’t you see?
Laksh shook his head and cursed himself for asking her.
Soon everyone assembled at dining table. Sanskar kept his burning gaze on his badepapa. He wanted few answers from him but missed the opportunity of encounter at morning.
Sanskar: I need to talk to you, in private.
Sanskar said to durga Prasad after dinner. He simply nodded and they both reached the study. Sanskar bolted the door behind him.
Sanskar: what is this papa?
Durga Prasad: what?
Sanskar: laksh’s marriage papa. I really felt happy when I got to know that you agreed his marriage. I thought you were changed.
Durga Prasad: yes I have.
Sanskar: if you were changed then you won’t let this happen papa.
Durga Prasad: did you see laksh’s breakdown? I witnessed his sleepless nights. I wanted someone to heal him.
Sanskar: I agree with you but I am saying that the someone shouldn’t have been ragini.
Durga Prasad: she is perfect …for him.
Sanskar: you threw me out of our house because you said that I gave pain to a woman’s heart who already accepted me as her husband. Why didn’t you apply the same here?
Durga prasad: but ragini didn’t dream anything as such. It is her first match.
Sanskar: the point is the girl whom I supposed to marry is broken because she is unable to tolerate seeing me with someone and ragini is broken because her husband is already a shared piece for her.
Durga Prasad: sanskar! I understand you but I found something in ragini which said that only she can heal my son.
Sanskar: I am surprised papa. At my time, you were more concerned about your friend’s daughter rather than your own blood and now you are concerned only for your blood.
Durga Prasad: yes, I am selfish.
Sanskar opened his mouth to say something but durga Prasad raised his hand.
Durga Prasad: enough now. What has happened has happened. Noone can change. I want some peace sanskar.
Sanskar sighed and left the room.
It really needs guts to agree that a man is selfish infront of his children and durga Prasad did it. He still concerns about others and that’s the reason he always kept a check on ragini’s condition and yes, He is selfish because he has seen his son’s pain which is worst for any father. Of course sanskar is also like his son but he didn’t breakdown. After all, breakup in marriage is more stronger to love.

Laksh glanced at couch and found ragini sleeping. He felt some relief because he observed her being dull at dining and also rubbing her temples occasionally. He thought of asking her but immediately withdrew the idea. So he went to his side of bed and switched off the main lights. After few minutes, he heard some sobbing and without wasting a minute, he turned on the lights and his eyes turned to couch. Ragini sat on the couch with her head buried in her hands.
Laksh: what happened?
Ragini nodded her head in no without lifting it. Laksh is not such a type of person to ignore someone who is in pain. So he went to her and patted her shoulder. She lifted her head and he saw her cheeks red with tears.
Laksh: what happened?
Ragini: migraine.
Laksh sighed and turned around to get few tablets of head ache but he found an empty sheet.
Laksh: do you have tablets with you?
She nodded her head in no. Usually she is careless about her health.
Laksh: (sarcastically) very good.
She bit her lip and then massaged the vein back side of her neck. Laksh observed it and went out of the room. Ragini ignored him. After few minutes, he came back with a bowl of oil.
Laksh: come
Ragini: where?
Laksh: to bed
Ragini: no
She almost screamed in shock.
Laksh: don’t act like a fool.
Ragini stared into his eyes. She wanted to argue but her condition didn’t let her so she accepted his words and slept on the bed flat on her belly.
Laksh: not like this. Sleep on your back.
Ragini frowned but still she followed him. Laksh sat on the floor beside her and took oil in his hands. He then slowly massaged the place on the neck which she was touching few minutes ago. While massaging, he understood that the area is swollen. He opened the drawer and took a candle out. He then heated the oil and applied it. After massaging for fifteen minutes, he stopped to stretch his hands.
Laksh: how are you feeling now?
He didn’t get any response. Maybe she is angry with him for his rude behaviour but he didn’t sound like though.
Laksh: how are you feeling now?
He asked again and leaned on her when he didn’t get any answer. He saw her sleeping peacefully and a smile came on his face. He continued massage for more ten minutes and slept beside her on bed and surprisingly, he drowned into deep sleep within minutes.

Ragini opened her eyes and felt something soft touching her body. She frowned because her couch is not soft but then reality struck her. The previous night incidents rewind in her brain and a smile came on her lips. She got up from the bed without disturbing him and got ready in a silk suit unlike her choice, cotton, to leave for cafe with a determined look.

Riya: hello ragini.
Ragini: hi.
Riya: so what’s up?
Ragini: nothing new.
Riya: you look new.
‘I feel new’ she wanted to say but she didn’t
Servant: mam, sir is calling you.
Ragini snorted before standing up.
Boss: so what did you decide?
He asked her once she entered his cabin.
Ragini: that’s what you need to find.
She managed to keep her tone seductive and must be succeeded because her boss is completely shocked.
Ragini: everyone are correct according to their experiences and thinking. So I cannot hate you for that.
His mother opened wide and eyes burned with desire. She walked to him and leaned resting her arms on the table.
Ragini: but I wish you respect others emotions do.
Not breaking the intense eyelock between them, she grabbed a glass of water from the table and threw it on his face.
Boss: I will fire you.
She smiled for his innocence
Ragini: I am really sorry for snatching that golden opportunity from you sir. Actually I am resigning
She shouted at last words and pointed her index finger to him.
Ragini: and never try to mess up with me because I am maheswari now. I can even buy the place
With that, she turned around with satisfactory smile and proud eyes. The entire scene which just happened is a shock for her even. She never spoke to anyone so harshly but something about his harassment made her strong. She opened the door with a great force to go out but heard some familiar voice screaming behind it. She immediately peeped out of the door and saw laksh rubbing his nose with a small pout on his face.
Laksh: does migrane really makes a person mad?
He asked still rubbing her nose. Suddenly, ragini felt embarrassed.
Riya: what happened?
Ragini: resignation
Riya raised her eyebrows in shock and before she could compose herself, ragini and laksh are out of the cafe.
Laksh: let’s go
Ragini: where?
Laksh: to doctor. I don’t want you to be mad at everyone.
Ragini sighed heavily.
Ragini: I have a reason for that
Laksh: and I know
Ragini’s jaw touched ground listening him but he went to driver seat of car ignoring her.
The journey to the hospital is good and a comfortable silence existed between them. Later, laksh and ragini carefully registered doctors words in their brains and set for their return journey.
It is almost midnoon but being a cloudy day, the atmosphere is light. Laksh didn’t talk to ragini and neither did she. After few minutes, she turned to him whose total concentration is on road.
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: will you stop the car for a while.
He did as she asked and turned to her.
Laksh: do you need anything?
Ragini locked her eyes with him which felt wiered. But he saw something other than hate in her eyes.
Ragini: let’s go for a walk.

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