Raglak: rage and love (part 2)

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Ragini and laksh go to an abandoned place. They have no one in close proximity.
Laksh: now say what problems do you have with me?

Ragini: not you specifically but this political people are just not tolerable for me.
Laksh: there must be a reason i want that else you know what i can do
Ragini remembers what happened at hospital and starts sweating: fine fine i will tell. I have a friend swara. She was a very strong and confident girl always fighting for the right. One day she had gone for a party. There a guy came and offered her to buy a drink to which she refused . The guy’s so called MALE EGO was hurt and he decided to take revenge on her. He spiked her drink and after she was no more in her senses he took her to a room. There he attacked on her like an animal to which she tried to avoid but in that condition she wasn’t able to. She was completely broken.
When she returned she narrated the entire incident to me and i was in utter shock on how a man can be so digusting. Then i took her to police station and we filed an fir against that guy but as the great law says justice is served to those who can buy it. The same happened in this case. He was the son of a great politican and he is none other than that chauhan.
After hearing chauhan laksh was in shock. He couldn’t believe that his mentor, his father figure could do this to a girl.

Ragini continued: and if this wasnt enough he himself came to our house and tried to molest me and swara. All i could do was manage to lock him inside a room and tied him in ropes. But the nect moment i saw swara hanging on the rope .. Yes she committed suicide..
By this time she was ceying bitterly
You see that is the reason why he got panicked after seeing me in that rally. That is the entire truth mr. Lakshh!! Ragini had tears in her eyes. I know you won’t believe me as that chauhan has built such an image of himself in the public but… Before she could say any further laksh hugged her and this time a tight one as if telling her that he would never leave her.

Ragini too reciprocated as she felt protection. Then they both released each other
Laksh: that bas**** chauhan i will see him. How can he trade with a girls respect!? But he suddenly stopped and said: ohh shit i cant do that!! He will destroy me.
Ragini almost broke down but she worh a very heavy heart said: no need laksh i can do it myself.
She turned and was about to go when laksh held her hand: ragini wait
Then their conversation is muted.
Ragini finally leaves and laksh to goes back to his office.
There he sees chauhan coming with his daughter kavya.

Chauhan: hello my child. Here take you to be wife with you for a dinner. She wanted to be with you for sometime.
Laksh wasn’t listening to him as he was busy thinking anout what ragini had told him. He was fuming with anger.
Kavya: hii baby!! I heard you finally agreed for marriage! Great finally you realise my importance!
Laksh: yes i had to.

Laksh and kavya leave for dinner. There is a romantic setup yes kavya has preplanned it.
Laksh: isn’t this too cheesy for a dinner?
Kavya: you better not question my choice as it wont be good for you.
Laksh kept mum as he knew the bossy and obsessive nature of kavya.
They went and sat when laksh suddenly saw ragini standing at the door and asking for an excuse from kavya ran towards the door but to his shock she wasnt there. Yes it was all his imagination.. He was wondering about how can he see her when she wasnt even there.
He comes back and sits.
Kavya: i think you are thinking about something very important to you isnt it she says with doubtful smile.
Laksh: ni nothing like that. And their dinner goes on like that with least botheredness of laksh.

On the other hand ragini was resting in her room and thinking about laksh, a smile came on her lips but then she remembered what he said and tears come out of her eyes. She wipes them and thinks why am i thinking about him . He is a nobody to me. I am happy with my current life and i need no one in it. Especially not a politician..
She suddenly hears a bell on the door and runs to see who it is and is shocked to find laksh waiting outside drenched in water( yes laksh knows her address as he had left her after their conversation)
Ragini: what are you doing here at this time? And look at yourself you catch cold. Come inside saying this she drags him in.
Laksh starts sneezing. Ragini comes with a towel: here take this and tell why are you here?
Laksh: arre my tyre got punctured nearby and it was raining heavily and no signs of finding any mechanic so i came here cant you help a person in need?

Ragini : but i thought that politicians were not humans. And starts laughing
Watching her laksh was lost in her smile and eyes.
He spoke out loud: how can someone be so beautiful to which ragini blushed..
Ragini: what did you say?
Laksh starts coming close to her: i said how can someone be so beautiful so perfect.. So hot??
By now ragini is clearly blushing and starts moving back. Then suddenly she is stopped and sees awall behind her. Laksh pins her to the wall and comes close to her. She closes her eyes and starts shivering.

Laksh takes a step back watching her fearing.
Ragini stops him leans over him and kisses him on his lips very softly. Laksh widens his eyes in shock but then hold her waist and drags her closer and kisses her even more passionately.
Then they release and ragini runs away shying. Laksh too is blushing and itches his head and leaves from there.
He reaches his home and messages ragini: well you are too good at serving sweets. Ragini blushes reading his text and texts back: well if the customer is so well at receiving it then i have to be good. Saying this both of them lie on their beds and say: i love him/ her.

Precap: climax

just one more part to go guys . Hope you find the story going strong

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