RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 21- epilogue

Ready to breakup epilogue.

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Friends, as you wished I’m presenting epilogue for this ff… enjoy…

Here starts,

Best wife and husband competition,
Raglak are sitting in one row.

‘say something about your wife’ the question of judge.

Laksh: my wife is very sweet. But, if she gets angry, no one will be more demon like her.
Ragini furious: excuse me, what do you mean by that..?
Laksh: just what I said…

Ragini throws mike at Laksh, he moves and it falls on judge. Raglak shocks. laksh holds Ragini’s hand and runs away from there.
They both go to car, and Laksh is laughing. ‘Adarsh bhayya has sent us to wrong competition.’ Laksh is laughing. Ragini pushes Laksh, ‘I’m I demon?”
Laksh holds Ragini and pins her to car. Laksh looking at her eyes, ‘of course you are..!’ he bends to kiss her, Ragini pushes him back and sits in car. Laksh smiles and sits in driving seat.

Ragini was not looking at him.
Laksh: it was for fun Ragini. I’m about to tell something which you like, you out busted b4 I say that.

Ragini: what were you about to tell…
Laksh leans to her. she was looking at him. Laksh was caressing her cheeks.
‘she might be demon from out, but she has a soft heart. That much soft, which I can’t handle. I love her without any reason. But, there is a reason to love her… it’s her sweet heart..’

Ragini feels overwhelmed: laksh…
Laksh: I love you Ragini….

Laksh moves forward to her, Ragini places her hands on his back. Laskh makes a deep passionate kiss, they are disturbed by the other horn sounds.

“their fights and love continues..”

And again once,

In their dream room like palace, those both love birds are sleeping beside each other.
Ragini was laying her head on his chest and his one hand has encircled her and other hand is on her cheek. His head was resting on her head. Laksh opens his eyes as he feels Ragini was dreaming something. “Laksh, I’m sorry. Very sorry.” Laskh smiles as she was dreaming. Laskh caresses her head. Ragni opens her eyes as she is feeling some soothing sensation on her head. Laksh was looking at her lovingly. Ragni bends her eyes in shy and “are you not sleeping?” she asks hiding her face more in his chest so that Laksh couldn’t see her blushing.
“Ragini, you need not feel that much sorry for what happened yesterday..!” says Lak. Ragu suddenly gets up from him.
“what..???? when did I say sorry..? it’s you who came near me yesterday, touched my feet, twisted my cheeks, held my chin and said sorry many times..!!” says Ragini in her tone.
“ya, may be that true. But, it’s true you are dreaming telling me sorry.” Laksh says playing with her fingers.
“you are so proud. That’s why you are telling lie.” Says Ragini and about to go. Laksh pulls her back and she falls on him, “where are you going..? it’s only 3’o clock still.” Lak says and rag looks at time.
Here, Laksh was kissing her neck and shoulders. “Laksh..” Ragini says him name to say something. But, lak covers then both in bed sheet.

So, actually what happened before night..???

Laksh happened to come to home late after the office work. Ok, Ragini was not angry that he came late as these things are common. But, she was angry because…
Laksh has shouted on her.
He comes into room and finds Ragini sleeping on bed. He know, that she might be crying. Lak comes near her, “sorry ragini..”
She turns to other side. ‘I said sorry naa, my baby..’ laksh keeps his head on her shoulder. Rag sits, ‘I will go to my home, I will never come here again. Even, my parents never shouted on me.’ She says and about to get off. Lak holds her waist and makes her sit. ‘I’m sorry my beauty devil. Sorry plz…’ he says and touches her feet. He was moving his fingers at the bottom of her feet and it creates tingling sensation for her. but, she controls her laugh. Then Laksh holds her cheeks and chin. ‘sorry dear..’ Ragini melts and she hugs Laksh. Laksh takes relief. Then Ragu looks at the slight cut on his finger. It was happened because of her. while she is cooking something in kitchen, Laksh happened to come and hug her from back suddenly and she reacted in sudden, that cut happens. Ragni takes that finger and kisses it softly. She really wanted to tell him sorry, but she feels somewhat hesitated. So, in dream she really spoke out.
Next morning,
Laksh happened to get ready very busily. And Ragini comes out of the wash room tiredly. She sits on bed.
Laksh: are you ok..?
Ragini nods her head, but she runs into wash room again. She vomits.
Ragini comes out of room holding her head groaning, ‘I’m going to faint’ laksh holds her and makes her sit. He was smiling as if he understood something.
“this is all because of you.” She shouts on him. Lak who was smiling widely, “ya, I know..” he kisses her forehead.

