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Ready to break up 8

‘aaahhhh… Ragini… please leave me..!!’ Laksh is shouting.

‘Laksh..!! Laksh…. What happened..??’ Ragini holds his shoulder and moves.

Laksh opens his eyes and finds himself on bed and Ragini was standing on floor.

Then he remembers as soon as coming from there, he slept and he don’t know what happened later. So, it was just his dream.. Ragini coming with hot iron rod.

Ragini: what happened Laksh..? is it a bad dream..?

Laksh: not just a dream..! nightmare..!!!
He wipes his sweat.

Ragini sits beside him on bed. He amazes. she smiles.

Ragini: don’t be scared Laksh… I’m here know..! nothing will happen to you..!!

Laksh: ahan.., what will you do..??

Ragini: I’m a big devil, can other devil come..???

Laksh laughs and she too laughs.
Laksh looks at her laughing face. He smiles.

Laksh: ragini..

Ragini: hmm…

Laksh: I thought, you will do something with me again. But, instead of that you asked me to take here and there. Why..??

Ragini: actually, I already said you. I really got angry on you. But, the way you took care of me melted my anger. If I get any problem I call to my parents. But, I didn’t remember them at that time, It was because of you. It was my dare that you are beside me..!

Laksh looks on..

Ragini: I know, you will take care of me. You won’t let anything happen to me. Yes..!! you went crazy at that time and kissed me. But, you were not always like that. you actually respected me.

Laksh: respected..?

Ragini: yes… when I was changing my dress, I forgot to close the door.. you didn’t take the chance to watch me secretly. But, you gave me hint indirectly talking in phone..

Laksh smiles.

Ragini: it’s enough, to understand you. You aren’t actually very bad as I thought during 1st night. I was over aggressive.

Laksh: yes you are. You held that bottle. I was coming near you to convince you. And tell you to be relaxed. I just wanted to tell you that I won’t harm you… but, before that only you banged my head..!!

Ragini: I’m sorry…

Laksh: even I’m sorry…for the kiss…

Ragini: you already felt regretted for it. you have realized your mistake already. You need not tell sorry again and again. I’m not angry with you. I saw you were suffering with guilt. That’s why, I asked you to take me out.. to say that I’m not angry on you..!

Laksh looks on…

Ragini looks at him in raised eye brow.

Ragini: it doesn’t mean, that you can take advantage on me again..!! if you do so, I will press your throat.

She holds his neck. Laksh makes his hands up.

Laksh: ok officer..!!

Ragini laughs and goes to her bed. She sits on her bed. Laksh was still looking at her.

Ragini: sleep now..!

Laksh: so, you believe me. Why do you believe me..?

Ragini sighs: how many times shall I say..? ok, listen..! if you, really wanted to do something on me… you would have done by now. but, you didn’t. because you are a good boy. And, I know you can never do that again…

Laksh just looks.

Ragini makes her eyes big…
‘why..? will you do..??’ she asks.

Laksh laughs and nods his head negatively. He sleeps. Ragini too smiles and sleeps.

Next morning, all the family members also come back to home. They intentionally left them alone to make them close.

The days start passing normally like that…

Laksh taking Ragini to college.. while in return picking her up.. having fun time with all family together… Laksh helping her in studies… she waking till mid night to study… and sometimes they chit chatting before going to sleep…

The thing is, closeness between them keeps increasing. They became good friends now.

In the time being like this… uttara marriage gets fixed.

It was final exam day of Ragini’s 4th year 1st semester. She finishes her exam. As exam finishes by afternoon, she already informs Laksh to come and pick her up at 1’o clock.

But, he has not come yet. She calls him.
Laksh was in important seminar in his office. He was explaining the project to his colleagues. He even forget to look at mobile once.

Ragini gets annoyed trying calling him many times. It was already one hour she waited. Just then, Adarsh and Pari comes.

Ada: hey ragini, lucky was busy in office..

Pari: yaa, get in. we came to pick up you..

Ragini smiles and sits in back seat. However, she is a bit annoyed that Laksh has not come.
After reaching home, all ask her how was the exam…

Ap: with this your studies finished..??

Ragini: no maa… still one semester is there.

Just then Laksh hurriedly enters home…

Laksh: hey Ragini… you know what..?

Ragini goes into the room angrily looking at him. All smile.
‘Ragini… I’m sorry…’ he follows her.

