RagLak: Revengeful love story – Part 1

A girl is standing holding the grills of window looking at the marriage lighs. Her eyes are red and has tears. She is wearing beautiful half Saree. Her face is shown as Ragini.

Just then a boy in sherwani enters that room and closes door. He is Laksh. He raises his eye brow and looks at her in attitude. He locks the door.

Ragini gulps knowing that he has come. He was looking at her in hate. As he approaching, she fears and holds grils tightly.

Laksh comes and leans to her back. She closes her eyes in tears.

“You have taken away light from my life. Now, I will take away yours..!” He says and closes the windows. She was fearing. Laksh then crawls his hands on her hands and she shivers. Laksh holds her plams with his palms tightly. Then he places his face on her face…

“You can’t escape from me now. Your deeds are reason for my revenge and you deserve this punishment.” He says and he moves his hands from her hands to her waist down. Ragini bites her lips controlling her cry.

Laksh hand reaches the knot of her skirt. Ragini holds his hand.

“Don’t waste time Ragini. If your Didi has to marry my brother, you have to be my prey.” He says.

Ragini now cries out. Laksh throws her hand aside and he unties the knot, and her skirt falls down. Laksh removes his bottom and now he hugs her from back.

After a while,

Laksh leaves Ragini and Ragini falls down and grabs her skirt and starts crying bitterly. Laksh goes aside wiping his sweat.

He holds a chair and bends his head. Ragini was still crying. Then they listen sounds of some people.

“Now get ready soon. Don’t dare to say this to anyone.”

Ragini wipes her tears and sets her dress properly. She tries to walk, but she is weak.. she is about to fall, but Laksh holds her. Both have eye lock.

Her deep ocean eyes have many feelings within. Her sights which are straight into his eyes are killing him with guilt. Laksh makes her sit in chair and gives her water. But, Ragini covers her face in palms and she cries. Laksh holds her wrist and removes her hand from the face.

“Stop crying now.” He says. Ragini wipes her tears and drinks water. She bends her head. Laksh sits before her on knees and raises her head by chin.

“Are you ok?” He asks. Ragini looks at him, and slightly nods head. Then laksh holds her shoulder and makes her stand.

“Now, go out and behave normally with everyone.” Laksh says. Ragini moves out slwoly bending her head. She gies out, later Laksh comes.

It is marriage of swasan. They both are married and Ragini sighs. “At last marriage has happened.” She looks at Laksh, who just removes eyes from her.

“But, my life is ruined.”Ragini gets tears.


Swara hugs Ragini. They both cries. All gives sendoff to swara. No one nows that Ragini’s sacrifice has made Swara’s marriage. Laksh looks at Ragini once before going.

Precap: RagLak past..

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  1. It was interesting…. keep posting.. eager for further.. 🙂

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    It’s different nd interesting.. But why laksh did ds yaarr…????..post soon

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  20. Omg What Ragini did was wrong but does that mean it is right to forcefully marry her & RAPE her for revenge?How disgusting is that!And Ragini who has been raped is even justifying him.How sickening.Please a request to writers please stop justifying & romanticising rapes.How can being women the writers still glorify rape?The other women comment awesome,amazing in response of rape.How horrifying is that.What has the world come to.A rapist deserves a very strict punishment by law not love or hero status.This guy is sick & you should show him getting lifetime imprisonment not this.

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