RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 9

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Ready to break up 9

Laksh was shocked with her hug. And even with her words.
‘I love you Laksh..!!’ she repeats again.

Laksh feels much happy, he is also about to keep hands around Ragini. Then she says,

‘I love you as friend..! I don’t want to break this friendship..!’

Now, Laksh shocks and takes his hands back.

Ragini breaks the hug. He looks at her confused.

Ragini: laksh, I was really angry at you in start, but later I realized your good nature and I like you. I’m fortunate to get friend like you. And, I like to be with you always..!!

Laksh in sarcastic smile:: as a friend right..?

Ragini nods her head.

Laksh looks at other way and rubs his back of neck in upset.

Laksh: so, then we are wife and husband to world.. but, we are just friends here..?

Ragini looks on..

Laksh: so, I have to be with you always as, ‘oh my friend’ and just waste away my life like this..?

Ragini: laksh…?

Laksh: we shouldn’t take divorce, but stay as friends for ever..??

Ragini: what’s wrong in that..??

Laksh comes in front of her and holds her hand.

Laksh: there is wrong Ragini. Everything, is going wrong..!! you remember that, I have always seen you as my wife and yes, I treated you as friend. But, you are not just friend..!!

He pulls her closer.

Laksh: you are my wife..!!

Ragini looks into deep his eyes.

Laksh: I was waiting, you will change one day, you may accept me, then we could start life..! but, I never expected our relation should left as ‘only friends’

Ragini: I was not wrong Laksh. I said, I love you as friend. It doesn’t mean, my feeling may lost like that forever, I may change… I said I want time. But, I don’t want divorce.

Laksh: even I don’t want divorce Ragini.. I love you…!!

Ragini: laksh, even I love you…

Laksh: as a friend right..!!

Ragini bends her head.

Laksh: Ragini, we can be friends even after taking divorce…!!

Ragini: I don’t want to see another girl in my place Laksh..!!

Laksh shouts: why..?? are you possessive..?? then agree that you love me…!!

Ragini shocks with his sudden statement. ‘she don’t love him.. but why is she worried about her position…??’
She thinks.

That whole day again they both won’t talk anything. As ordered by Ap, Laksh and Ragini get ready to go to their relative’s town to give invitation for uttara’s marriage.

As those were semester holidays for Ragini, she has no problem. They decided to stay for 10 days. It was indirectly plan of whole family to make raglak close again.

On journey, in car.. both remain silent. Laksh wanted to talk with her, but Ragini is angry with his words. Even Laksh has right to get angry on her.

Laksh talks in phone to chari indirectly to refer Ragini.

Laksh: mr. chari, why are you silent..?

Chari: sir..?

Ragini looks at Laksh.

Laksh: I mean, why didn’t you tell about project still..? are you going to be calm until we done project..??

Ragini takes her phone. She calls to Mansi.

Ragini: mansi, why don’t you shut your mouth sometime..?

Mansi: me..??

Laksh: chari, learn to talk with higher authorities..

Chari: sir… did I do anything wrong..?

Ragini: mansi, stop talking about others..!!

Laksh: chari, I have right to talk about you..!!

Chari: yes sir..

Ragini: mansi, if you won’t stop it, I will bang your head again..!!

Laksh shocks with her words and cuts the phone.

Mansi: ragini, are you ok..??

Ragini: hey mansi..!! how are you..??

Mansi: have you gone mad..??

She cuts the phone.

Laksh gets the call from chari. He lifts.

Chari: sir, did something happen from my side..??

Laksh: chari, I will tell you a truth of life, remember..!! never ever get married..!!
Don’t marry…. Be happy…!!

Ragini looks out from window.

Chari: sir…shall I leave my wife now..??? (just for joke)

Laksh: don’t dare.. she may bang your head..!!

Laksh cuts the call. Ragini looks at Laksh in anger.

Ragini: laksh, plz stop this. if you want to talk directly to me, talk with me. Don’t take other ways..!!

Laksh silently switches on the deck and listens to songs. He keeps whistling while listening.

Ragini: are you angry with me, that I hugged you and just said we are friends..?

Laksh becomes calm.

Ragini: I really meant it Laksh, I felt you as a good friend..! can’t we be friends again..??

She keeps her hand gently on his hand which is on gear. Laksh looks at her amazed. He gets lost in her big mixed emotions beautiful eyes. They both have eye lock.

