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Ready to breakup 7

Laksh wakes next morning. It was already 10. As it was Sunday he woke up late. He looked for Ragini, but she was missing on her bed. She is not there in room too. He feels a bit nervous. ‘Did she go away to her house being angry on him..?’
He runs into hall. She is not there still.

He goes near dining. Then he hears sounds from kitchen. He takes his breath she was preparing coffee. She looks at him as he came. She presents a smile,
‘Brush teeth and come until coffee gets ready..!’

He makes his eyes big. Coffee…?? For him..?? is he not dreaming..?? he pinches himself. And feels pain. He goes to wash room in same confused state.
After a while he comes out. She bringing two cups near table.

Laksh sits in beside chair of her. she is just drinking what’s in her cup. Her wet hair is showing that she has just taken a shower before he woke up.

Laksh sipping his cup and looks at her. but she was enjoying her own cup.

Laksh: what are you drinking..??

Ragini: boost..! boost is the secret of my energy..!!

Laksh is really amazed with her normal behavior.

Laksh: yes, but yesterday you became very weak.
Her smile disappears.

Laksh: how are you feeling now..?
Ragini: I said, don’t ask about it. it is really a common thing..!

Laksh keeps his cup aside.

Laksh: a common thing..? this pain is a common thing..?

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: bearing this much of pain..! this stress..! but, this is just common..! how can we praise a girl..??

Ragini was just looking at him.

Laksh: girls bear this much and they smile hiding all these worries. Girls are really great. And boys simply hurt them..!!

Ragini turns away her eyes. Laksh holds her hand which is on table. She looks at him.

Laksh: are you really not angry with me..?? for what I did yesterday..?

Ragini: I got that much of anger that I wanted to break your head again..!!

Laksh gulps.

Ragini: but, suddenly I felt dizzy. I wanted to kick you still, but I was feeling weak. Later on… you taking me to hospital. Taking care of me, some what made me to lose my anger. I felt, ok.. this boy is good.

Laksh smiles.

Ragini: and, what can I do more than that…simply remaining as a prey..!

Laksh smile disappears.

Ragini: so many questioned me, what did I do to you..? why did I bang your head..?? but, that night if you have done something to me, nobody would have questioned you..!

Laksh looks on..

Ragini: same here also..! if you kiss me, all say you are a romantic fellow..! but no one understands my heart… how deeply I was hurt..!!
She says this looking at him in red eyes. Tears are rolling in her eyes.

Laksh feels extremely guilt and bends his eyes as he couldn’t make eye contact.

Ragini: if then, I bang your head or stab you, someone will say ‘I’m mad..!’ but no one understands that you are mad..! a man’s life is that important than a women’s feelings. A man can do anything with woman.. but, a lady can’t stand upon her rights..?

Ragini turns away her face and wipes her tears. Even Laksh wipes his tears.

Laksh: Ragini, I know.. a sorry can’t make your heart fixed again. My sorry can’t stop your tears. But, still… I’m sorry. From today, I will never touch you again..!! or I even don’t look at you..!!

Ragini looks at him. He was not looking at her. he was looking somewhere.

Laksh: Ragini, I was foolish for not understanding your feelings. On first night, I thought you are making fun. I just felt, that you like me… but feeling shy to accept me. Same yesterday also..! while I was setting the light for your study, and I was explaining you the syllabus… I saw some shine in your eyes. I thought, you were liking me again..! and, you came in a run near me yesterday, I looked at lots of happiness in your eyes. Then, I wanted to initiate our relation again..!! I thought, it would make you happy… but…

He gets up from his chair.

‘My thoughts and my own feelings have been hurting you a lot Ragini. And, I can’t bear when you are hurt. I was not even feeling Ok, when you were suffering with the pain which you say common..! then, how can I bear your tears..???”
Laksh says painfully.

Ragini looks at him amazed.

“If I was the only reason for your tears, I won’t repeat these things again..! but, what to do..? If I look into your eyes I feel a pull towards you. That has become my weakness..! I’m sorry again..!!” says Laksh and leaves to his room.

