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Ready to breakup 19

“hatchu…!” hatchu..!”
Laksh is sneezing.

Ragini who was heating water,

“I said, not to play in the snow. See, now. you caught cold”

Laksh was seeing photos in ipad. They both were playing in snow. Ragini was in her princess dress.

Laksh: but see, we got lots of memories.

He sneezes again. ‘maa..’ he says and leans to bed wall weakly.

Ragini comes near him and he places head on her lap. Ragini was rubbing his head. She was wiping the liquid from his nose with her scarf. (which is her favorite scarf)

Laksh: why are you spoiling your scarf..? I have kerchiefs.

Ragini: let it be..
She has few tears.

Laksh: hey, I will be fine…

Ragini was rubbing his head on her lap. She was brushing his hair with love. Both have long eye lock.

Then Ragini hears water boiling sound. She goes near stove. She gets the hot water vessel near table.

Laksh: hey be careful.

Ragini: come here.

Laksh goes.

Ragini: you need to get some steam.
She puts zandu balm in that water.

Laksh: oh no..! it will be too hot..!!

Ragini: you have to breath it..!!
She says and puts a bed sheet on him and makes him bend near vessel. She coves without air escaping.

Ragini: laksh, breath in.. breath out.. and with nose and mouth too…

He gets up.. he was all in sweat.

Laksh: I can’t….

Ragini: bend laksh… just 5 more minutes..!

She makes laksh bend again gently, so that that hot vessel don’t touch him.

He breaths that steam air. Then he got up and sat back in chair with thud. Ragini wipes his all sweat. Laksh looks at her lovingly.

Laksh: I love you Ragini…

Ragini kisses his forehead. She is about to go away, he holds her hand.

Laksh: you too say…
Ragini: but, you know it already.

Laksh leaves a sigh. And goes to bed. Then Ragini brings him milk.

Laksh: aww.. so sweet wife..!
He takes a sip and makes his eyes big.

Laksh: this is hot and spicy…!

Ragini: yes, I have added black pepper.

Laksh: pepper..?? are you crazy..?

Ragini: what crazy..? this is remedy for cold..!

Laksh: no..! I don’t drink..!

Ragini then glares at him. Laksh takes a gulp and drinks all.
“aww.. it’s spicy. My throat..!!” he leans to bed again.

Ragini then kisses his cheek. “you are a good boy..!”
She puts glass aside.

Ragini then rubs his chest with her hands.

Laksh gets goose bumps, “ Ragini, what are you doing..?”

But she simply rubs his neck and his nape. Laksh keeps moving to move. Ragini beats on his shoulder.

Ragini: I’m applying zandu bam.. don’t move..!

Laksh: oh my..!! it’s hot…. I wanna take bath. Ragini, why are you torturing me,

Ragini cups his face.

Ragini: laksh, if I do all these things, you will feel free from cold. Then, you can be free. So, listen to me. I know what to do for you. Plz, bear for a while.

Laksh was just looking at her.

Ragini: ok..?

Laksh nods his head as little boy. Ragini smiles and rubs her nose with his nose. She makes him sleep and covers him in blanket. He was holding her hand.

Ragini sleeps beside him placing her head over the blanket which covered him. Her head is over is chest.

Laksh: be far Ragini… you will catch cold too..
Ragini: I’m not weak like you. I’m very strong.

She closes her eyes and she places her hands around him. Laksh smiles and he too sleeps.

Next morning,
Their beautiful sleep is disturbed by the annoying phone call.

Ragini opens her eyes and looks at Laksh. He was moving his eye balls within eyes due to disturbance of phone call. Ragini presses a button and makes phone silent. Then Laksh again closes his eyes peacefully.

Ragini places her head again on his chest.

“Laksh, I scolded my dadi for getting me married. But, if she didn’t force me, I would have missed you. I have banged your head on that day, but I was really scared. If something have happened to you..??”
She hides her face in his chest in tears.

Laksh places his hand on her,
“Nothing will happen. This stubborn boy never leaves this stubborn girl..!”

Ragini looks at him. He was looking at her.

Ragini: laksh.. are you not sleeping..?
Laksh: I woke just now..

Ragini: you got some call…
She is about to get off but, Laksh pulls her and she falls on him. He locks her in his hands.

Laksh: say it now..

Ragini: what..?

Laksh: I love you…

Ragini: if I won’t say..

Laksh: then, I won’t leave you..!

Ragini: ok, I will not say..!

She says and hugs him.

Laksh: Ragini… (he says sadly)

Ragini giggles: I love you Laksh..!

Laksh feels happy. Ragini moves up and kisses his forehead. Laksh keeps looking at her and drags blanket upon them.

After a while Ragini removes blanket and sits, who was panting. Laksh sits beside her and rubs his nose on her soft cheeks. She closes her eyes.

Again the phone rings.

Laksh: I want to break this phone..!

Ragini: cool Laksh, maybe it’s urgent call from India..!

Ragini takes phone into her hands and shocks to see the same number from that strange girl.

Laksh too looks at number and takes a sigh.
“Believe me Ragini, I don’t know who is she.”

Ragini: laksh, I trust you.
He looks at her.

Ragini: relation doesn’t mean only to have love, also having trust. You can never cheat me.

He keeps looking at her.

Ragini: I will handle this stalker girl.
Laksh smiles and keeps looking at her.

Ragini lifts the phone: hey..! who are you..?

Other side in female voice: I’m your husband’s brother and my wife’s husband.

Ragini: haa..?

Other side in male voice: Ragini, I’m Adarsh bhaiyya..!

Ragini shocks: Adarsh bhaiyya..???

Laksh too shocks..!

To be continued…

^ you guys too shocked..?? why Adarsh has called like that..? if you want to know, you have to wait till next part. And, next part is the final episode.^

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      U will know, tommorow. Yup. I will give more in next part.

  11. IQRA222

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    Raglak scenes are awesome

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