Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 8)

Hello everyone.. Nitu her. Actually today I was too lazy to type and decided not to upload.. But later I felt bad so now posting it for my lovely readers. Sorry for late update. I guess this is a longer episode..I forgot to give precap also in the last part. So this episode ragini Arjun laksh confrontation..
Previous episode

Daadi asked Ragini and Arjun to got to temple for a special for them.. Ragini is getting ready to go.. She is wearing a red anarkali suit with side braided hair… Matching jhumkas.. She looked pretty. Arjun wanted to come to Baadi to pick ragini but ragini denied saying it will cause trouble to him since he will have to drive extra distance.. Though Arjun got disappointed he agreed to Ragini..
At MM Laksh overhears Swara talking to others that Ragini and Arjun is going to temple for some special pooja.. Laksh got restless listening to this.. Ragini alone with Arjun .. He is feeling weird.. He didn’t think much.. He took the keys of his car and rushed to temple..
At Temple

Ragini reached early.. Arjun has not yet reached. She is climbing stairs and her legs slipped.. She was about to fall .. Suddenly a strong pair of hands holds her by waist saving her from falling.. Ragini has closed her eyes in fear.. She could feel someone’s touch on her body.. She was feeling something.. She slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to see a familiar pair of eyes staring at her with intensity.. It was Laksh.. He was standing behind the pillars Waiting for Ragarjun..

Ragini least expected laksh to be here.. His dark eyes staring at her.. Her strong hand encircled on her waist.. Her hands on his chest.. Whatever be the situation his touch makes her weak.. She forgets everything.. Lost in eyes.. Laksh is mesmerised seeing Ragini.. He too is lost in her beauty.. Their eyelock continues.. A sudden jerk bring make them realise their posture. Laksh helped Ragin to stand straight.. There was some awkwardness between them.. Their romantic moments flashed through both of their minds.. Though laksh was pretending to love her what happened was real.. Ragini was feeling weird of this silence and she thought to break it..
Ragini: You here in temple??
Laksh fumbles.. : Don’t know why. I just felt to visit and I came.. And I met you here..
Ragini: So you came alone??

She was trying to sound normal because she doesn’t want Laksh to know that his presence still make a difference to her.. Whrease laksh is little taken back by Ragini’s casual attitude to him..
Laksh: Yes.. Just me.. Wt abt you?? Daadi maa??
Ragini: No.. A special pooja is kept for me and Arjun.. He is on his way..
Laksh felt bad listening Arjuns name from her mouth.
Laksh:oh so his name is Arjun.. How is he??
Ragini: He is a very nice person… He understands me.. Respects me and my decisions.. Iam glad that I met him.. He is a very good friend.. And a good friend can always be a good partner.. Ryt?? He doesn’t judge me on my pasts or looks..

Ragini didn’t know why she is talking like this.. She just wanted to make laksh know that she is happy .. She has moved on.. But truth is only known to her.
But it was the limit for Laksh.. He cant tolerate anymore.. Ragini praising some other guy infront of him.. He felt like someone sucking out his soul from his body.. But he didn’t show it ..
Laksh: Are you sure about this marriage Ragini?? It’s happening all of a sudden and..
Ragini: yes.. Iam.. This time I feel that everything is going on its right path.. I learnt that we shouldn’tgo after someone we love but we should be with someone who loves us .. And I believe Arjun is the right person..
Tears were welling up in her eyes. This words are not from her heart. But she need to do this to get rid of him.. His memories.. She can’t stay there anymore.. She can’t lie anymore..
Ragini; I need to go.. If forgot to buy something.. And she turns to go..

Laksh felt like his world has turned upside down.. He know he is the reason for everything.. Ragini who once loved him more than anything is now goin away from him.. He couldn’t bear it and helds her hands to stop her. . Ragini gets shocked. She turns to face him.. They are so close to each other.. They can feel each other’s hot breaths.. Their heart is beating fastly.. There is pain in his eyes but she couldn’t identify it.. She is confused with laksh’s sudden gesture.. Laksh slowly removes his hand from hers..
Laksh. Ragini.. I n..
Suddenly someone called out Raginis name .. They both turn around to see Arjun standing down the stairs with a confused face. Arjun sensed some tension between them and he goes near them..
Arjun: Hi Ragini.. You are looking beautiful..