Ragini shouts again: I’m suffering here. You are happy for this?
Laksh making her lean to wall, ‘yes, I am..’
Rag: I ate something you cooked yesterday, that’s why I’m vomiting.
Laksh laughs.
Lak: ok, wait. I will call doctor.
Rag: no need of doctor. I will take rest. You go to office.
Ragini closes her eyes.

Later, Ap and doctor comes near Ragini with Laksh. She checks Ragini, ‘congrats..’ she is about to say something. Laksh stops her and takes her out. Ragini looks at them innocently. Ap kisses her forehead. Ragu somewhat understands and she touches her tummy and smiles.

After few days……………….

“Ragini… slowly..! walk slowly..!” Laksh is telling to Ragini.
Ragini was walking here and there.

“Laksh, don’t be that much careful. It’s just 3rd month.”
Ragini says holding her tummy.

Then she stops before the mirror and looks at herself. She places her hands around her stomach.
“Laksh, what do you think..? it’s a boy or a girl..?”

She just listens to Laksh’s voice.. ‘umm’
Ragini continues telling, “If it’s boy, we shall name with letter starting with ‘R’ andif it’s girl with letter, ‘L’ don’t you ask why..?”

Then Laksh again murmurs, “umm”
Ragini: simply like that…

She laughs and looks at Laksh and shocked to see, he is actually sleeping. Ragini gets angry and throws a pillow on him. Laksh wakes up with a jerk.

Laksh: Ragini, Is everything fine..?
Ragini: I’m saying something..! and you are sleeping..?
Laksh: I didn’t sleep, just dozed off…!
Ragini: aahh..!!

She goes out in anger.
“Ragini, don’t go that fast..!” Laksh comes out with her. he stops her. he lifts her in arms.

Ragini: I don’t want your concern. You are worried about your child, not for me..!

Laksh: ya, that’s truth.
Ragini pinches him, Laksh shouts in pain.

Laksh brings her into room. He makes her stand before mirror. Ragini is looking him throught the mirrior. Laksh places his hands sensually on her tummy. Ragini feels shy and she leans to him.
He moves his hands slowly on her tummy. She closes her eyes in smile. Laskh smiles looking at her.

Laksh slowly whispers in her ears, ‘so tell me, why L if girl, why R if boy?’
Ragni smiles: I don’t know. I just felt like that.
Laksh makes her turn to him and kisses her forehead,
‘as you wish my dear’
Ragini hugs him.

Ragini actually, there is a reason Laksh…
Laksh: what is it..?

Ragini: my daughter has to be like you who loves others a lot. And my son has to be a clever student like me. My daughter shouldn’t be like me aggressive and arrogant. That’s why, your letter for her.

Laksh cups Ragini’s face, ‘who said you are aggressive, and arrogant? You are really sweet heart…!’

Ragini removing his hands and she keeps her hands on his shoulders,
‘I know I’m sweet. But, you will shock why I don’t want my son to be like you…’

Laksh: why…?? (amazing)

Ragini: my son shouldn’t be a man who forces his wife on first night…
Laksh shocks: Ragini..????

Ragini laughs: just joking..!!!
Laksh turning other side, ‘ya, I know. I’m bad…’ he pouts.
Ragini comes in front of him,
‘Laksh, I really said it for fun… I’m sorry…’
Laksh: sorry..?? I don’t want sorry…
He holds her face….

……ok ok, cut the scene……….

After 6 months,

The two babies are beside Ragini.

Ap: twins..!
Ap holds both of them.

Laksh was caressing Ragini’s forehead. He was looking at her.

Ap: what shall we name them..? both are girls..!!

Laksh: mom, name them something which starts with, ‘L” but never with ‘R’. because, my daughters shouldn’t be devilish like my wife…!!

Ragini then bites Laksh’s hand tightly. ‘aaaa…’ Laksh shouts.

Screen freezes on smiling faces of babies..

Tin tin tin tin……!

This is the end.

Guys, I wrote this epilogue, only for you all. Tell me how you felt…. And give me whole review on whole ff… bye.. tata…

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  1. Kitkat

    thanks for this awesome epilogue astra….. I loved it…… I was egarly waiting for it…… n love u too sweetheart….

