RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 20

Ready to breakup 20
(Last episode)

My friends, I’m sorry for ending this ff with here. I have already extended it from 10th part till here. I think, if I drag more, it doesn’t look good. hope, you catch my point. I will replace this with other new one which you all may like. I have already started two new and my land, mom’s kid are also in queue..

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So, let’s start.

The epi starts with Raglak shocked faces.

Adarsh: why no sound..?

Raglak shouts: Adarsh bhaiyya..!!

Adarsh’s ear drum will blast.

Laksh: why did you do like this..???

Adarsh: to make Ragini jealous. So, that she becomes close to you.

Laksh holds his head.

Laksh: not becoming close, here world war happened..!

Adarsh: what..? but why..? our one of the plan before was success..!

Ragini: before plan..?

Adarsh: yeah, goons who came and threatened you to kidnap uttara are Pari and Mansi.

Raglak shock again.

Laksh: bhaiyya, why these games.

Adarsh: whatever we do, to stop you from breakup. We wish you both should patch up..!

Raglak smiles.

Adarsh: hope, everything is going well..?

Laksh: yes, almost well. But, that girl in phone idea was…!!
Ragini: horrible..!!

Adarsh acts: hello.. hello.. I can’t hear..
He cuts the call.

Ragini and Laksh laughs there.

Laksh pulls her upon him getting busy in their own work again.

After 4 months.

Ragini has completed her final exams and project. She stood university topper as she wished.
“This is not my lone success. There is my family behind this. once, I said girls should marry only after getting job, but in my case, it’s my husband who is at back of my success. This credit is for him, mr. laksh maheswari.”

All claps their hands and Laksh was clapping his hands in a smile. She gets off from stage and takes blessings of Ap, Dp, and later she hugs Laksh.

Raglak are going to home in separate car. Ragini’s head is resting on Laksh’s shoulder.

Laksh: are you happy now..?
Ragini: I would have been happy even I didn’t get this Laksh. I got you, that’s a great gift for me.

Laksh turns his head a little and kisses her head.

Ragini: see the road first.

Laksh: I know..!

Ragini gets up from his shoulder.

Ragini: see, I don’t like this arrogance..!

Laksh: and, you need not tell me everything as a kid.

Ragini: oh, really..? I won’t tell you anything again..!!
She folds her hands at her stomach and sits in anger mode.

Laksh: troublesome girl..!

Ragini: who is troublesome..? it’s you..!

Laksh: did I say that’s you..? did I say, Ragini..the troublesome girl..?

Ragini: you need not say, I can understand everything..!

Laksh: bla.. bla… bla….

Ragini: double bla… bla…bla to you..!!!

Continuing their nok jhok, they reach home. Ragini goes into house with anger.
Adarsh and pari looks at her.

Adarsh: again, something happened..!
Pari: hmm, this is common.

Laksh goes into the room, Ragini was struggling to remove a necklace which is struck in her hairs. Laksh goes to her and frees her hairs from chain and removes the necklace, Ragini keeps looking at him through mirror. Then Laksh raises his eyes and makes an eye lock. He moves his index finger on curve of her neck, Ragini smiles and falls on him with closed eyes. He places his one hand on her stomach and the other hand was holding her hand. He was gently kissing on her neck.

Just then Adash and pari happens to come, they see this scene and turns other way.

Adarsh: now, they became together.
Pari: this is also common..!

Adarsh: hey hello, mom is calling for dinner. Come soon after your work.

Raglak trembles and sets themselves.

At dinning,

Raglak are sitting beside each other. Laksh tastes one curry.

Laksh: who made this tomato curry..?

Ap: it’s Ragini..

Laksh: that’s why, it is very awkward.

Ragini: oh, really..? then why all are eating..?

Laksh: maybe, they don’t have choice.

Ragini: hello mr laksh..

Laksh: yes mrs laksh..

Ragini: I’m Ragini..!

Ap, Dp keeps hand on their heads as they know very well that their dispute is quite common.

Later a while, in their room. Ragini was sleeping in upset. Laksh comes and holds her shoulder. He whispers in her ears.
“It was tasty curry rago..”

Ragini closes her face with pillow.

Laksh: I said for fun…
He removes the pillow.

Ragini looks at him.

Ragini: is it really tasty..?
Laksh: yes, it is..!
Ragini: then eat it tomorrow also. I kept in fridge.
Laksh: haaaa…??

Ragini smiles.

Laksh: you don’t have respect on husband.

Ragini: you don’t have respect on wife.

Laksh sleeps on couch. Ragini on bed.

Mid night,
Laksh opens his eyes realizing weight on his body. Ragini was sleeping over him completely.

Laksh smiles.

He rubs Ragini’s back. Ragini smiles and looks at him.

Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: hmm…
Laksh moves his fingers in her neck making her smile.
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: hmmmmm….

Laksh: you are much weight, can you move..?
Ragini gets angry with his statement. “ok..!” she says in anger and about to get up but, Laksh pulls her and locks her in his hands.

Ragini: leave me.
Laksh: you only get up.
Ragini: how can I get up if you…
Before she completes her words, her lips are locked by his lips. Ragini closes her eyes in a blush.

