Raglak ( a romantic love fiction ) episode 1

Hi guys it’s my another ff on swaragini. I have a story and ti thought to write it. So here it goes.

According to the current track laksh doesn’t loves but in my story laksh loves ragini. Swasan had got married. Raglak r leading a happy life.

After 3 months of swasan marriage. Ragini is pregnant by 1 month.

A girl I seen wearing a sare with pink and red shade at the top and buy at the bottom. A he wakes up. She is none other than ragini. She tries to wake up laksh but he does no wake up. Ragini goes to take bath. She comes out and laksh is sitting on bed with closed eyes. She comes to her asked him why have u closed eyes. Laksh opens his yes and says did u forget that when I start my day by kissing u. Ragini says laksh plz and blushes. Laksh kissed her in lips like always for 5 min. He goes to take bath. Ragini thanks god for making everything right. She says I’m so happy laksh that u love me so much. I had never thought that u will love me so much. I will never do any bad thing. Laksh comes out of washroom and sees ragini standing. He says ragini u r forgetting something. Ragini says I do remember and kisses him on cheeks and says I know laksh that when u will come out of washroom then u need my kiss and hugs him. Laksh says u know ragini that I love u so much. He put her hands on her face and says I can’t live without u. I can’t see u away from me. Ragini is very happy to hear this.

They both come down. Had the breakfast. Laksh was going to office when swara sa is laksh wait. She makes ragini stand near to laksh and says u r married from along time and till now u didn’t went for honeymoon. Ap says yaa u should go. Ragini says maa….but……Sanskaar says no ifs and buts. U have to go. Raglak together says ok baba. Swasan arranges for the ticket.

Ragini asks where we r going. Swara says that u will know in some time.

Raglak went to room. It’s night. Laksh hugs ragini. Ragini says laksh what do u think where we r going. Laksh a says I don’t know.

They both slept with on each other.

Precap : raglak enjoying at honeymoon.

I hope u like the episode. Plz comment everyone.

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  1. wow i liked how you made everything positive for raglak too good plzzz carryon… great story..

  2. oh it’s better with other coz everyone on same track of laksh betrayal..

  3. Its cute ?that everything is positive in Raglak’s story?

  4. superb superb dear

  5. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Awesome dear

  7. Superb

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