Ragini silently sleeps on her bed.

Laksh: why are you sleeping now..? won’t you eat..?

Ragini: my tummy got full while waiting.

Laksh: oh Ragini.. I’m sorry.. actually, in office..

Ragini sits on bed in anger.

Ragini: always care about office and work. Don’t care about me. At least, you can say me right..!

Laksh: yaa…but, you know it was sudden meeting.

Ragini: whatever, I won’t talk with you.

Ragini sleeps again. Laksh silently about to go out.

Ragini murmurs: I will come if you convince me…

Laksh smiles and looks at her. she closes her eyes. He sits near her.

Laksh: ok officer, please come.

Ragini: no..!!

Laksh: fine..!!

Laksh goes to door again. Ragini looks at him.

‘Hey…. There is a lizard up there..!!’ he shouts.

‘aaahhh…where..? where.?’ Ragini shouts and stands. Laksh laughs.

Ragini chases him in anger to beat him. Laksh runs and sits at dining. As everyone were there Ragini too sits silently in her place.

Ap was discussing about marriage arrangements of Uttara.

Ap: dp ji, we have to go and buy so many things for Uttara..

Uttara: I want sarees from kanchi..!

Dp: that’s why, we are going there beta..

Uttara: wow..!!

Ragini: and, are we coming too..??

Pari: me and adarsh ji aren’t going.. we have to distribute cards.

Ap: and, the schedule is very tough. That’s why Ragini and Laksh, you both have to go and give card to sujatha chachi..

Laksh: maa, but we..?

Ap: yes..! what’s the problem.? Their place is too long to go and pari bhabhi is not feeling well. So, you and Ragini have to go as we are going to kanchi..

Laksh: you can post know..

Ap: laksh..! for close people we won’t post.. moreover he is your own chote papa… and they will feel good if you both go. As, they didn’t come for your marriage too..

Laksh: that’s what I’m telling maa.. me and Ragini aren’t going to be together forever right. Our divorce will come in six more months. For that, why we have to go..?

Ragini and Ap looks on…

Laksh: Ragini, did I say anything wrong..?

Ragini silently goes away.

Ap: Laksh, you both were moving close right.

Laksh: just as friends maa..

Ap: is this is your final decision..?

Laksh: maa, I don’t want them actually. But, she is not ready to be in this relation. That’s why we got ready to breakup..!

Ragini in the room keeps thinking…
‘Ready to breakup.. yes, we were ready to breakup right..!’

She looks at all the room..
‘so, after six months I’m I not going to stay here..? this house is no more mine..!! I’m going to change from mrs. Ragini to miss. Ragini again..??’

She stands and walks here and there.
‘why am I thinking like this..? don’t I like to break this relation..? of course, I never wanted to break this relation. But, I just wanted time to accept. But, I signed on papers being angry on him that time…’

Her thoughts are broke as Laksh entered the room. He looks at her.. she looks at him..

Both look together for some time. A tear drops from her eye…

She runs and hugs him all of sudden..! now Laksh is shocked…

‘I love you Laksh’ she says in breaking voice…
He just looks shocked.


/*guys,keep thinking… maybe it’s dream..? maybe Ragini said for true..? maybe acting..? hehe whatever, you have to know this in next episode…
But, tell me… is this is like shock or not..?? */
Bye… bye… */

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  1. Superb… waiting for next

    1. Astra

      thank you lilly…

  2. it’s real May b…..awesome update

    1. Astra

      thank you komal

  3. Lovely7

    Another shock hahah

    1. Astra

      thank you dear…

    1. Hlo sindhu diiiiiii…… Whn u update….. Ragsan ffff….. Seeming too longg to interact vd ragsan….

      1. Sindhura

        I will update in 2 days

    2. Astra

      thank you

  4. IQRA222

    awesome thank god it was just a dream and laksh is fine
    but please don’t let the next episode be a dream
    i really want raglak to be one
    waiting for the next episode

    1. Astra

      thank you dear… ok… dear… i will not make it a dream…

  5. Asw

    Next shock ?how many shock u will give astra amazing yaar keep going

    1. Astra

      haha… thank you dear…

    1. Astra

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  6. Mintu

    Amazing sis…!!!! I wish it should be real… Bt u keep some more shocking.. So I guess it’s dream..!!!

