Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 9)

Hello friends.. Am so much overwhelmed by your comments.. I never knew I had so many readers.. In fact I never thought that someone would even like my story. Iam a very bad writer.. I always used to score least in the language papers.. and when you people praised me for my writing I was laughing like anything.. Thankyuuu soo much..I hope that I won’t disappoint you guys.. Nd I will try to finish off this ff very soon..
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Laksh reached MM and rushed into his room.. He was pissed of.. He just threw away everything that he gets in his hand.. He created a mess in his room.. He is frustrated. How dare he?? How can he talk to me like that?? They are not even engaged and he is claiming rights on her… What does he think of himself??? Huh… He loves my Ragini.. What… My Ragini?????? Oh noo this is not good.. She is not mine.. She can never be mine. When she was mine.. When she loved me like anything I didn’t pay any heed.. I lost my rights on her.. She is happy with Arjun. why should I bother .. He sits on the floor holding his head.. He is crying ..
Swasan enters his room and shocked to see his state..
Meanwhile at temple there was awkwardness between Ragarjun.. Ragini was hiding her eyes from him.. She doesn’t want to talk about Laksh to him.. Whereas Arjun understands her feeling and decides let her like that. He doesn’t want her to be embarrassed… So they silently does the pooja and leaves to Baadi in his car.. They remained silent in the car also.. They reached Baadi.. Ragini was about to leav.
Arjun: Ragini, won’t you ask for a tea??
Ragini: oo sorry.. I forgot.. Come inside na..
Arjun: thanks Ragini.. But I was kidding.. I got one important meeting and I gotta go..
Ragini: Mmm.. Next time you should come in.kk .bye..
Arjun turns to leave but again turns to see a tensed Ragini standing..
Arjun: Ragini, you please don’t worry… I don’t know what happened there between you both.. I dont want to know also.. I just want you to stay happy. Just remember that whenever you are in any problem you can call me.. I will be there for you always.. Okkk
Ragini:Thanks Arjun for understanding me.. You made me feel light by saying this..
Arjun: Why thanks and all yaar… We are friends ryt.. M now leaving . before that I need to see your smiling face please.. He pouts..
Ragini smile at his cute antics and waves bye.
Screen shifts to MM
Sanskar rushes to Laksh and helps him to get up.. Laksh hugs sanskar tightly.. Though tears are not coming from his eyes his heart is crying out.. His heart need someone to take care of him.. Someone to hug him.. Someone to console.him. he is yearning for love.. He is feeling lonely..
Sanskar gets confused by his behaviour.. Swara also doesn’t have any idea..Sanskar releases him from his hug..
Sanskar: Lucky.. May I know what’s going on?? What happened??
Laksh: Nothing Bhai.. I was upset with some other stuffs.. Now iam okk.
Swara: Don’t lie to your Bhai laksh.. It is clearly visible that matter is something important not some random stuffs.. Share it na. You will feel better..
Laksh remaina silent. Sanskar gives him a assuring node and Laksh says to them whatever happened in temple.
Swara: What?? Why did you go to temple in first place????
Laksh bends his head: I don’t know Swara. When I heard the ragini is goin to temple with Arjun I just felt to follow them. After all he is a stranger.. How can we trust him so easily??
Sanskar: Lucky we have enquired about him.. Do you that we will take careless division regarding Raginis future ????
Laksh: I don’t know Bhai.. Iam not able to think anything.. I feel that something wrong..
Swara: Aren’t you happy that Ragini is getting married to a nice guy??/You yourself asked her to move on,ryt?? Why are you so insecure about it then???
Laksh:It’s true that I asked her to move on. But when I heard that she agreed for alliance, something strange isgoing on with me.. I feeling something important to me is going away from me..
Sanskar: Lucky calm down.. Don’t get weak.. You will be alright..
Swara i n shock: Laksh.. You are in love with Ragini…
Laksh :What??? I love Ragini???
Swara: Yess laksh. This is love. You never understood it. It was always Ragini for you.. She was your priority from the very beginning… You loved to loved by her Nd you didn’t realise it.. When you started to feel that Ragini doesn’t love you anymore that is upsetting you.. We thought that you will ask her hand for marriage when you went to meet her at Baadi.. But you asked her to move on.. Once again you broke her… With very much difficulty she accepted to move on. She is happy now.. Please let her be.. I beg you don’t make her cry anymore.. Stay away from them.. I can’t see her in pain anymore..
Swara leaves with Sanskar..
Laksh fall on his bed..
Do I really love Ragini.. Is this feeling called love.. I never felt like this for Swara.. So it’s true that I love Ragini.. I love you Ragini.. I love you.. I played with your emotions many times.. And i regret it.. Now i promise that I will never hurt you.. I want to give you as much love you have given to me till day.. I know you still feel for me.. You agreed for this marriage only for Daadi and babas sake. If on that day I had proposed you ,now you would have been with me.. How stupid iam that I asked you to move on and you idioot listened to me and agreed for marriage… I will not let this marriage to happen.. You are mine. Only mine.. Wait for me Mrs.Ragini Laksh Maheswari..
So this is it for today. How’s this ??/keel commenting my sweet reader.. Silent readers you tooo.
My parents doesn’t know that m writing ff.. They scolds me for staying in my room for a long time with my phone.. So it’s vry difficult to type without them noticing.. So I need to finish this ff soon.. It’s lt of pressure to write a ff yaar. It’s a huge responsibility.. If I haven’t had so many readers I would’ve stopped writing this by now.. You guys are my motivation..
Love you all. Have a great weekend…