Then after a while taking a lil breath again they have their kiss. They have their sweet love…

Like this, Raglaks relation runs with few nok jhoks and romances. But, no misunderstandings again.. and, they are never ready to break up again.. but, it’s patch up time..!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Thank you all…



  1. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    In an any relation some fun is required so this fighting & patch up makes the relationship over strong.

  2. Harinipriya


    |Registered Member

    Woooooooow, ur ffs are superbbb .I have read all the episodes just now. They were amazing. U r a don in giving surprises and shocks. I will wait for ur ffs. Bye!

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….u end it….am sad….Ohhh adarsh what a planning sir….pari dialogue it’s also common na….loved it….i love their loving fighting…..tkcr dear…

  4. Soni

    Huh u ended this ff too….. I cannt believe it, this is d third ff that came to an end par koinai in place of these ffs u have other ffs in ur store hehe….. Coming to the epi it was amazing….. Stay blessed n healthy… .

  5. Mintu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome sis…!! It’s my most favorite ff forever…!! I’m became little bit sad..bcoz of the ending..!!! Bt no worries….u always giving surprise nd shock by ur ff..!!!! I remembering one thing… Always I visit tu…come nd check the breakup story at every day….!!! I really attached to this story..!!! I loved to the core…!!! If possible plss give epilogue dear..!!! Starting to end this ff is superb dear….raglak misunderstanding, laksh caring nd love, ragini feminist character, ragini blame his a cheater nd she realize her mistake, laksh avoid ragini, laksh feed ragini nd said its infatuation nd ragini anger, ragini love towards laksh, their tom nd jerry fight, finally their understanding…Its a wonderful journey dear…!!! This ff is close to my heart…!!! I’m going to miss it…!!!! Take care dear

  6. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    lolz, aadarsh, ” hey hello, mom is calling for dinner. Come soon after your work.”. hahahaha my Mr. n mrs. laksh got scared of aadarsh. what to say abt mr. laksh he teased her to the core but loved her too. i am so happy for mr. n mrs. laksh.
    did u notice i didnt use ragini’s name, only use mrs. laksh, its a miracle….. u know na, only you know it very well.

      • Amore


        |Registered Member

        start another humor based story fast… bht mazaa aata hai… u write awesome… pata hai jab v teri stories padhti hu bheje ka diwala nikal jaata hai..
        saayad isiliye i enjoy a lottt *thoughtful*

  7. abi

    Here after who will give me heart attacks
    Who will give me super shocks
    Will miss this ff sooooo much
    Its like a awesome ride with ups and down

  8. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    It was sweet…..Ragini’s lil speech and final scenes…..I’m happy that you ended it….plzz don’t get me wrong…if it is dragged it will loose its charm….

    • Astra



      thank you, yes, you r right. btw, why are you not commenting on samragni..? didn’t you like it.. I’m going to end it too in 4 more parts.

      • Aasthu


        |Registered Member

        I’m sorry…….I had exams till 28th…so I didn’t notice….yesterday when I was about to read it, internet connection went off….I’ll read it today…..I will never stop loving that ff….I like it very much…..

        Astra can you clear my confusion??? Its about the serial…..Laksh never loved Ragini right??? He was just playing with her feelings….then why did try very hard after he divorced Kavya to get Ragini back in his life???? How come he suddenly sprout such affections?????

        Your update ‘Feelings……’ was nice…it was emotional….I read it yesterday but couldn’t comment as internet connection went off…..you made me cry….Sujatha’s and Swara’s treatment towards Ragini is really unfair…..naughty girl you didn’t give us a precap…..will raglak meet in the next chapter?????? plzzz make them meet….

    • Astra



      thank you so much dear. actually, after that laksh knows that kavya was cheating him.. so she plays a suicide drama. police arrests laksh. all the family was already in jail on kavya’s plan. so now ragini comes into jail taking place of sanskar and sanky comes out to find out truth.so at this point of time lak falls in love with rag, even though he betrayed her still she was helping his family. then later when kavya tried to stab him, ragini saves him.she gets stabbed.here he falls for her completly. that’s what happens…

      • Aasthu


        |Registered Member

        okkkay…..thanks Astraaaaaaaaaaaa………when will you update Feeings….. ??? that’s my current favourite….

  9. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Ya Allah ur saying goodbye…. This was late episode was NY favorite ff… It’s really hurting… That means our journey is got end…. This journey was most memorable and beautiful… I never going to forget such a beautiful story….ur my inspiration ND I’m ur fan…. Really yaar will miss you…. Ya I know ur a great writer… Great writer’s vest ff was this… Ya I’ll try to read ur coming ff…. U can’t promise I’ll love the same way did this ff…. May I love that ff more than I love this ff….. Episode was fab… No need to say u know nah… I’ll miss you… Ready to break ff the writer Astra…. Each and everything. All the very best… May coming ff may be the best ff in tu…

    Astuuuu I want ask u something…. U write many stories in that which is ur favorite… Please do tell me… I want to know…take care… I don’t know ull miss me or not… Definitely I’m going to miss u

    • Astra



      thank you so much dear… and i miss u too… i love all the stories which i write dear. and, yes.this was a good journey till now. bye dear

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