  2. Awwwww ????cuttiipie update dear ….. hahahah laksh and ragini will never change .

  3. Sindhura

    It’s totally awesome

  4. Dharani

    awesome laksh’s loving nature and ragini’s arrogant nature made them made for each other

  5. Awesome

  6. Shilpa-Saraj

    Amazing amazing amazing..

  7. Amazingggggg

  8. AimRagLak

    Awwwww shhooo cuteeeee ???????

  9. Mintu

    Awesome sis…!!! Omg.. Its finished..!!! ?Raglak r cute.. Loved their moments..!!! Wow..twins!!! Ragu reason to name the letter is superb..!!! Final scene laksh said the reason is funny and ragu action is amazing…!!!! Angry birds turns into love birds..I gonna miss them..!!! Bye dear.. Take care

  10. Awesome

  11. Asra

    fabulous epilogue astu dear….best wife and best husband competition superbbb dear….reason for their children name…..awesome dear….whatever happen their fighting vll not stop…but it’s only make them best…..tkcr dear…

  12. Amazing dear

  13. I loved this ff so much. I feel like I want more. Why did u end this…
    plz write another ff

  14. Venky

    superb come with another ff yaar

  15. Darshini

    Awesome awesome awesome ?? lovd it a lot…their cute fights still continuing uh omg…wow…laksh is now a well trained hubby…tactful guy in handling Ragu…hehe!!
    Whole review ok…i will tell wat and all liked abt them in this ff…strtng wid d bang…laksh’s lie taking ragini’s side in hospital…laksh hlpng Ragu in her mobile app practical…laksh’s care love…raglak first kiss…that indirect phne convo…laksh taking care of Ragu whn she got ill…pickle…roller coaster…raglak visit to sujatha house.their tom n jerry fight…goons misbehaving with Ragu…laksh fight..ragini’s misunderstanding abt laksh…laksh’s anger…maheshwari’s plan of kidnapping…their kiss…
    Ragini saying him as her friend…laksh’s angry man avatar..Ragu’s realisation of her love..her proposal…his deny and hurting her further…ragini’s anger again…laksh’s understanding and pleading…ragini’s topper waala avtar…ap’s plan abt Swiss…their trip…ragini’s fear whn she felt lost in airport…their closeness(licking waala..shame shame)…new girl in between (actually not)..ragini’s possessiveness..laksh’s genuineness..adarsh’s prank…their return..their love stry…their journey…their cutie fights…i love everything about them…thnks for the wonderful stry…luv u sissy??
    And missing this ff nd tq for the epilogue dear…

  16. As I said before IT’S A READY TO SHOCK ff
    Full of shocks;unexpected twists ; etc etc
    If I think so precap for one episode ; next episode will be opposite to my imagination
    It’s an awesome ff
    I felt bad for laksh because whatever he do
    It will come against him
    I got angry on you for ending this ff . Now no more anger..you are writing New ffs na

    I had read all your ff but didn’t commented because of my exams.Sorry please sorry….After reading this epilogue I thought to comment because it’s last episode na
    Bye bye

  17. Amore

    chappy dekh k samajh nai aa raha k rou ki hasu… hasna isliye k chappy funny tha n rona iss liye k.
    aaaahhuuu! *crocodile tears* *sobbing* aaaahhuuuu!!… epilogue de dia reyyyyy… *hiccups* batao… *wiping nose* bat… *hiccup* batao naa…

  18. Thanks dear for not giving any shock in this episode and I really miss this ff. It’s also a shock. Raglak scenes are simply cute. Awesome epilogue.

  19. Done with this ff .it’s too good .every episode u ended with twists and dhamaka .there fights are too funny and a bit real too .good and nice.

  20. IQRA222

    awesome epilogue di
    loved it really they are fighting now also and that too in a funny way
    and di the review on the whole ff is that its a wonderful funny cute and shocking and twist giving ff

  21. Rasha

    as like entire story how come this will be less for our entertainment.. extraordinary

  22. Akshata

    what an epilogue, beyond awesome. i love this devilish ragini, every girl should be like her, we need to held our head up. i am with ragini, believes in feminism. but again dont cross you limits and hurt anyone without their fault.
    Ragini I don’t want my son to be like you, my son shouldn’t be a man who forces his wife on first night hahahahaha rolf, i love these lines. damn hilarious but very meaningful if we thought it as girls prospective.
    this an epic story which we raglak fans always missed in the future. so astra your this epic story is ready to breakup with us.
    jokes a part but surely i will miss this amazing story of our very own raglak.

  23. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet epilogue dear…


  25. superb

  26. A.xx

    Fab and will miss this xx

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