RagLak-Roke Na Roke Naina (Season-2) by Yashu24 – Prologue

RagLak-Roke Na Roke Naina (Season-2) by Yashu24 (Prologue)

Hello everyone this story is written by yashu (mickey)… Her account is not working so on her behalf I am posting her ffs in TU…
Hello!! Everyone I am here again to disturb u all again with this new season of Roke na ruke naina. I posted one prologue and Part 1 of RNRN 2 before also but forget that one as I decided to write this season with new concept.
I can give a more appropriate title to it also but I love it’s short form RNRN. So just thought let it be with season 2.


The sun sank down and the full moon appears to adorn the sky. It rained in the morning so the whole surrounding was very cool and peaceful.
As it was the festival of lights.i.e. Diwali,
Fireworks were exploding, scattering vivacious colours in the dark sky.
Below the sky there was big and beautiful mansion.
That mansion was decorated fully with flowers and lights.

The ladies of home were lighting the whole place with earthen lamps and candles.
Children were running in the whole mansion squealing and playing. Some had sweets in their hands and some had crackers.

Some men were sitting in the hall and doing their business talks.

As we were passing through a room of the mansion one more cracker burst ripping the ears of people but the real bombs were blasting in that room only let’s peep in (now don’t say we shouldn’t peep like this because u all r also doing this with me ??)

A man with a bald head ? was rocking to and fro on this rocking chair.

A boy of 22 years and a woman in her mid 40s were standing in front of him.

“B-Bade Papa Laksh is not in his room. He fled from the window.” Said that boy stammering in fear.

That man stopped rocking and looked up instantly and glared that boy.

“So Sanskar what u want to say he again ran from here.!! He ran from a locked room also!! ” that man said gritting his teeth.

“Bade Papa he ran away breaking the window.” Sanskar replied.

I want him back in front of me just in an hour gooo.. and took him back.!!
Ordered that man in his dangerous voice which was much louder than the fireworks.
That voice seek the attention of everyone in that mansion from each corner.

Sanskar immediately went out of the room fulfilling the order.. but some noises were coming still from the room.

“Annapurna see how always ur son lives ready to do my insult in front of whole society! I arranged Diwali party here.. everyone is asking for him and what I answer them that my careless, again went out to create one more trouble for me…”

Annapurna was just looking the ground as she became habitual of these kinds of scoldings and taunts as Laksh also became habitual of doing such things which makes his father angry.

“I locked him in room so that this time he don’t go away with his friends but see..see.. again ur son did the same.” said Dp.

Outside the room Sanskar banged his head on the wall..

Sanskar: This boy always went out to do fun making me scapegoat. Where u went Laksh ????

Now on the rain-washed highway a car was going forward in full speed.
A boy of about 21 years was driving it.

“Woohhhoooo…!! Yay!!” squealed that boy.

Meet him he is Laksh Maheshwari well known for creating troubles in his and others life. We can say Laksh and troubles are twins they can’t live without each other. ?

Laksh: Papa you can’t imprison me! What u thought I will attend your boring old men’s party by wasting my eve just seeking their blessings and greeting them…!! No no..

He smiled widely driving his car.

A girl whose face was not getting visible was running on a road. She had a blanket over her which was not making her face visible.

She was breathing very heavily that anyone can hear it. She can also feel her heart throbbing in her chest.

Her anklet broke down while running and the beads in it got scattered but she doesn’t stopped.

Then a strong flash of light fall on her face but she covered her face by the the blanket more and continued to run.

The car was of Laksh.
Laksh: Oh god!! Why this brake is not working?

Laksh started sweating heavily.
He was trying to apply the break again and again but the car didn’t stopped.

He again looked towards that girl who didn’t even noticed his horns.

Laksh: Why this girl is not stopping?? In which Olympic race she is running that she will lose if she stopped.

In last Laksh screamed: Get aside my break is not working!!!

That girl looked up towards Laksh’s car then she looked behind her.
She was sweating heavily and got confused. She stood there still.

Laksh’s eyes widened now.
Laksh: I.. already have the blame of creating many troubles and problems on my head but this problem itself want to dash into me!!! Hey.. have u gone mad!!!!!! Stop!!!

But it got late and her body dashed the bonnet of the car..Laksh’s body also dashed to the dashboard and his head collided to the window.

Now don’t say to update soon . I don’t know when I will update now and when u guys say to update soon I melt so kindly avoid that word in your comment.
Rest u can tell me who was the episode??
What u think who was that girl??

Why she was running like this that even she didn’t noticed the horn?

What will happen to Laksh??

This time I will not discontinue it so don’t worry but I will update with snail’s speed Maybe ones in two week

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