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  1. oh whay wilp happen next

    1. Let wait and see.. Even I don’t know.. 🙂

  2. nice, don’t end this dear

    1. Thankyuuu.. 😉 this is actually a short story.. Not more than 20 parts . cz I don’t have much imagination.. 🙁

  3. Superb. Finally laksh realised that he is love with ragini. Just loved it

    1. Thank akriti.. 🙂

  4. Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Waiting for the next one………

    1. Thanks dear…

  5. Wonderful update

    1. Thanks ammy…

  6. Mrs. Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari…….I love this possessive streak of Lucky 😛
    I understand your problem. Go on, it is okay if you want to end. Par climax air Lakshya Ki confession dhaasu rakhna 😛

    1. Thank dear. Let me see.. May be 8-10 parts mre willl be there. Thank fr ur support..

  7. Same situation here in my house too….but try to continue dr…ur plot s awesome…

    1. Thank dear… I vl try my best. 🙂

  8. don’t you dare to say you are a bad writer! you are really good writer dear! you are doing a great job! writing a story is not easy! and the way you write, the way you describe their emotions and everything is just amazing so pls don’t say you are bad writer ok! i am saying once again i love your ff! its becoming really interesting and that dumbo laksh realised his love for ragini thats good! one advice dear tell your parents that you are writing a story and show them and tell them to read your ff and you will see they will love it and will encourage you to continue dear! they are you parents they always want your good! and if you don’t say the truth one day or other the truth will come so its better to say now! and its better that they know the truth by you than some other person! its just my advise dear! don’t take it badly! i hope you will take the right decision dear! love you! take care! bye sis

    1. Yes yar I too think it is better to at least tell them a word that you are writing some online story or something else….. Because if they find it out by themselves they might bad or angry…… Anyways it is upto you dear……

      1. Thankyuuu dear.. 🙂

    2. Thank yaar.. Actually i have told my dad once that n writing some sort f stories.. He didnt ask much.. I f my brothers get t know na they will pull my legs.. They dont like me watxhing daily soaps.. So if they get to know m writing story based on a serial they are gonna tease ne like nything.. Nly bcz f that m hiding it.. Anyway within weeks I will join for some job.. Now iam sitting idle at home..
      Yaar seriously I don’t have confidence to beleive that m a good writer.. Thank fr ur support..

    3. Anamica thanx dear.. Nd YU pls the reply below the next comment.. I typed it wrongly there.

      1. dear how old are you? and even my brother don’t like i watch serials but i don’t watch that much ! i watch sometime with my mom thats it!

