RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 5

Guys, today it’s bigoo…big part.. enjoy…!!
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Story till now: ff starts with Ragini breaking Laksh’s head for forcing her into first night. However, she comes to know he is not that cruel. Laksh decides for divorce as she is not interested in relation. But, their lawyer asks them to stay together at least for one year. However, that was also plan of family members to make them together. Meanwhile many nok jhoks happen in between Raglak…..(but, Laksh really loves her)
Now story continues..

Epi 5

Ragini goes into house frustrated.

Laksh was narrating the thing he done to tease her to Parineetha.

Pari: lucky… don’t tease her much..!

Laksh:: just for fun bhabhi.

Ragini just enters.

Pari:: ragini, come and drink milk and have some snacks.

Ragini:: I will come back after getting fresh up bhabhi..

Pari nods head. Ragini goes into room. After few seconds Laksh also goes. When he reached room, Ragini was just going into washroom with her cloths. Laksh stands in balcony and makes a call to someone.

Ragini closes the door, but forgets to lock. Due to wind the door opens and she doesn’t observe. She unzips her dress. Laksh just turns towards washroom casually and have a look of her back.

He shocks and turns his head away from her.. he shouts in phone.. “close yourself properly mr. Chari…!” (Chari is P.A)

Chari in phone:: sir..?

Ragini shocks with Laksh’s statement and turns back. She is embarrassed to see the door is opened. She soon shuts the door properly. Listening to door sound Laksh takes breath. Ragini some what feels good about Laksh now. He would have peeped at her silently. But, he didn’t do that.


Ragini gets busy in her record work. She has to write all the programs which she has missed during her marriage related functions. Next day is her record submission.

Laksh simply keeps ear phones to his ears and listens to songs. He doesn’t want to disturb her. He was leaning to bed. Then…!

Current goes off..! All the house is dark.

Ragini speaks out in worry:: oh no..! How should I complete my record now..?

She keeps hand on her head. Laksh looks at her. Generator is not working. As it was heavily raining, no chance of current.

Then Laksh gets busy in some electric works to bring light in room(don’t ask me how)

He struggles for 15 min and he switches in something. The whole room gets light. Ragini feels happy.

Laksh: hello miss. Frustration.. I haven’t done this for you..

Ragini: but…thanks..(she says in a smile)

He too smiles in amazement.

She continues her work till mid night and she observes Laksh is sleeping. He was feeling disturbed with the light. She smiles and offs the light and she too sleeps on her separate small cot.

Next morning, as usually Laksh will be taking her to college in car in same route. Melodies old songs are playing one by one.
Ragini was just lost in her thoughts.
She was looking extremely beautiful as every day. And that day, she is in baby pink chudidar, which is enhancing her beauty. Laksh really wanted to say that she is gorgeous. But he remembers the ‘Head bang theory’. He shudders his head.
Then his P.A chari calls again,
Then Laksh: chari, you are looking beautiful today…
Chari: sir..?
Ragini understands that Laksh is talking about her.
Laksh: pink looks great on you chari ji…
Chari: thank you sir..but, I’m in white..
Ragini again lost in her thoughts. She remembers yesterday’s incidents in college.

A lecture says, “what Ragini, you say no marriage until job and you married before your graduation..?”

Her friends, “enjoying with husband…”

Ragini thinks:: more than me world is excited about me. Don’t know how should I face them..!!

Laksh clears his throat.. the car was stopped. College has come already. Ragini gets off the car.. forgetting record sheets aside. Laksh too goes away.

In lab,

Ragini: mam, i have completed the record..! Just give me one hour time. I forgot in home I think.

One girl: baby has become too forgetful after marriage.

Class laughs.

Lecturer:: shh..!! (Class becomes calm) Ragini, if you don’t submit your record now.. you are not permitted to attend lab internal tomorrow..!!

Ragini bends her head sadly.

“Excuse me mam..!” All hear a male voice. Whole class turns their heads even mam and Ragini.

It’s Laksh who was holding the record. Ragini becomes happy.

Laksh: sorry to disturb you. I have come to give mrs. Ragini her record.

Lecturer: who are you man..?

Laksh:: I’m Ragini’s husband.

All class looks at him in “wow” expression.

Lecturer: someone has to bring your work..? Go and get it..!

She orders Ragini. Ragini nods her head and goes in front of him. She forwards her hands to take it. Laksh looks at her shivering hands in fear that she may miss exam. He holds her hand shocking her and whole class.

Laksh: it’s ok. Easy…!

Ragini looks at him in big eyes. He gives away record and goes away. Ragini was still looking at him…

“Ragini..!” Lecturer shouts then she comes to world. All the class will be laughing silently.

Ragini was somewhat happy that Laksh has come back for her to give them. He would have ignored them. But, whatever he cared for her.
She was waiting for Laksh that he may come and take her back to home. But, he was not coming still.