Ragini was little embarrassed.. Mainly because laksh was there.. And they were standing so close when arjun called out. He must’ve seen them..
Ragini: Thankyuuu Arjun.. This is Laksh.. Sanskar’s brother .. She turns to laksh and says Laksh,this si Arjun. My fiance..
Laksh felt like some one stabbing his heart .. Sanskar’ brother. Really.. I mean nothing to her.. Not even a friend… How can she change so much. Did I hurt her to tthat extent that she not even calling me by my name.. Thanks to Arjun at least I could hear my name from her mouth.. But …
Arjun: oh so finally we met.. Nice to meet you.. Thanks to you yaar. If you were not there I would have never met my ragini…
“My Ragini” seriously. When did this happen.. They are not even engaged and this fellow Arjun is behaving like they are married for years..laksh is burning inside..
Ragini was feeling awkward and she made some excuse and leave from there to temple..
Now Arjun and Laksh is standing alone in the middle of stairs

Laksh in an anger tone: i don’t anything about you.. But Ragini trusts you a little.. Please don’t break it. If ever a drop of tear comes in her eyes because of you , I will not spare you.. Mind it..
Arjun: Relax. I think you should think before you speak.. You are the sole reason behind her tears and you are preaching me.

Laksh was about to say something but arjun stops him and says
Arjun: I like Ragini, jnfact I love her the moment I heard about her from Swara. I wll give her all the happiness in the world that she deserves.. I will never let a tear come in her eyes.. I guess you should stop worrying about her and move on with your life. Iam with her now onwards in her each and every step.. I will not let her fall.. So you please stay away from her.. I don’t want her to get upset by your presence.

Arjun leaves to temple leaving behind a numb Laksh
So guys how was the episode.. Please comment..

Precap:Laksh_Swasan convo and Laksh realising his true feelings for Ragini..

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  1. very nice this is exactly what we want to happen in serial you made it here thanks dear

    1. Thankyuuu dear… 😉

  2. What a super episode!!!! Ragini being confident, Laksh being jealous & most interesting part is arjun bashing Laksh lol… Laksh deserves this.. Pls update soon..

    1. Thankyuuu so much Lisa… Am so happy that YU liked it..

  3. Awesome dear…love ragini …love raglak…plz unite dem soon….coz i cnt see ragini sad…plz..n u r really an amazng writter

    1. Thankyuuu so much… They will be united… Let’s wait and see..

  4. amazing the way you write! i love your ff its awesome! the way you describe their emotions and all its really good! i became a fan of your ff dear! i really want this happen in swaragini but they didn’t do it but glad that you came with this ff! i love your ff a lot! pls continue dear! you are doing a great job!

    1. Oh god am on cloud nine after reading ur comment.. This is my first ever story .. U have never written anything b4.. I am a poor writer.. Even I wanted this to happen.. But they didn’t give it.. So I just wrote it then to cover my frustration. Never thought to post this.. Just tried..

  5. I was eagerly waiting for ur epi.as usual u nailed it

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  6. Awesome…
    waiting for next episode

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  7. too good yaar. you explained laksh confustion with so much ease

    1. Thankyuuu Amna..

  8. mridula krishnan

    hai dear its awesome ….&&& i am totally agree with ankita..this what i want to see in SR….

    1. Thankyuuu mridula..

  9. Really I wanted t same in t serial…those CV’s ruined everything….nice reply given by arjun to laksh

    1. Thankyuuu dear…

  10. super

  11. Superb update dr.it is really interesting now

    1. Thankyuuu…. 🙂

  12. arjun is a very straight forward. confrontation between arjun and laksh is just awesome.
    i know this is a raglak ff bt dont know why, i feel only arjun deserves ragini.

    1. Arjun is Perfect for Ragini. But love is blind.. She loved the imperfect laksh accepting all his imperfections… Such deep is her love. I wanted to emphasis on intensity of Raginis love for laksh..

  13. Awesome dear nd thnk to u tht ragini don’t become weak infront of laksh..

    1. Thankyuuu 🙂

  14. It is superb dear.well done

  15. Omg very nice

    1. Thanks Megha…

  16. Really really Amazing dear this is what I wanted to be
    Thanks for ur ff dear
    Loved it a lot and it’s really driving me crazy
    Eagerly waiting for the next one………

    1. Thankyuuu sooo much.. M overwhelmed..

  17. Awerome 🙂 arjun you rocked man 😀

  18. Awesome episode yaar

  19. Nitu…….I am back again!
    This and the previous chapter were awesome. The pace is quickening I guess. I am really excited. Please be regular

    1. Hi Bela.. I missed ur comments… I want to end this ff soon.. So I vl b quick and regular..

  20. Awesome episode

  21. Awesome as usual. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Thankyuuu soo much.. 🙂

  22. Awesome. …..
    Plz update next epi as soon as possible. ..???

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  23. Beautifully written. Confident ragini. Jelous laksh. Just loved it. Wating for som raglak romantic moments. Plz post the next part soon

    1. Thankyuu… Will post soon

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