      2. Yaar m 24.. :)not so young… M a CA final student… Waiting fr my result

      3. then if you don’t mind i will call you di! i am 15! and will be 16 on 16th june! and pls pray for me because my exams are going to start 23 june

      4. Oh dear of course call me Di… I vl turn 24 on July 17.. Advance bday wishes to YU dear. And study well.. I vl pray . 🙂

      5. happy birthday also in advance for you di! i wish you get all the happiness and i wish all your wishes come true! i wish you get all you want! i wish you will get success and get a wonderful family! all the best for your working life!

      6. Thankyuuu lil sis.. Where are YU from

      7. i live in france di and you?

      8. Born and brought up in France??
        M from gods own country.. Kerala.. 😉

      9. no di i was not born their! i was born in bangladesh! i live in france since 8 years

  9. amazing part plz post next part soon.

    1. Thanx ankita..

  10. Awesome. I’m in love with your ff. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. ThankyuiiiThankyuuu

  11. Awesome but plz make the pair as raglak plz dr

    1. Its raglak only dear…

  12. Superb epi yaar… pls continue…

    1. Thanx yaar…

  13. Ohh my had yarrr its simply awesome…. I can surely say that there are many many more people like me jumping in excitement while reading this episode ; thought they may be silent readers….. I’m very excited to know what is going to happen next….. And that laksh’s last sentence GET READY MRS.LAKSH MAHESWARI is awesome !!!!! I can understand how difficult it is to update without notice I’d parents…. But please find some alternative but plz plz I’m begging you don’t stop or end this ffs so soon…… Pleeeaaassseeeee

    1. In the beginning itself I have planned this as a short story with 17-20 parts. I don’t have much ideas yaar.. Let me see wat can i do

  14. Awesome… nd at last laksh realize his love for ragini… ooops ragini laksh maheshwari… nd don’t end it soon..

    1. Thank you so much dear..

  15. Awesome…….anyway who said dat u r a bad writer…..
    This is my one of favourite ff ….and plzz update next part soon

    1. Thanks dear… 🙂

  16. Nice 🙂

    1. Thankyiii

  17. Its very sweet ?? I loved it a lot Finally Laksh realised his feelings for Ragini can’t wait for the next parts ?? your a very good writer not a bad one

    1. Thankyuu so much Nisha… 😉

  18. Poor arjun..i want ragini with arjun yar..he is nice ..and he love her truelyyy.pls think about it

    1. Arrey yaar.. It’s named RagLak na… Let’s see what happens..

  19. Wow …laksh atlast realised his love for ragini…nw waitng for nxt update ..curious to know wt laksh is upto…love ragini…

    1. Thankyuuu.. Even I don’t know what laksh is upto.. :p

  20. Awesome chechi I’m sry i couldn’t comment in the last epi as I was busy… U r too gud in writing dr… Laksh realised his love 4 ragini i wish the real serial was lyk this.. It would hav been wonderful raglak love story wud hav become more interesting bcuz laksh had to suffer a lot to get her back in his lyf… But the thing is that I’m liking ragarjun scenes so much.. Arjun is so sweet n kind hearted I can’t see him heart broken… Plz chechi plz don’t end it.. U r a very talented n fabulous writer… I hope ur mom n dad doesn’t hav any problem with u writing this afterall u r a very brilliant n hardworking daughter… Hahaha… Were u at vimalalayam or a student of lakshya? If so I hav a frnd there.. I wud be 19 this yr n my frnd is at lakshya attending coaching classes for ipcc… N I’m frm vypin…

    1. Oh good… Thanks for ur comments dear… 🙂
      Mercy home was the name f my hostel.. Opp ashirbhavan.. Or besude st.antont school.. Actually m coming back to Kochi soon.
      I ddn study at Lakshya.. Sme if NY hostel mates were in Lakshya..

      1. Oh that’s great I thought you were at lakshya n had heard ur name frm my frnd… Anyways cme back soon

      2. Oh. Neethu is after all a common name.. 🙂 yes will b back soon..

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