Raglak: rage and love (part 1)


Hello guys!! Ananya. I am back with yet another OS.. Hooe you guys like it. Please do comment.

A handsome man wearing a nehru jacket is shown. A girl enters and says: sir are you ready we have to leave for the rally.

Guy: yes lets go!
He gets inside a car in which an elderly man is already sitting: dekho laksh beta this time if you wish to win these elections you need our support. We need to form a coalition and you know the conditions for that?
Laksh: yes chauhan uncle I have already thought about it and my answer is a yes.
Chauhan: good that you realised . All the best for the rally.
He reaches that place. Thousands of people have gathered. He is the first ever aspiring CM of Maharashtra who is so young.
He starts speaking to the people when suddenly there is a hustle in the rally. A girl comes ahead and says: if you really want to be a helper solve the problems instead of lecturing people. Just speaking big doesnt make you big.
Laksh; ( highly impressed by her personality and courage and obviously her beauty) hello miss. May i know your name and your problem he says with utmost chivalry.
Girl: i am ragini gadodia. I am here to ask you to stop your drama . We are not puppets of you polticians who just know how to exploit us.
Laksh is about to say something when suddenly chauhan speaks: hey you girl you go from here.. If you dont like us then leave . Why are you here to spoil our rally? Just go saying this he orders his men to drag her out of the arena while she tries hard to release herself but in vain.

The next day laksh gets a call early morning: sir the girl that came yesterday’s rally is here outside your office. She is sitting on a strike( idk what is dharna called in english)
Laksh rushes to his office and sees that girl
Laksh goes to her and asks to whoch she says: i want my friend to be given justice for the wrong that has been done to her. And i want it right now .
Laksh: may i know what are you talking about?
Ragini: i dont want you to become CM of my state. People like you don’t deserve it. We want a man who is trye to his duties and not people like you. Laksh who was till now listening to her very patiently lost his temper and said: miss you are no one to judge me and my capabilities. If you wish you may not bote for me in the elections but you have no rights to tamper my image. Saying this he leaves from there angrily and goes inside his office. He starts fidgeting with the paper weight and thinks: how dare she? What does she think of herself? I will definitely have to do something to get her out of my way else she will cause problems for me. But laksh felt that why did she say that she doesn’t even know him. There might be some other reason for her rage and he must find that out. He was already too attracted to her personality and felt like supporting her

Then he heard voices coming from outside and rushed to see what had happened. He saw policemen lathi charging and spraying water hoses at people when he suddenly saw ragini in middle of all this with her clothes torn apart and blood oozing from her body. He ran as quickly as he could and hugged her too tight and started taking her pain on him. Then when everything came under control he made her wear his jacket and took her to the nearby hospital personally. He has absolutely no clue as to why he was doing all this for a stranger but all he knew was that he wanted her to be safe. When she came back to her senses after dressing she saw Laksh siting next to her. She said: what are you doing here? Even after I insulted you so much you saved me? Why??
Laksh: out of humanity if you could say so.. But i am not a nice human being as you said so i can say because i needed something from you.
Ragini: i knew it you people always have a purpose for doing something.. Say what you want now since you have saved my life i cant deny to your request.
Laksh: thats like a good girl. Now tell me what is the matter that you are so angry with me despite knowing the fact that we haven’t ever met before?
Ragini: you are no one to ask that.
Laksh: fine then .. He starts coming closer to her and she starts breathing heavily.. Finally she guves up and says i will tell you everything but first take me from here to some safe place where no one else is there.. And by no one i mean no one except for you and me.
Laksh: arent you getting a lil naughty there( in a teasing tone)
Ragini: dont try to flirt with me i am not your type. Just stay in your limits you ll get to know everything.
Laksh completes all hospital formalities and says to his assistant: i need to go somewhere i ll be back by evening. Dont call me as i will be busy.
Assistant: but sir your bodyguards? Its very unsafe gor uou to go without them.
Laksh: chill i aint going for a battle. I ol be fine and he leaves .

Please tell whether i should write the second part or no? Its a short story and has one or two more parts. Plzz do say thatnkyou.

Credit to: Ananya

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