RagLak: Revengeful love story – Part 2

Ragini reaches to home and cries bitterly. Her past deed has made Laksh to do with this to her.

6 months back…

Ragini a playful carefree girl who is rich pampered kid. Everything goes according to her. If it don’t go according to her, then she mould to go according with her.

Laksh is a simple rich guy who is also innocent. They are students in same college.

Ragini looks at innocent Laksh and decides to play woth him. Once she throws love letter on a lady lecturer and books Laksh. Once she makes Laksh fall.. etc etc.. she does many such things.. but Laksh never got angry on her as she was doing it for fun. Moreover, he is afraid to face naughty Ragini??

Like that, some days passes. And it was the day if their final exam. Laksh was writing exam sincerely but Ragini was cheating with chits.

The invisilator comes and she throws chits near Laksh. He catches Laksh, he won’t listen to Laksh even if he was saying he didn’t copy. Just then, the squard comes.. and they detains Laksh from exam. Laksh is shocked and shattered. He knows that Ragini has done this.

Laksh was debared. And now he can’t write exam for one year. As media was there it’s self and Laksh is famous bussiness man son.. they make the news world wide. This makes his father reputation down. All hates laksh. Since then, his father was not talking with him.

Then after 6 months his elder brother sanskar gets match of Ragini elder sis swara. Then laksh sees Ragini again. He decides to take revenge. He gets pics of swara with her ex boyfriend. And blackmails Ragini that she should give herself to him otherwsie he will show pics to all so her sis marriage stops. Ragini then bends her head. She has once ruined his life that’s why he did it.

It was reason for his revenge. Ragini cries after remembering all that.

Precap: Ragini’s step now?

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  1. Amazing…. eager for the precap.. continue ur update… 🙂

  2. Omg What Ragini did was wrong but does that mean it is right to forcefully marry her & RAPE her for revenge?How disgusting is that!And Ragini who has been raped is even justifying him.How sickening.Please a request to writers please stop justifying & romanticising rapes.How can being women the writers still glorify rape?The other women comment awesome,amazing in response of rape.How horrifying is that.What has the world come to.A rapist deserves a very strict punishment by the law not to be treated like a hero.

    1. bhuvana chandrika

      yes neha. agree with you.

    2. bhuvana chandrika

      but, you don’t read if you don’t want to. it’s a story.

  3. Nice yaar

  4. Akshitha


  5. Both did mistake please make them realize

  6. Akshitha

    But why he raped ragu yaarr…I hope he will stand wid her frm now onwards…

  7. Akshata

    ragini was wrong at her place, she did really wrong with him but that doesnt mean he can do anything with her in the name of revenge. There are many ways to prove himself right but he chose wrong path, playing with girls dignity is a punishable crime. He should be punished and repent for this sin of his. make him understand what he did is not right and ragini has already understood her mistake. i dont want to hurt you at all, its my pov only. anyways update soon.

  8. Eagerly waiting for next update

  9. It’s just a story..and take it just as story… anyhow what happened with ragini was not a rape …it was just a mere revenge to defame her …& nothing else & further it will turn into a love story…
    Keep updating

  10. Amazing

  11. Elizabethlovely


  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…ya agree ragu do wrong things but for thz laksh didn’t do lyk thz…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


  14. Very nice

    1. Awesome dear, waiting for next

  15. Awesome dear

  16. Simply superb di…post next soon

  17. Jiyani

    Awesome dear…Loved it

  18. Awesome episode

  19. Awesome

  20. Awesome part

  21. Superb one, keep going

  22. It’s interesting episode dear and I know Ragini did wrong to Laksh. But Laksh’s revenge is more wrong. Please make him realize his mistakes and unite Raglak ASAP

  23. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  24. Hemalattha

    Nice yaar. Continue

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