Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 5)

Hello evryone .. nitu is back with another part
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Next day at Baadi..
Ragini is getting ready. She is wearing a simple yelow saree with silver border.. Matching earrings and minimal make up.. She looks extremely beautiful.. Swara comes ..
Swara: Ragini, are you sure about this??
Ragini: swara, you please stop worrying.. Iam ready.. I won’t step back now.. She gives a assuring nod to swara
Swara: Iam happy for you Ragini.. Arjun is a very nice guy.. Yesterday I met him and you know I told him everything..
Ragini: everything????
Swara: Yes baba.. Everything.. And what surprised me was after listening to this he said that he is getting attracted to you.. He feels that you are a gem of a person who can love him to any extent. Even without seeing you he is so sure about you.. It means he is not a person who gives importance to outer beauty. You r soo lucky ragini..
Ragini gives a faint smile: don’t scare me swara.. What if I disappoint him..
Swara: Ragini you just don’t worry.. Everything will b perfect.. BT m sure about one thing.. After seeing you today Arjun will be flat .. You look like a princess dear.. Kisiki nazar na lage.
Swara puts kala teeka on Ragini and gives a side hug.. Ragini smiles.. swara leaves
Ragini’s eyes are teary thinking how wrong she was about swara.. She did so much to her and swara forgave her so easily .. M sorry swara.. I never tried to understand your selfless love for me..
Outside Baadi a Car is shown.. A tall and handsome guy wearing a denim jeans and white shirt get outside from the car.. He look hot.. He is Arjun Mehra..
He enter into Raginis home.. All are happy to see him.. He seeks blessing from elders and gives a friendly smile to swara .. Swara introduces sanskar to him.. They shakes their hand.. He takes his seat…
Arjun doesn’t have any family.. He was an orphan.. Adopted by a rich NRI couple.. They died in a car crash leaving behind a fortune for him. He came back to India and set up all his business here and is now one of the top entrepreneurs in India..
All were asking him many questions. He was not actually listening to all that.. His eyes were searching for some one else..Ragini.. He has only heard about her.. After listening to Swara his heart is yearning to see Ragini.. To be with her and to support her..
Daadi call for ragini.. Arjuns heart starts beating faster as if it will pump out now.. Ragini enters .. She looked pretty but her eyes were red with pain of leaving behind laksh and scare of moving on with a stranger..
Arjun coudnt take eyes off her.. He had imagined her to be pretty.. But he didn’t know that she looked like an angel… He has never seen such an innocent face in his life.. He could see the pain in her eyes. He felt a sudden urge to go to her and give her a warm hug to make her forget all her pain.. The moment he saw her he made a promise to himself that he will never let any more tear come in her beautiful eyes..

Ragini was relieved.. He looked like a gentleman.. He is calm ad composed.. The way he spoke to elders.. His respect to them all shows how well mannered he is.. Even knowing about her past he agreed for this marriage. He has got a big heart.. He knows everything ..that’s a relief.. Ragini hopes that he will give her time and space to move on from her past.. From her first love.. Arjuns smiles at her.. He senses her tension.

Elders ask them to go to Raginis room to talk privately.. They moves to her room..

On the other side laksh is not able to concentrate on anything.. He is mind is wandering around Ragini.. Her marriage.. Swara’s comments on Arjun.. How can Ragini marry him?? Is he that good looking?? Better than me.?? Will ragini love him?? He can’t control himself.. He decided to go to Baadi secretly to see who this Mr.Perfect is…
Yes laksh is damn jealous but still unaware about the reason behind it..
Precap: Ragarjun talking.. Laksh peeps in

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  1. Main aa gayi nitu………arrey yaar! Arjun to flat ho gaya 😛
    I hope he has a past similar to Ragini ( the one shown in Manmarziyaan will work). This may warm Ragini’s heart to him. She will consider him a friend at least. And Laksh…….beta mummy be bataya nahi Ki aise nahi jhaankte 😛
    I went through Aham Dharma’s photos as soon as I read this and God knows……..I want ragarjun even more!
    Thank you dear.

    1. Hi Bela.. Ragarjun will become friends soon.. 🙂 I have added aham sharmas foto in the display pic..

  2. It was amazing. I hope laksh will realise his love for ragini Very soon

    1. Yes soon he will.. Thanks dear..

  3. Wow NYC epi

  4. Very nice..
    Awesome. …waiting fr next
    And make it long

    1. Thankyuuu.. I vl try to make it longer..

  5. It’s really awesome. Love your ff a lot. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Thankyuu… 🙂 will update soon..

  6. Really beautiful update

    1. Thankyuuu dafsi…

  7. Amazing Superb Fabulous
    Waiting for the next one…….

    1. Oo thankyuuu.. M flattered.. 🙂

  8. yaar so small part…!!! make the next part bigger & update soon..

    1. I vl try to make it longer yaar.. 🙂

  9. nice one dear u rock today !!!

    1. Thankyuuu dear…

  10. I’m aham sharma’s fan…well loved it give some ragarj bonding….

    1. Sure priya.. Even m a aham sharma fan.. 😉 He plays an important role.. May b he has more screen space than laksh..

  11. Awesome one dear & i like aham very much

    1. Thanks dear.. 🙂

  12. Very nice episode

  13. I like ragarjun

  14. mridula krishnan

    beautiful update dear…..

    1. Thankyuuu…. 🙂

  15. Superb… laksh jealousy… nd arjun is such a gentleman

    1. Yeaa Arjun is Mr.Perfect… Our Laksh is not that perfect… 🙂

  16. Superb dr… Can’t wait to see ragarjun bonding… Laksh should be jealous n arjun he is so nice I hope he comes across a beautiful girl after raglak reunion

    1. Thankyuuu… 🙂 let’s wait and see…

  17. It was amazing. Can’t wait to see raglak together. Waiting for the next part plz update it soon

    1. Thankyuuu.. Vl update it soon.. 🙂

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