Kavya: Ragini, college bus will be going now. You want to come..?
Ragini: no…he will come for me..
Kavya: ok bye…

All college buses will go away. Lectures will also leave.
Ragini takes her phone to call Laksh, but she remembers that she has never saved his number. Then she calls to home. Ap lifts the call. She informs that she will call Laksh.
Ap to Laksh in phone: Laksh, didn’t you go to college..? Ragini is waiting..!!

Laksh busy in meeting:: oops..! i forgot..!! sorry maa… I’m going right now..!!

Ap then again calls to Ragini, “Laksh has started beta..”

Ragini sighs and sits on a bench outside the gate of college. Kavitha and Mansi were waiting for her still.

Ragini: guys, you both leave. It’s getting late. You will get struck in traffic again..

Mansi: that’s fine ragu..

Ragini: no..plz go. He is coming..!

Both nods their heads and they leave on scooty.
Now, Ragini is alone. She looks around.

From far a boys batch is watching her. However, she is not afraid of them..but somewhat feels nervous in herself. She is brave, but truth is she is girl and that too very lonely.

Those batch come to other side of road facing opposite her. They start gesturing her. They keep looking at her disgusting. Even though she feels nervous, she doesn’t show her feelings out. She just ignores them. Now, she is really angry on Laksh.

Meanwhile, one whistles… one winks his eye.. one is waving hand..one singing a stupid song..
She really wanted to grab a log and break all their heads, but… she is only one. They are about to step ahead to her.

Then a car comes and stops in between them. Ragini looks on.. Laksh glares at those boys. She then silently sits in car. Laksh drives away. Ragini is silently looking out of window. Laksh looks at her. Her hands are shivering. She is sweating.

Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini… I forgot being busy..

But she was still silent. She was biting her nails. Laksh holds her other hand.
Laksh: did they scare you..?

Ragini jerks his hand.
Ragini: don’t think I’m weak. I can handle anything.
Her eyes are ready to burst out. Laksh feels sad for his forgetful behaviour. He wouldn’t have made her wait like that. He understood her feelings.

After reaching home,

Ragini gets busy in preparing for lab exam. Laksh just comes out of wash room and looks at upset Ragini with books. He nears her and looks at text book.

Laksh: mobile application development..?
Ragini: yes..! we have internal lab exam on this tomorrow. I missed many labs and classes. Now, I can’t understand anything.

Laksh sits beside her in chair.

Ragini: I’m always topper in college. I can’t bear less marks.
Laksh with big eyes: topper..?? really..??

Ragini: don’t believe..! go to kindergarten..!!

Laksh laughs. He takes a empty sheet and pen from her hand.

Laksh: our company deals with mobile apps. I know this subject from head to tail.. so, need not worry. I will explain you everything.

Ragini looks at him. Both sit beside each other. Laksh will be explaining her all the programming parameters, methods, etc… Ragini feels the subject easy when he is explaining.

Laksh: now, write and show me a program on your own..!
He opens his laptop.

Ragini writes something and he makes her execute on system. She gets the output correct.
‘Yay..!’ she shouts in happiness.
Laksh smiles.

Laksh: see… it’s too easy.
Ragini takes a breath in relief.

Ap, Dida and parineetha keeps observing them.

Pari: they have been like this since three hours.

Ap: i didn’t even call them for dinner, so they may get even more close.

Dida: so, there is no need of me here more..!

Ap: no..no. you have to stay for some more days…still everything is perfect.

Ragini looks at time.
Ragini: oh no..!! it’s already 10’ O clock.

Laksh: hmm..sleeping time.

Ragini: but, we didn’t eat anything.

Laksh: I’m not hungry.. eat and come if you want.

Ragini: all might have slept by now. Should i eat alone..? can i get your company..??

Laksh looks at her amazed. First time ever she is asking him his company. He happily nods head. Both goes down and sits at dinning. All were sleeping. But, Ap and Pari were observing.

They both were serving dishes in plates. Ragini is searching something else..

Laksh: what do you want..?

Ragini: i don’t like this curry. I want pickle. If it’s mango pickle… i will be more happy..

Laksh shows her a box. She puts lots of pickle and starts eating mixing it thick with rice.

Laksh: omg…!! it’s very red. Don’t eat that much spicy.

Ragini: i love eating like this. I’m not permitted in home to eat this much.. bcz, it’s not good.

Laksh: then, why are you eating now..??

Ragini: hmm…let me..!! once only naa..!!

She keeps eating and she will be telling yummy. Laksh was looking at her in smile.

Next morning,
Ragini was still sleeping. Laksh calls her for three times. She won’t wake up. He goes near her and shakes her shoulder. She opens her eyes dully, and looks at him.

Laksh: hey… go and get ready. It’s already 8.

Ragini: what..?

Ragini wakes suddenly, she holds her lower abdomen in pain.
Laksh: are you ok..?

Ragini just nods her head and takes cloths from her cup board. Laksh was looking at her.

Ragini: laksh…I’m taking my clothes from cup board. Can’t you look at other way..??

