RagLak- Ready to breakup-episode 2

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Recap:: Ragini bangs her husband head during her first night, as she was forced by him.


Ragini was shocked to see her husband lying down in pool of blood. She was dumb struck. It was happened because of her. Literally, she has attempted a murder. What if he will die..?

Her thoughts are disturbed by the door sounds. “What is that noise? What happened?” Someone at door are shouting. Ragini gets tears in eyes. Her hands and legs start trembling. She opens the door in hurry. Laksh’s parents are shocked to see Ragini in tears and Laksh was lying on floor. They run to him.

“Kya huva Ragini? What did you do..??” Shouts Ap. “Hum..hum ne kuch bhi nahi kiya maa..” Ragini was crying. Soon with help of servants Laksh is taken to hospital. Ragini was crying out of operation theater closed her face among her palms. Ap was still taunting her, “It was you who alone with him. Tell what happened? Is it you who attacked him?”

But only Ragini’s sobbing sounds came as answer. Then only, Shekar and Sumi (Ragini’s parents) come there. Ragini hugs Sumi. Ap was crying looking at Laksh from the glass window. Sumi takes Ragini aside.

Sumi:: what happened ladoo?

Ragini:: maa, I didn’t do it intentionally..!

Sumi shocks:: means, you banged his head..! Your husband’s head..! Why..?

Ragini:: he tried to force me into relation, when I protested he became wild. I have to bang his head to save myself.

Sumi:: but Ragini, see now. His life is in danger..!

Ragini looks at Sumi in hollow.

“Maa, a man’s life is more concerned than a woman’s respect? When he is danger see, everyone is worried about him. If I say them all..I’m victim of my own husband..they will say, ‘let it be. He is your husband..!!’ Just he got a right ‘being husband’ I’m I his slave?”

Sumi looks on.

“I have my own feelings. I have my own respect. I want the person who respects me. I didn’t say I don’t want him. I asked him time..!! Can’t he adjust just for that..? He has to force me for what he want..? Can he kill my soul like this..!!!”

Ragini cries again closing her face in her palms. Sumi doesn’t understand what to say, she was right in her Pov.

“I didn’t wanted to kill him. I just wanted to scare him. What I now, his head would be that soft..??”
Ragini wipes her tears. Sumi remains calm.

“Patient has opened his eyes.” Doctor informs, Ap, Dp goes inside. Ragini just stands at door. Laksh didn’t see her.

Ap in tears:: laksh…

Laksh:: maa, hum teek hei.

Ap: how did this happen..??

Ragini scares that Laksh would say the truth. She is finished.

Laksh:: I fell down and the glass bottle fell on my head.

Ragini amazes.

Adarsh(his brother): how did glass bottle fell on your head..?

Laksh: my leg hit to table accidentally, then i fell down, the table trembled, with that the glass bottle fell down, and I was there. It fell on my head… all that happened in fraction of seconds.

Adarsh: unbelievable theory..!!

Laksh:: don’t believe…go to kindergarten..!

Ap in tears:: laksh….can’t you be careful, we were scared a lot. I thought Ragini..

Laksh:: no maa, she is innocent.

Ragini bends her head and sheds tears.

Adarsh:: all go out, I have to talk with him personally…!!

Ap, Dp goes out. Ap looks at Ragini silently but didn’t talk with her anything. Ragini stands there only in guilt.

Adarsh:: now tell me..

Laksh:: I said already…

Adarsh glares at him.

Laksh:: ok…fine..!!

Laksh narrates whole story.

Adarsh:: foolish boy. Why did you do with her like that?

Laksh:: I thought, she is just feeling shy. Maybe, she is feeling nervous. If I move first, I thought she too overcomes her fear. I thought, she was just saying it for fun. There is a saying know… “Women words will have different meanings..”

Adarsh:: it’s not applicable always. See, your head has banged..!!
He touches his head, Laksh shouts in pain.

Laksh:: I want to talk with her..!!

Adarsh:: this big bang is not enough for now..? Do you want another coating..?

Laksh:: bhayya, just call her..! I want to talk with her..! ALONE..!!

Adarsh getting up:: God…Save this kid..!

Adarsh goes out and calls Ragini. She comes in. Laksh doesn’t even look at her. He was looking at other way. Ragini sits on a stool beside his bed.

Ragini:: I’m sorry. I never said sorry to any boy till now. Hope you understand, how much guilt am I feeling….

Laksh:: actually, I’m sorry Ragini. I thought you were just feeling shy to go ahead. I never thought you hate me this much.

Ragini:: no..! It’s not like I hate you, I was just concerned about myself.

Laksh remains calm.

Ragini:: actually, this was a forced marriage for me. It was because of my dadi. She emotionally blackmailed me. Hope you understand.

Laksh:: so, you don’t like this marriage…?

Ragini looks on…

Laksh:: why to proceed in this relation if you don’t like..? Let’s take divorce..!!

Ragini is shocked.

To be continued……..

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