RagLak-Roke Na Roke Naina (Season-2) by Yashu24 – Part 1

RagLak-Roke Na Roke Naina (Season-2) By Yashu24 – Part 1

Laksh was driving his car on the rain washed high way with full speed. 

” Wowww yayy!!! I am free now I came out of Papa’s imprisonment because of my smart brain(which only works everywhere except studies).” squealed that boy.

Just then his phone rang he applied his bluetooth  in her ear and said”Yes Kartik I am coming to your home..! I am on the way only..

Yeah I released from the jail of my dad..now we will celebrate our Diwali perfectly.” 

Just then he saw a girl was coming running in front of his car.

Laksh cut the call and tried to apply the breaks but the car didn’t stopped and the car dashed her a little.That girl fall down on the ground and the cloth which was covering her face slides down due to falling…she was very beautiful , she was not less than a fairy, her eyes were closed but her long eye lashes were making her look very cute but  She had an cut over her left eyebrow and blood was oozing from the cuts of her head and arms.

Laksh’s head also got injured in this accident.

Now people gathered there , 

Laksh was taken out from the car. He was in his conscious and he had a very minor injury on his forehead. 

One couple  took them both to hospital in their car.

Laksh was sitting on the front seat holding his head and  the man was driving the car, at the back seat that girl was lying and the wife of that man was sitting beside her taking that girl’s head in her lap.

Laksh looked at the back seat through the rear view mirror and saw that girl who was lying. He got mesmerized seeing her face. The innocence was evident on her face. But then Laksh’s eyes fall on the cuts and scratches on her body they weren’t the result of accident as she didn’t got hurt at those portions during the accident. 

Laksh started thinking that how she got such injuries but his thoughts gets disturbed by the brakes which that man applied as they reached hospital.

Now,In a ward on one bed that girl was lying and on the other one Laksh was sitting, Doctor was applying  bandage on Laksh’s injury. 

He then started checking that girl.

Doctor: She fainted due to fear and being stressed. The accident wasn’t the reason of this . She will gain conscious soon.

Now police arrived there as it was a case of accident.

Now that girl also gained conscious and Laksh looked towards 

The doctor went outside for police inquiry  after checking her and instructing something to the nurse and the nurse too went outside.

Laksh then looked towards that girl who sat on the bed slowly slowly now, propping up on the pillows.

She looked towards Laksh, her eyes were beautiful with long eye lashes but they were swollen and had a pain,her eyes were reflecting how innocent her soul is, he looked into her eyes and found himself drawn in them he  found that the real beauty is in her pious soul.. they shared a very sweet and cute eyelock. ( Roke na ruke naina’s line got played in background u can find the song with English translation above in media)

They came back to senses by the Inspector’s inquiry which was happening outside.”Sir that girl fainted due to fear and being stressed only.” said the doctor to Inspector.

Inspector: Yes We checked Mr. Laksh’s car the brakes got applied at the last moment. The car dashed her very lightly.

Laksh heard this conversation happening outside and smiled widely and took a sigh of relief. 

Laksh(in mind): Uff Thank god my involvement is not in this trouble..but why she was so  stressed that she was running like that even she didn’t noticed my horn sounds.  whatever it is I am going to home now it would be more better if I had attended the old men’s party rather than dashing into this problem.

He just stepped down from the bed at that time a nurse came in that room. She had a tray in her hand.

Laksh stopped there and sat back on her bed to see what she will do.

She put the tray on a table and put an injection from it.

The nurse filled the medicine in injection and she was checking it. The needle of the injection was shining in the light and Laksh’s eyes were becoming wider in fear seeing that injection  as he watched it the needle of injection grew more..! The injection appeared to be a missile to him.  Now Laksh started sweating heavily.  With slow pace the nurse went near that girl’s bed and started to inject her on her arm Laksh saw medicine was going in her skin slowly slowly..he locked his teeth tightly seeing it but the expressions of that girl were normal and here Laksh was dying in fear, after contolling so much his scream escaped from her mouth and he screamed loudly ” Ahhh!!!” 

That girl and the nurse both looked towards him and gave an weird look to Laksh.

Nurse : I am giving injection to her not u..

Laksh: Am Sorry..actually I  get afraid by injections…! 

“At least some things are there in world from which u afraid Laksh..!” said someone who was standing in the entrance of that room.

Laksh looked towards that direction and found it was Sanskar.

That nurse went from there now.

Sanskar came toward  Laksh’s bed and stand near him.

