RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 6

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Recap: laksh helps Ragini to study… laksh force kiss to her.

Epi 6

Ragini is trying to escape from clutches of Laksh but he has tightly wrapped his hands around her back and waist and his lips have tightly locked hers. He
Thank god… as exam was going on inside and students and lecturers are in the rooms no one has seen them. Even, Laksh has seen this situation and proceeded.

Ragini now, really wanted to kill him on the spot. But, how..? Her one hand is in his hand locked and other hand is beating him but he just felt it like a cotton ball touching him. Ragini now failed in protesting. And she has fainted suddenly.

‘Ragini…!!’ Laksh pats her cheeks but she is seemed to be anemic. Laksh carries her in hands and takes her out. Watch man looks at them amazingly.

Laksh makes her sit in car and tries to get her into conscious. He sprinkles water on her. she opens her eyes and looks at him in blur.

Then he hears some throat clearing voice. He turns back. It’s trio friends of Ragini. They give him her bag.

Kavya: don’t worry. We haven’t seen anything.
Trio laughs silently.

Laksh being embarrassed sits in car silently.
Kavitha: don’t worry..!! even professors haven’t seen..!!

Laksh drives away car. Ragini was silent. She is looking dully at road. Laksh looks at her. He doesn’t understand what to speak up. He have just done a thing which she don’t like. That too in the college..!! and, even it’s a women’s college.

What can he do..? he was helpless. He always gets stunned to see his Ragini so beautiful. He was suppressing his thoughts to make her as his. He has already faced a head bang on first day itself. Now, what’s gonna happen..?? he was saved because she is feeling weak. Otherwise, not head this time.. directly his throat. But God knows what she is thinking. But, he can see slight tears forming in corner of her eyes.

Did he hurt her feelings..??

Of course.. he did..!! she believed him. He was just going to become a hero in her mind. But, he has spoiled everything.

“What have you done Laksh..!! Can’t you control..???”
“How can I control..?? She is dragging me. Pulling me towards her. Her lips are secreting honey..! And she is my wife..!! Being a man how can I control when beautiful wife is around..?”

Laksh looks at Ragini again. Her eyes are ready to burst tears.

“But, who make his wife cry is not a man. Why..why is she feeling sad if he had kissed..? He is the dashing handsome romantic husband of her’s. Why do she hate him..? He loves her a lot. But, he is not understanding how to confess his love. But he is aggressive in his confession. Every time, ends up like this in a stupid way. Is she not reacting for his actions. Is she not feeling his love..? He has bravely kissed her in her own college, of course it’s a stupid act which annoys her. But.. he was not shy. Only because he love her. Yes..!! He love her whole hearted. Why can’t she understand..?? Is this is the problem with feminists all over the world..? Why..? Feminist won’t have a heart..? They won’t love..??”

But he is not dare enough to open his mouth and say sorry. He is really afraid, once after gaining energy what she is going to do..!!

In his thoughts they reach the house. Ragini opens door at her side. She gets off from car weekly. Laksh goes near her to hold her. She shows her hand saying him to stop. She looks at him in unknown expression. Laksh feels guilt with her expression. She only goes on herself into the house slowly. As soon as she has gone, she falls on her bed.

Watch man informs Laksh that all the family members have gone out somewhere. They will come next morning. That means, he is going to stay with her alone all the night in this whole house. He is excited. But, what use..? Then he remembers the real fact, they have applied for divorce right..!! And it is him who has started that divorce mess first..!!

“Ahh….he was angry at that time on her that she has banged his head. But he didn’t wanted divorce actually. And, after applying for it he has kissed her. What right he has to kiss her..? Even though, there is a time of one year..!!”

Now he understood how deeply Ragini has hurt.

He goes inside and finds Ragini is sleeping. He won’t disturb her. Later, he goes to wash room. After coming out he looks Ragini has woke up just and she is taking her cloths from cup board.
‘ragini…actually… I’m sorry…’

Ragini weakly, “Laksh, now I’m not in patience to listen your words. Leave me alone.’
She silently goes for bath.
Later, she tries to concentrate on her college work but she was feeling un easy. She is touching her abdomen now and then.
‘Ragini, are you okay..?’ he asks.
She looks at him, ‘don’t ask me again’ expression. He remains calm. She sleeps again. It was still only 7.
If he would have controlled his emotion to kiss her, by now she would have talked with him happily. How he has to spend these painful moments..??
Later at 8..