Laksh: you are just taking right. Not changing..!!

Ragini keeps upset face. ‘ok..ok’ Laksh gets busy in his work.

Later, he drops her in college.

Laksh: all the best..

She is seemed to be dull.

Laksh: are you really feeling ok..?

Ragini: I’m fine. And don’t ask me again. This is common for girls.

Laksh: what..? Putting a dull face..??

Ragini glares at him. He turns away face and goes away.

Ragini: men never understand women..!!

Ragini goes into college. The exam starts. She sits before a computer. She has to type the program which was asked as question for her.

Ragini tries to type. But she forgets. ‘How can i forget..?’ she thinks and tries to recollect. But, no use.

She keeps hand on her head and leans to table. Suddenly, a tear escapes. Then she remembers Laksh’s words.
‘Don’t forget the method..! Method is important… So, the method is…’

Ragini smiles… ‘yes i got it..!!’ she starts typing. She keeps remembering what all Laksh explained till she completes the work.

However, she executes the program at last. After, submitting the work she comes out of hall. She stretches her hands happily… and she is surprised to see Laksh standing in corridor.

Ragini goes near him.

Ragini: what are you doing here..? you are not supposed to come like this always. This is women’s college.

But, Laksh was just starring at her.

Ragini: ok, I will bring my bag. Let’s go home..

She is about to go… Laksh holds her wrist and pulls her back. She falls on him. He places his hand on her back without escaping.

Ragini: what are you doing..? leave me..!!

Before she completes her words, Laksh places his lips on her forced. She opens her eyes big in shock..!!

To be continued…

/* haha… shock again..??*/

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  1. Lovely7

    Omg! Last scene is scary for me

    Wat is ragu reaction!

    Will laksh able to survive from ragini wrath?

    Whether it’s is her dream?

    Aww so many confusions

    1. Astra

      haha..if u want to know all… just wait for next part…

  2. Fairy

    Thnku thnku thnku thnku cho cho ohooooooo muchhh…umaaaah????love u yaaar????hehehhehe wt to say…fabulous fantastic lovely sweet outstandng mindblowngggg update…hayy!!!m falling more n more in love wid dis story?????awww!!!laksh is sooo sweeet hehehe….raglak scenes were superbbbb…??????? Can’t wait to read more…..u r making me impatient for dis ff dr…hehehe….keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety????n ofcourse post soon???lotz of hug n kisses???????

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dearrr… i have to tell thanks da… and a big hug to u tooo… lv u sis…

  3. Sindhura

    I think its her dream

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      may be sindhu..lets see.. if it’s true, surely she will kill him this time… hahah… thank you dear…

  4. Awesome sis ….!!! Omg….How many shocks u going to give????? Ohh..noo.. Again ragz nd laksh going to fight…!!!! Loved raglak scenes…Post next soon dear..!!!

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      thank you mintu…

  5. Affaa

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    Ya ALLAH I spoke a lot right Mai bhi nah… OK OK I’m leaving… By the way epi ur rocked like rock star.. Don’t need to post asap… Bcoz I know u’ll not make us upset….
    Lots of love
    Ur big fun Affa?

    1. Astra

      thank u..thank u.. thanku thank u a lottttttt afffa…dear. but, i can’t say..i may end this with 10 episodes. but i will try to extend yar. thanks a lot again…

    1. Astra

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  7. Rasha

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      u read my mind dear.. hahaha… u know about me very well…hehe.. let’s see what happens.

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  11. Darshini

    Asthu..shock again..
    You’re not failing to shock with your writings…ha ha??
    Thnks for the update dear…it’s really outstanding and the raglak mmnts were so cute…lovd it dear…
    Is it a dream dear??
    Watevr but am really eagerly waiting for your nxt update…post soon na…
    Love u loads sissy??

    1. Astra

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      1. Aasthu

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  13. IQRA222

    awesome waiting for the next episode

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      thank you dear..

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  15. I’m thinking you put wrong name for this ff.It’s not ready to break ; Its READY FOR SHOCK. It’s he crct name for this ff
    Always I get a mini heart attack after reading end of every part….
    Awesome part

    1. Astra

      hahha…thanks a lot abi…

  16. Dharani

    shocks queen u know because of ur shocks i may get some day heart attack yaar i am very young to get heart attack please show some mercy on me

    1. Astra

      hehe… I’m just giving mini heart attack..! that’s very bad.. i have to try for major… haha.. *psyco me* hehe.. thanks dear..

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    he knows the worse reaction of his this disastrous action.
    but i loved todays update, they are actually learnt how to be civil with each other. i think i liked laksh more today.
    updat soon

    1. Astra

      sapna or sach… just wait and see…and s.. u r right. laksh is not that dare enough to do same adventure again… hehe..thaks dear…

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      thank you so much fats..

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    fab and loved it as always,,,I have a feeling they will be caught and cant wait to see what happens after they break apart xx

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      thank you..hmm..lets see..


    1. Astra

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