 You don’t have any fear of elders now at least we can handle u by locking u in library when u create any trouble, Our troublemaker have biblophobia na, or we can make u afraid of injections or else handling such a tornado like u would be impossible.

That girl giggled hearing it and Laksh looked towards her by which she stopped and started looking downwards, Laksh then turned to Sanky.

Laksh: Bhai what are u saying we will talk at home na..

Sanskar: Home..!! Yes.. You reach home my dear, today Bade Papa will blast bomb on your head.

Laksh: Why??

Sanskar: I never saw such an innocent little child like you..aww..don’t u know why?? Who fled away breaking the window? Who did that accident?? The great Mr. troublemaker. Now come with me if ur diwali party is over here.

Sanskar went saying this .

Laksh stood up and looked towards that girl who was looking downwards..unknowingly his cheeks lift up forming a smile seeing her.

Then he was coming out at that time a nurse came there.

“Mam we need to inform your family about you can you please give your phone numbers?and what’s your name we need to fill it in the hospital records “said that nurse to that girl.

“I don’t have any family and Mine name is Ragini” replied that girl with grief ridden voice.

“And about the bill mam?” said that nurse inquiring.

Ragini: I don’t have money 

Nurse: Mam but you have to pay the bill of the hospital am sorry but it’s the rule.

Laksh: Excuse me 

“Yes Sir” said nurse coming towards Laksh

“I will pay her bill discharge her.” said Laksh with a sound which wasn’t audible to Ragini

Nurse:Ok sir 

And the nurse  went from there saying this.

Laksh too went from there 

Ragini started looking outside through the window which was giving a view of the street outside. There were some medical shops..just then she saw two men were standing and talking to the shop owner of one shop owner . Seeing them Ragini started breathing heavily, she curled her fingers in a tight fist as a result her nails dig  her palm but she didn’t felt this the only thing she was feeling was her heart throbbing loudly in her chest.

She stepped down from the bed anxiously  and searched for the cloth which was covering her face.

She found it lying on floor, Ragini picked it up and covered her face in such a manner that only her eyes were visible.

She was coming out of the room just then she bumped into someone who was passing by the room. Ragini stumbled  and an earing fall down on the ground from her pocket by this collision 

She picked it up and without looking up said ‘Don’t u have eyes..!! Stupid blind creature’ she said and looked towards that person and it was Laksh who just came from the doctor’s cabin and was passing by that room.

Her eyes again met his eyes and a strange feeling arouse in their hearts just then Ragini realised that she have to leave hospital now. 

Ragini turned and was about to run but she stopped hearing 

“Don’t u have ears..stupid deaf creature..! By the way in which marathon race u were running that u didn’t stopped hearing my horns.!!!”

Laksh came in front of her and blocked her way.

Laksh:  u got ur gold medal now as those injections?..and yeah Don’t u feel pain..?? u were very calm while taking that injection.

Her eyes brimmed up hearing it..

“Ah..!! Ah..!! please leave me!! It hurts please!!” these words started echoing in Ragini’s mind.

She closed her eyes tightly and  pushing Laksh she ran away from there 

Laksh: Such a strange girl she is..huh..but not more than me..

Then Sanskar came there.

Sanskar: I only got one hour to take u home back Laksh now come with me..we are getting late.

Sanlak left from there and now they reached to MM the party was still going on there.

“Laksh what happened to your head?” asked one man to Laksh as they came in.

“Just a small accident uncle..” saying this Laksh went upstairs in his room where DP and AP  were already waiting for him.

Sanky too went behind him.

DP: Oh so today an accident..hmm…this was ur plan for today for which u ran away breaking the window and cutting my nose in front of society.

Laksh; Papa my plan was to go to Kartik’s party but I know u must me cursing me that I shouln’t reach there and that’s why that trouble dashed to my car.

DP: Oh a  trouble dashed to troublemaker… nice..!!

AP and Sanky giggled hearing it but when DP glared the they stopped.

  DP: See Laksh let me clear u now, if u won’t improve yourself I can’t live with u here..!! Now I can’t tolerate your these stupidities which always make me  ashamed in front of all.

Laksh: But dad where u will go in this old age..!!

DP: It means u won’t improve yourself and u r thinking I will leave the home…My child I won’t go anywhere but I will throw u out of the home if u won’t improve..understood?

Laksh: Yes dad 

Saying this Dp  went from there.

I wrote a big part na hehehehe. Tell me how’s it now

Take care

keep smiling

love u all…. Yashu???

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