    1. Astra

      thank you dear.. u decided like that..? haha.. let’s see…

  7. hope it is not day dream

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      thank you ankitha

  8. Dharani

    another shock shocks queen now i wanted this to be true

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..ok … ur wish… my order..

  9. Jazzy

    hahahaha ek aur shock aj ke liye

    1. Astra

      hahahaha… kaise laga shock..?? acha hei.? hehe thank you dear..

  10. dnt tell me this is also a dream or acting yar..i realy want raglak to be together

    1. Astra

      yes… they will be together eventually….

  11. Follybraverl

    Ufffff awesome raglak let it be real(with puppy eyes)

    1. Astra

      thank you dear..hmmm, ok as u wish….

  12. Uff Astra.. Too bad naa… Suspnse again….. Bad… wrse… wrst….. Waiting…..

    Oossmm update… I imagine… Swollen lips… Bt its dream….. Lol yaar

    1. Astra

      hahaha… it’s mandatory to give suspense yar…. thank you baabu..

  13. Asra

    shock queen another shock han…plz don’t tell it’s a dream yar….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

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  14. Interesting episode and loved it. Eagerly waiting for next

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      thank you ammu

  15. My dear suspence queen. This time i hope it’s not a dream. Mindblowing as usual

    1. Astra

      thank you gayu


    1. Astra

      thank you

  17. A.xx

    amazing and we’ll have to wait to find out if it’s true or not xx

    1. Astra

      thank you dear

  18. Loved RagLak moments.. Hey Astra, u were writing another RagLak ff “aliens at my house ” right?? why don’t u update that?? i miss that ff..

    1. Astra

      omg….!! it’s not me…!

  19. Awesome now whose dream it is at the end..

    1. Astra

      thank you priya…

  20. Darshini

    Asthu…another shock uh…
    RagLak moments were damn cute…
    Bt I guess it wasn’t dream bcz I wanna see them united…plz do it na asthu…
    Plz mke them confess dear…
    As usual another shocking waala episode…waiting curiously for the next update…
    Whr is my storm of love???asthu update dat soon dear…

    1. Astra

      darshu… i have given storm of lv previous part.. check it. i think, u missed it… thanks a lot dear… and it’s dream or true.. have to wait n see….

      1. Darshini

        Oh no I missed it…wait I will go and read it first…

  21. Aasthu

    Astruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu u never fail to give shocks at the end of the chapter….it was the shock of the previous chptr that I liked the most…iron rod…haha…..can’t tell if it is real or a dream coz u never fail to surprise ur readers….when will u pot samragini??????

    1. Astra

      thank you so much asthu… i will start samragni from end of march.. after completing my 3 ffs…

  22. Aasthu

    oh I forgot to tell one thing….I loved the cover pic….Teju looks beautiful in that plain saree with her hair loose and no make up….

    1. Astra

      thank you dear…but that pic is given by TU people only… I’m glad they selected a nice pic….

  23. Akshata

    That was dream… it was so scary you know…… god ragini, laksh is really scared of you….. poor laksh.
    aww my ragu is confused now…. hope this is not a dream or maybe its really a dream, we cant say abt astra….. she loves to give shocks.
    i want to say something to u ragu, i have learnt how to make double ka meetha, just becoz of you.
    Awesome update

    1. Astra

      haha.. but this ragu and that ragu r different… hmm, it’s a dream or not..?? let’s hope… it’s not a dream.. haha… thank you dear…

  24. Awesome

  25. Astra

    haha.. but this ragu and that ragu r different… hmm, it’s a dream or not..?? let’s hope… it’s not a dream.. haha… thank you dear…

  26. Vanshika

    Awesomely written Devi……… This is lovely.. Hope its not a dream ?? Shockolicious astralicious amazingly beautiful

  27. Affaa

    Ohhh shitt I’m really very late right …..I’m really very sorry….when I checked then I saw ur ff…episode was fantastic outstanding…now laksh and rigini will realize their for eo…then ff will end…feeling sad for that….it’s ok one every ff have to end right…god bless u astuu….and thank u so much for making my boring Times ….enjoyable..love u lots…..tc

    1. Astra

      hehee… no yar.. it won’t end right now.. there is still time… bcz.. any twist may come right.. !! thank you..

      1. Affaa

        Really I love you I love you so much… ??

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