Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 6)


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Hello friends.. Nitu is back.. So I will introduce myself today.. Iam neethu.. Iam from Kerala.. Doing my CA final.. 4 mre papers to go.. Awaiting results. Any mallus here???
Ragini takes Arjun to her room
She is feeling awkward… She was never been alone with any man in her room except for Laksh.. She is scared about how this conversation going to turn out.
Arjun is overwhelmed with his new found feelings.. His heart is pounding.. Her eyes.. Her smile. Her sweet voice… Everything about her is pulling him towards her..
Ragini: Please sit..
Arjun sits on a chair and signals Ragini to sit .. She also takes her seat opposite to him..
Both are getting uncomfortable. Silence was the only mode of communication between them.. Arjun happens to see Raginis sitar kept at the corner of her room.. Finally he got a topic to start..
Arjun: Swara told me that you sings well and plays sitar too..
Ragini nods..
Arjun : I think you should pursue your career. You know you should continue your studies.. Follow your dreams.. It gives us immense pleasure..
Raginis eyes get welled up.. She didn’t know what to say.. After all this he wants me to learn music.. How he knew that music is remedy to my all pain.. Even I didn’tthink about it..
Ragini remained silent.. This is hurting Arjun.. He wants to see her smile..
Arjun:Ragini, please don’t cry ..
He holds her hand. Ragini gets shocked by his sudden gesture.. But she let it be like that only.. She doesn’t want to offend him..
Arjun: Ragini,swara has told me everything.. I know you have done mistakes in your past.. What matters is you repents for your deeds and now you are a pure soul.. What you did.. Why you did all that.. I can understand.. Losing loved ones is difficult.. You wer so fragile inside.. I will never ever let you remember all that.. Past is past.. Ryt?? I know that it’s difficult to forget your first love.. And you need time to move on.. I won’t force you for anything.. Just remember that whenever you need anything I will be there with you always as a support.. It’s my promise..
Ragini holds his hand tightly now.. No one in her life had made her feel So secure till now.. Yes baba ,sumi maa, swara all supported her through her bad times.. But Arjun was different.. He never known her and still standing by her .. She felt lucky.. She found someone with whom she can share her feelings.. She never had any such friends.. She was crying. This time it was tears of happiness..
Meanwhile laksh sneaked into Baadi.. He was standing outside Raginis room.. He wanted to see Arjun but what he saw teared him into pieces.. Ragini was holding his hands tightly and crying. She was thinking something and was smiling also.. Laksh was getting furious. Who the hell is he??? How can he hold Raginis hand?? And she let him touch her?? How come.. When I met her in college for first time she was hesitant to shake my hands even though i was her fiancee and now the very same girl is holding some strangers hand.. He grits his teeth.. May be she is not the same Ragini.. And reason for her changes must be me myself. Still how can she b so close to him.. I feel like breaking his hands.. He tightens his fist with frustration because he knows that he can’t do anything.. He lost his rights.. Tears flows from his eyes.
Inside room
Ragini:Arjun ,I dont know why I feel that God has send me to you.. I find a good friend in you.. I want to move on from my dark past.. And I feel that you can be that ray of hope who can get ne out of that.. Iam glad that I met you..
So friends???
Arjun was glad.. Listening to his name from her mouth for the first time.. It was soothing.. And she likes him.. She needs to be friends with me.. He only wanted this.. He knew that it will take time for their relationship.. He just wanted to be her friend for tthe time being.. To be with her. To motivate her.. He smiles and shakes her hand. Ragini also smiles.. This time wholeheartedly.. Without any pain.. She got a new friend.. She doesn’t know about future. .. She doesn’think she can love him.. But she is sure that he will never let her down.. Her best friend..
They leave their room with smiling faces .. This surprises everyone.. Specially Swasan.. Daadi distributes sweets to everyone… Ragarjun marriage got fixed.
Laksh left Baadi .. He is not able to think anything.. He lost it. Ragini has really moved on .. It hurts him.. Whyyyy???????