Ragini keeps her cup aside. She goes to the room. Laksh was taking clothes for going to bath.

Ragini: shall we go anywhere..? today is Sunday right..!

Laksh gets amazed. He looks at her but, soon turns his face away.

Laksh: no..! I have some works.

Ragini: please…

Gosh..! what is she doing. The way she is asking ‘please..’ is making him pleased. If she asks,
what going out..? he will even do world war 3.

But, just now she said that she is hurt. Then, why is she asking again..?

Ragini: please Laksh…

Laksh holds cupboard strongly to suppress his feelings. Why is she asking that cutely. If everything was normal in between them, he would have now kissed her again. He rubs his head back to control himself..

Ragini: we shall go please Laksh…

Laksh feels his heart melting.

Laksh: don’t ask like that many times. Ok, let’s go..!!

Ragini jumps in happiness. Laksh soon goes into washroom and pours cold water on him.
‘Shh..! no..! don’t believe her..! this is not love..!! laksh, control… if you do something again… this time it becomes the Trojan war..!’

He calms himself and takes bath.

When he came out, he looks at Ragini who was getting ready.
She is wearing purple chudidar, and her hair is free.. the best thing is her back. Which is exposing to some extent.

‘is she mad..? why is she attracting him like this..? whatever, if he is a man, he has to control. And he shouldn’t hurt her again..!!’

Ragini: I’m ready..!!

Ragini turns to him in brilliant smile. The radiance in her eyes is melting him as ice. He was feeling like to kiss her a 1000 times. He slaps himself.

Ragini: what happened..?

Laksh: ok, wait in hall. I will come..!!

Ragini nods her head and leaves to hall happily.

Laksh: I do not understand this girl..!!

Laksh later goes out. They are going in car. But, she is singing songs. Laksh really don’t understand what’s wrong with her. he thought, she won’t talk with him… she will do something to him again.. but, she has asked him to take out..??

Laksh: where shall we go..??

Ragini: amusement park..!

Laksh: ok…

Ragini first takes Laksh to roller coaster. Laksh doesn’t get excited anything, as he was confused by Ragini’s actions. But, Ragini was enjoying like anything.

After getting down…

Laksh: are you ok..? you were not feeling well actually know..!!

Ragini: Ferris wheel..!! (giant wheel)
She shouts and takes Laksh even there.

After that ride, another one. The whole day passes like that.

By night, they reach home. All family members will return next day.

Ragini goes into hall and sits in sofa panting… ‘wow..! enjoyed a lot today..!!’

Laksh who was still confused goes into room. Ragini goes into kitchen.

Half n hour passes Ragini is still not coming…
‘Ragini…’ he is about to call…
Ragini just comes into room. She is looking at him in anger.

Laksh: Ragini…??

Ragini: I wanted to control my anger..!! what to do..?? it’s still not controlling..!! I asked you to take to amusement rides.. so, that I will forget about it..!! but, still… it’s making me wild..!!

Ragini says heading towards him.
Laksh: ragini..???

Ragini takes out the iron rod which was heated and it’s red in color.

Laksh makes his eyes big…!

Laksh: what are you going to do Ragini..???

Ragini: teaching a big lesson to you..!! how dare to mess up with me…!!

She nears him holding the rod… he stuck to wall…

‘with this lips only know, you have kissed me…!!!’
She nears the boiling rod to him…

Screen blanks……

‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ Laksh’s shout.

To be continued….

/*guys, worried that I haven’t given any shock yesterday..? enjoy this one today..! haha, hope you all understood the reason for Ragini’s normal behavior till now..!! */

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  22. Laksh is really pathetic.All the time gropping Ragini.Can’t se understand forced intimacy is horrible.What if he was not attracted to Ragini & he forcefully kissed him.First he tried to rape her & now this.And he calls it love??Its lust only.I hope Ragini makes him understand that these cheap things make him bad in her eyes more.

    1. Astra

      don’t take a word against laksh understand…!! if he is really such a man as u thought, ragini would not have been like this. and he realized his mistake… stilll he is a rapist for you…?? grow up yar… read the story completly…

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