RAGLAK- Second love (1)

Hey raglakians..a fiction on raglak your demand. Hope you like it.

The brightness of purple coloured curtains which were decorated over the pillars of BAADI seemed to be faded away by a smile of a lady which had the power to melt a stone heart. The whole BAADI echoed her laughter which was so pure as a soul of a new born. The sound made by her bangles with each move seemed to dominate the voice of the singers who were singing out of their voice with joy. Everyone present over there are happy seeing her and blessed her to stay happy for life time but soon her smile faded away when she saw her father entering into the BAADI. She should not hate her father because she was never taught to disrespect elders but the circumstances made infact forced her to do that.
She slowly stood up from her place and started walking towards her room with help of the mother as her mother didn’t want to smudge the mehindi that was decorated in her hands. She felt difficulty in walking as it has been three hours since she sat for her mehindi function. One of her friend accompained them till her room. When finally they reached her room, her mother left but she heard her friend saying

Riya: people say that the intensity of the colour of mehindi indicates the love of your spouse on you.
She too giggled with her friend along with blushing. She then entered the room and closed the doors but didn’t bolt . soon the smile on her face faded away, her eyes which resembled the shape of fish lost their charm, her face became dull and weak. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she took steps forward to the mirror. She slowly lifted her heavy eyes to take a glance of herself. The green colored duppata which was once her favourite seemed as the color which she hated most because it was her groom’s favorite color even. She stared into the reflection of her eyes and the sight irritated her. Her kajal was smuged and her eyes lost the life. When she was able to see the pain then why not others? Because she knew, she was acting. She was masking her emotions as she is aware that her emotions or feelings didnt had any value there. Her father, who she always took as an inspiration was no more . her mother, who always supported and stood for justice had missed her track . her grand parents, who were unable to tolerate even a single drop of her tear became the cause for her pain. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks. She slowly raised her left hand to see the name which was the root of her pain. Her eyes burned with heat, her jaw Clenched in anger, frustration dominated her emotions. She immediately rubbed her hands against each other just to erase his name, even him from his life but it was too late. Mehindi had already done its work and his name ‘LAKSHYA’ got printed in light shade of red which would become more intense in the following hours. Even God didn’t listen to her today. For the first time in her life, she had experienced an emotion called anger and frustration because she was never supposed to show it to anyone and since her childhood, she was well trained in this .
Her gaze froze at a picture which was hung to the wall side by the mirror. There were two girls in it smiling whole heartdly. She slowly moved towards the picture and slided her hand to the girl standing beside her.
“You would never had let this happen didi” her voice choked.
Sharmista, who came inside to call her daughter became numb seeing the condition of the room but after few seconds, she took her name
Shomi: ragini!
Ragini immediately wiped her tears and turned to her mother.
Ragini: ji ma!
Shomi: I know that it is very difficult for you to accept this but…
Ragini: it’s okay ma! I am used to this. I am used to obey elder’s words because they always take decision for our welfare. I am sure that papa had made this important decision for my happiness.
Her voice is evident with pain which didn’t fail to reach sharmista. After all she is her mother but now she cannot become weak because her daughter may break into pieces. So she tried to act firm.
Shomi: these are your clothes for wedding ragini. Get ready by 8:00am and please don’t cry as you may not look good in album.
Saying this, she left ragini’s room leaving her heart broken.

As soon as sharmista reached her room, she started sobbing as she really didn’t want to hurt ragini. She knew that what was going with ragini is wrong but if she uses soothing words, her daughter would never agree with this marriage. She closed her mouth with hands to stop herself from sobbing when she heard her husband entering the room.
Shekar: shomi, please stop crying. We have a marriage tomorrow in this house and it won’t be good for our daughter if you cry like this.
Shomi: so you have started caring for your daughter?
Shekar’s expressions showed that he was annoyed by her question but after seeing her daughter’s tears, she became determined and wanted to try her best for the last time.
Shomi: why don’t you think about this marriage again shekar ji?
Shekar: shomi..please don’t make me angry now. Please sleep. It’s already late and we must get up early in the morning.
Shomi: this is not answer to my question.
Shekar: shomi.. She is my daughter and I know what I am doing
His voice is showing his patience.
Shomi: I have already lost one daughter shekar and I cannot dare to loose other
Shekar: she will get adjusted.
The lines on her forehead head turned into frown.
Shomi: adjusted..how can you say so eaisly shekar? She is my daughter and I can’t let you ruin her life unlike swara.
Shekar: enough!!!
His voice was almost equal to a lion roar and his eyes burned in anger.
Shekar: I forbid you all to take her name in this house and regarding ragini, she must get married not because I made the decision but was bound to a promise. So end the discussion here and please let me sleep.
Saying this, he went to his side of bed and switched off the main lights. Silent tears of sharmista flowed down showing her helplessness in which her daughter’s life is going to drown.

Next morning
The whole baadi seemed to be bathed In the vermilion syrup as it was we decorated by various shades of red coloured curtains and flowers. Ragini walked down slowly towards the mandap and her heart started racing seeing it. Unwillingly, she stepped into it and sat beside the groom. She didn’t even dare to look at his face as hatred flowed inside her instead of blood. Pandit ji had asked them make pheras. It was she who stood first out on irritation but it is then she observed her groom. He was equally looking uninterested as her. He stood up after throwing a pleasing glance to his parents and both started pheras. With each round, ragini felt herself loosing the battle and nearing the graveyard where her emotions are completely buried forever. She kept wishing and praying God to make some miracle happen to stop this marriage but her hopes turned into ashes when he filled her hairline with sindoor.
The pair took blessings from elders and they headed towards MAHESWARI MANISON. Ragini reached their room after few rituals and she kept pacing along the length. Her sisters words echoed.
” ragini!! Stop being too obidient. Because someday you will loose that courage to stand up for your self ”
A sad smile came on her face because when her sister adviced, she felt it foolish but now she understood. The door opened slightly and she saw him coming inside. He gave a small smile to her and bolted the door. Her heart started beating faster and louder. She slowly started walking backwards. Laksh looked her in surprise and it was evident on his face. She felt her breath stuck in her throat when she hit the wall. She shit her eyes tightly and clutched her lehenga. She is afraid and confident that he would come to her. After all, he is a man and every man is same who knew only one thing. Her experiences are evidence.
She stood there with shut eyes in a way accepting her defeat as he is her husband. She didn’t want him in her proximity but she must accept the truth that she herself didn’t had the courage to attack him. As already said, she is a girl of traditions and that didn’t give her support to say no to her husband but her mind kept repeating one thing which was reason for her wiered behaviour.
” you are his second and he is not only yours but also belonged to someone else”

A/N: done with first part guys. Hope I successfully tried to potray the charecter of ragini and yeah I have explained only her pov . In the next episode, you will find laksh’s pov and the story continues. Do comment on this episode.

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