Suddenly he was about he hit a vehicle. “laksh..!!” she shouts.. Laksh gets alert and moves the vehicle aside. They are safe. They both take breath.

Laksh: Ragini, I think it’s better if we be far forever.

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: you kept your hand on me, see… and at our first night that… I think our relation don’t work out..! you hate me, then why to be in this relation. After our divorce, go and marry a boy who gives respect to your femisnt ideas..!!

Ragini: laksh, you are so rude..!!

She looks away.

Laksh: hmm, you don’t understand how rude you are to my heart..!!

She bends her eyes.

They reach to their relatives house. Sujatha is Laksh’s chachi and Rp is his chote papa. Their son is Nikil and his wife Tanya.

Sujatha welcomes them. They talk for much time. But, Raglak won’t talk with each other.

After getting fresh up, Sujatha sends Ragini and Laksh to a historical place to visit. They sends both of them alone, that they might get with each other well. Raglak agree with respect on her words.

They both go there. Ragini gets off from the car before Laksh gets up. She keeps going away into that old fort.

‘Ragini..! stop..! let me park the car..!!!” he shouts. But, she ignores his words and keeps going in alone.

‘how stubborn she is…!!’ he thinks and parks the car.

A group of bad boys observe Ragini is going alone. They smirk at each other.

Laksh parks the car and runs inside. Ragini is nowhere. She sits behind a wall and thinks, ‘whether she is doing anything wrong in case of Laksh.’

‘I really love Laksh. Love in the sense, not what he think… yes, I love this nature, I love my parents, I love my friends… in the same way I love him. I hugged him, to show my friendship to him. Aaahhh, it’s my mistake. I hugged him bcz.. I hug kavitha, mansi and kavya in same way. Bcz, they are my friends. Yes…!! I know, it’s different in the case of boys. We have to be in limit. But, I forgot that limit. I felt him extreme close to him. But, he is upset that I don’t have feelings for him…!! Why can’t he understand me…???? Gosh… how many times he has to understand me…?? Ragini, you understand him once know..!! think, in his pov…!!”

The place is too lonely. Laksh just comes and searches for Ragini.

He shouts, ‘Ragini, where are you..??’

She is still hiding behind the wall. She listens to his voice but doesn’t go out having attitude..!!

Laksh: Ragini…don’t show your attitude here..! it’s dangerous. Don’t groom alone..!!

Ragini thinks: how proud he..!! he is showing attitude and telling me..??

Laksh: ok… I’m sorry..!! plz, come out now..!!

Ragini smiles.

Laksh: I won’t utter a word again about our relation. Come out..!!

Ragini smiles and about to step out, but suddenly those bad boys grab her. They close her mouth. She tries to protest, but they take her somewhere. She raises her hand to call Laksh. But they take her away silently.

Laksh keeps calling her and searches her here and there. He goes near that wall.

‘Ragini..!! Where are you..??’ he shouts panting. He was all in sweat. Then he looks at her bangle which is fell over there. He takes that one into hands.

Those guys bring her to a lonely place. They start talking disgusting on her.

Ragini shouts, ‘leave me you blo*dy bugs..!!’

One of them points an injection towards Ragini. She looks shocked..!!

To be continued……..

/* I know, this is also a shock. There may be breaks in updating of this ffs… but giving shocks don’t have any break..!! hahahah, but I know… you people have complete trust over our hero Laksh right..!!*/

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  1. Aasthu

    A big shock….wish Ragini will realize that she loves Laksh….umm Astra if possible can u update this on March 6th??? plzzz??? it’s my birthday…I might not be able to comment. But I’ll definitely read it….my exams begin on 8th…so plzz pray…

    1. Astra

      yes aasthu… i will update 2 episodes of this b4 6th ok… all the best 4 ur exams dear….

  2. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

    1. Astra

      thank you dear,,,

  3. hello m a silent reader…bt yr u cmpell me to cmnt……awessome ff….m reading all raglak ffs here…..n your all ffs are awessome.. ….all raglak ff writers are grt…hts off to u guys keep going….plz next part asap….n married life also….

  4. IQRA222

    Awesome loved the episode but i was scared for ragu in last scenescene i know laksh will save her waiting for the next episode

    1. Astra

      thank you dear… hmm let’s see…

    1. Astra

      thank you

  5. Follybraverl

    She is so stubborn..Laksh is cool..She says my brain by hurt laksh

    1. Astra

      yes yar… u said correct..