Laksh: ragini, come. Let’s eat dinner.
Ragini: i don’t want to eat.
Laksh: are you not hungry..?
Ragini: no…
Laksh: but..
Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh too won’t eat anything and he sits on bed working something on laptop.
Mid night,
Laksh wakes suddenly with moans of Ragini. He looks at her. She was holding her lower tummy and suffering in pain. He goes near her worried.
‘Ragini..?? are you okay..??”

Ragini: no..!! I’m not.
Laksh: what happened to you..?? tell me..!!
Ragini: it’s girl’s issue. You can’t understand.
Laksh: if you won’t tell me I can’t do anything. If you say, I will find out solution.
Ragini was silent.
Laksh: shall we go to doctor..?
Ragini: no need..!!
Laksh: what no need..?? I’m taking you that’s it..!!
He lifts her in his hands.
‘Laksh, gone mad..?? leave me..!! doctor is not needed. I’m..I’m in…’

Laksh: shh..! I know..!!
He makes her sit in car and drives to hospital. Ragini was looking at him.
She meets doctor. Laksh was waiting out.
After a while, Ragini comes out.
Ragini: doctor is calling you..
Laksh goes in.
Doc: are you her husband..?
Laksh: yes mam..!
Doc: do you know..! your wife is feeling anaemic. Why didn’t she eat anything at night..?
Laksh: she is totally stubborn mam. She won’t listen to me.
Doc: hmm, but she has to be very careful now.. she is in her periods.
Laksh: i know.. i can understand.
Doc: she is really worried about something and she is very anxious. She is even hurt i think. I know, there will be many problems between wife and husband.. but, if you really love her, take care of her. Otherwise, she needs to be joined in hospital if she becomes more anaemic.
Laksh was thinking something.
Doc: don’t let her eat spicy food. Take car slowly and be careful at speed breakers. Don’t argue with her. Make her happy…
She writes some medicine.
Laksh: what food is better to eat… for her..?
Doc smiles: something which don’t have spice and masala. Dal in rice with ghee is better.
Laksh smiles: thank you doctor.

He comes near Ragini. She stands.
Ragini: see, I’m fine now. This pain is common. You need not react this much..!!
Laksh: Ragini, I’m sorry…!!
Ragini looks at him amazed.
Laksh: I’m very sorry bcz I hurt you..! plz, don’t be anger on me. And don’t show that anger on food.
He holds her hand convincing her. Ragini was just looking at him.
Laksh: i will cook something now. You have to eat it..!!
Ragini nods her head. She has first time ever accepting words of a boy.
Laksh takes her home. She goes to room and Laksh goes to kitchen. He cooks raw dal and doesn’t add anything spices to it.
(we call it mudda papu in our region. I’m not sure what’s it called in hindi and English)
He mixes that dal with rice and adds ghee. He brings near Ragini.

Ragini: you mixed ghee in it..? No..! I will become fat… I will get pimples.
Laksh: it’s healthy for girls it seems. Doctor said. That too in this time..!
Ragini: but simply yellow dal..? i want some pickle…!
Laksh: yesterday you ate abundant of pickle. That’s why, you are like this now. Silently eat this.
Ragini puts a boring face.

Laksh: come on…!
She starts eating unwillingly. Laksh was looking at her. Now, he doesn’t wanted to bring that kiss topic and make her angry. He made sure there are no sharp and glass objects in room.
Ragini showing empty plate:: done..!
Laksh takes the plate and gives a medicine to her. She was drinking water, and when water fell on her lips, he really wanted to go and lick those drops.
Hehe…but he knows the consequences.
‘Good night..!!’ she says and sleeps.
‘Didn’t she remember anything..? he has kissed her..! and she was just calm..? did she like it or what..?’
He breaks his thoughts and goes to sleep looking at her…

To be continued….

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  5. Darshini

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    Laksh is so caring but he is panicking inside…ha ha…
    So cute dear…

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    what a caring husband, wife is just suffering from her menstrual cycle and he took her to the hospital for checkup, just imagine, cook for her, follows all doctors advises.what if she will suffering from fever what will he do.
    you dont know? i am here to tell you na, dont stress yourself. he will turn our world upside down to make her ok.
    you know astra i want to tell you something, but want to tell you in your ears (now i am whispering, dont move) I AM SO JEALOUS OF RAGINI, I AM SO ENVY HER RIGHT NOW…… aaaahhhh i also want husband like laksh…….
    Awesome update, waiting for the next.

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