So episode ends.. How was it?? Boring??? Give your valuable suggestions…. Is it longer now???
Those who doesn’t know Arjun Mehra aka Aham sharma can check out display pic..

Precap:Laksh PoV, Arjun POV, Ragini POV

Credit to: Nitu

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  1. Hello I’m also from kerala.

    1. Halloo.. Keralathil evdeyaa

  2. Awesome update it was really cute speacially Laksh’s jealousy…Waiting for the next update 🙂

    1. Thankyuuu dafsi.. Am a fan of ur ff’s.. It’s an honour the get appreciated by you.. 🙂

  3. Hai ,even I am from kerala

    1. Haii. . evdeya keralathil?

      1. I am from malappuram . Chechi eviduna?

  4. i jst love arjuns character…………………..ragini deserves someone lyk arjun …..

    1. I know.. He is a sorted out character.. Mr.perfect… 🙂

  5. It was awesome. Just loved it

    1. Thankyuuu.. 🙂 I like ur name chahath..

  6. super

    1. Thankyuuu lovely…

  7. Helo I also from kerala but from childhood I am staying in tamilnadu

    1. Hi sanchami.. 🙂

  8. Eagerly waiting 4 laksh pov

    1. I vl update tmrw.. 🙂

  9. Wow it was really awesome and mind blowing. You made me feel each and everyone’s emotion through your writing. You are a wonderful writer. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. M blushing :p I was always a bad writer.. So this complements makes me feel good thankyuu

  10. Epi was superb…I’m frm TN…but malayam ariyum….

    1. Thankyuuu… HW did YU learn Malayalam??

  11. U’r actually 100 times better than the serial writer… Laksh should be mote jealous.. He deserves it..

    1. Thank you Lisa.. It’s not bcoz m better.. It’s bcz I really love RagLak.. Nd I wanted a better track for them.. 🙂

  12. eagerly waiting for laksh nd rag pov

    1. I vl update tomorrow:)

  13. Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Eagerly waiting for the next one……..

    1. Thankyuuu.. 🙂 vl update soon..

  14. awesome epic…me too from kerala hahaha…keep writing

    1. Haiii… Thankyuu dear.. 🙂 m from calicut. Wt abt YU?

  15. Is it Raglak ff

    1. Yes… It is…

  16. Superb dr… Arjun is simply awesome he understood her very well they will make a great pair.. Ooo laksh was too jealous but poor him wht can he do… Even I’m frm kerala kochi… Wow u r doing CA n that too final year then you must be really very brilliant n hardworking… Where r you frm?

    1. Thankyuuu dear… Yes m almost a CA by God grace. Fingers crossed for results.. 😉
      M from calicut.. Wt abt yu???

      1. Don’t worry u will score great marks.. I’m frm kochi

  17. even am frm kerala …kasaragod

    1. We are nearbies… Am at calicut..

  18. mridula krishnan

    hai dear its awesome…..path of ur story is really good….&&&& i am also from kerala…palakkad

    1. Hi mridula.. I guessed it yday itself DAT YU may b from Kerala.. Your name .. 🙂 thank fr the complement;)

  19. Even I am from Kerala…

    1. Hi sunshine.. 🙂

  20. Nitu I’m also from Kerala (thrissur) and ee episode adipoliyayitund

    1. Thankyuuu ammu… santhoshamayi gopiyettaa.. :p

  21. Awesome 🙂 i feel sad that it wasnt ragarjun but raglak ;-( if it was ragarjun im most happiest person but that will never happen i am big fan of aham and tejaswi

    1. Ohh so sweet.. I think many of the reader wnat ragarjun now. 🙁 but I can’t make laksh sad..

  22. Thankyuuu.. I think most of them want Ragarjun now.. But my lucky.. HW can I make him sad?? 🙁

  23. Priyanka mallapurath evdeya??/ njn Kozhikode thiruvambady

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