  6. OMG. That was shocking. Eager to know the upcoming happenings. But Raglak are truly Mr.& Mrs.attitude Lol. Ofcourse i completely trsut our hero. He would not even let air pass through his lady love without his knowledge. Waiting for an action dhamaka

    1. Astra

      thank you gayu…yes a great fight will be there 2morow..

  7. Superb epi…

    1. Astra

      thank you lilly..

  8. Omg hope she is fine

    1. Astra

      hmm… she will be dear..

  9. Darshini

    Asthu another shock uh…
    Bt it was awesome…soon Ragini will realise her love for laksh I think…
    Keep going dear…waiting for the next update da..

    1. Astra

      thank you darshu..

    1. Astra

      thank you

  10. Affaa

    I hope laksh will save her… My finger is crossed… I hope for the best… Awww that car scene was outstanding they both was avoiding eo so cute nah… And she loves laksh as only his friend… Poor laksh… Yaar love is complicated… Whatever I’m waiting next episode can’t wait for it……and u know what ur nah mind blowing… The way u write ufff I’m loving it… Fantastic… Keep rocking yaar… Love you…

    1. Astra

      thank you dear

  11. Akshata

    oho ragini what is this? you r behaving so cold towards laksh. i know you are strong supporter of feminism, me too. i am also feminist but that doesnt mean u ignore everyone’s feelings. poor laksh tried hard to mend this relationship, but u r so adamant, think from his side also, after all he is human and has so many feelings. one feeling he is clearly depicted that is love, he loves u truly, hope this incident will help you to understand his love also.
    awesome update, waiting for the next…. 😀
    till then keep thinking abt new shocks.

    1. Astra

      yes. yar…agree with you… thank you dear..

    1. Astra

      thanks ammy..

  12. Mintu

    Amazing dear…laksh words r correct… Both show attitude..!!!! Ya v have hope in laksh…!!! Waiting for next part.. Post it soon dear

    1. Astra

      thank you dear…

  13. Amazing & brilliant update ..hope that laksh will save her …update next part soon

    1. Astra

      thank you shraddha..


    1. Astra

      thank you

  15. Poonam

    if possible read my os and comment

    1. Astra

      thank you.. sure..

  16. Dharani

    shocks queen another shock and became habitual to me about ur shocks so i an keeping my heart strong so that no heart attacks ok and ha the conversation of laksh and chari, ragini and mansi is so funny and awesome chappy as always

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear… yes, you have to keep ur heart strong…!! haha..

  17. Shocking part

    1. Astra

      thank you malu..

  18. I am reading 3 of your ff’s…but I still didn’t get used to your shocks!! Poor me!! 🙁
    Excellent!!! superb!!! I loved ragini’s thoughts you know??!! Both ragini and laksh are right at their places…!! She needs time…to cope up with him…!! And he can’t wait for long time…covering his feelings…!!! You nailed both their pov’s sooo well…!!! Loved this epi a lottttt!!!! <3

    1. Astra

      thank you so much chandu..

  19. Asra

    shocks queen y u always give thz much shocks to us…..thzs not fair dear…..fantablous update dear…..hope our hero save his lady love…..car scenes superbbb dear…..feeling bad for chari…..whatever happen raglak….he s only got scold…..sooo sad chari…..now mansi join the chari list…..
    ragu y u hurt our laksh……it’s bad dear…..accept him yar…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      hehe… thanks you so much dear…

  20. Jazzy

    omggg ab aagee kya hoga

    1. Astra

      haha…wait n see…

  21. Pity on laksh ..hope ragini understand him soon ..waiting for next

    1. Astra

      thank you shraddhaa..

  22. A.xx

    amazing and loved it Astra xx

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..

  23. Mindblowing

    1. Astra

      thank you megha..

  24. Awesome dear. Can’t wait for next. Please update soon

    1. Astra

      thank you rehna…

  25. Amazing

    1. Astra

      thank you ashnoor

  26. I’m really sorry for the late comment dear. It’s as usual outstanding episode. U give shocks one by one. I hope I can handle all ur shocks. Mujhe Laksh par poora barosa hai, he will find out his Ragini soon. Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu…. yes… he will..

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