Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 4)

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Thanks to all readers.. I have replied to all f your comments.. You can check it out..  Sorry for the delay.. I was lil bzy for past 2 days. I know my story is lil boring… Sorry guyzz.. Comments are decreasing.. BT if I got at least one reader I will continue this..  So let’s start..
Swara in Ragini’s room. She is upset with Ragini thinking that she denied laksh’s proposal
Swara: Ragini,what are you up to? You love laksh naa, den how can YU marry someone else.. Don’t ruin your life for others happiness… Please..
Ragini: no swara.. This time it’s for me only.. I want to move on.. I also deserve to be happy.. When laksh doesn’t need me then Y should I think about him.. I want to move on.. I don’t want to repeat my past mistakes.. I should learn to let it go.. If i had done it in past all these wouldn’t have happened..

Swara: Ragini, please don’t be guilty.. Past is past.. And I don’t know what laksh had told to you.. BT I have seen love in his eyes for you.. Genuine love..
Ragini: Swara even I thought so. But I was not love.. It’s juz guilty,compassion, sympathy.. But not love.
Ragini brokes down.. swara hugs her.. Ragini tells swara everything laksh has told her..
Swara thinks for some time and wipes her tears
Swara: Iam with you Ragini.. YU are right.. You deserve happiness.. And I will get YU what you deserve.. That’s my promise..

Ragini gives her a faint smile.. Swara pats her cheek and gives her a assuring nod and starts to leave the room.. Ragini holds her hand
Ragini: you should come tomorrow.. Guy is coming to see me. Iam scared swara.. I don’t even know him.. I want him to know my past and then take a decision to marry me or not..
Swara: I will surely come ragu.. BT what about you?? What if you don’t like him??
Ragini: If that’s the case then my marriage will never happen because I can’t like anyone else other than lak.. Leav it. Whoever it is if he can accept my past then iam ready.. Now YU go.. I need to take rest.
Ragini lies down .. She is determined that now she will not cry for laksh.. She is fed up with this..
Laksh is sitting in his couch.. Lost in thoughts of Ragini .. He doesn’t know why he is affected by her marriage. He only needs her happiness.. He himself asked her to move on.. But he is not happy..
Swara comes to his room . she looks happy.. Laksh gets up seeing her..
Swara: Laksh today am so happy.. Thanks to you..
Laksh is confused.. He doesn’t understand the reason behind swara’s sudden happiness..
Swara: you helped Ragini to take a decision.. She is ready to move on.. And iam so happy for her.. Now Ragini will stay happy… She will get all that love and happiness she longed for..
Laksh I lower voice: so YU are happy that ragini is getting married to someone else??
Swara: of course laksh.. I always wanted her happiness only.. and now she is going to get it.. So why I should not be happy.. You know what actually after meeting Ragini I got grooms address from Daadi and went to meet him..

Laksh: what you meet him?? Why? How?
Swara: Relax I will say. Actually ragini wanted him to know all about her past. She can’t say it herself so I went to talk to him. Also even I wanted to meet my future jijaji.. You won’t beleive laksh.. He is so hot and handsome… Ragini is so lucky.. He owns a Advt CO.. Well settled .. He is a gentleman.. After listening to everything also he is ready to meet Ragini.. He didn’t judge her past.. He only wants to know her present. So sweet naa

Laksh is not at all happy with all these.. He is feeling suffocated.. He wants to run away from all these.. Is he that handsome?? Better than me?? Noo he cannot b better than me..
Laksh: What did ragini say?? Is she happy??
Swara:Of course she is happy laksh. She only wanted him to know all her past and accept her.. And look he is just perfect for her… She will surely like him.. And very soon she will love him also.. He is damn good laksh..

Laksh was shocked.. Ragini and love?? HW can she love him ?? What if that guy is a fraud??/how can they trust him so easily? He is getting restless..
Laksh: What’s his name??

Swara: Arjun Mehra owner of no.1 Advt CO. In India.. Bird song. And yes marriage will b within 2 weeks.. After all our Daadi is so stubborn.. Oh god.. Lot of works to do.. Laksh you must help us for arrangement.. Kk kk m leaving. You take care
Laksh gves a faint smile. WTH. Ragini is getting married to someone else… He felt like something piercing through his heart.. How can she agree for another marriage So soon.. Did she forget me so easily.. Doesn’t she love me anymore.. Oh God.. What’s goin on with me.. I don’t love her then why I want her to love me ?? Arjun Mehra, is he that good? Will ragini love him? Why the thought of Ragini being with someone else upseting me? I should be happy na.. Yes iam happy for Ragini.. Iam.
. Part ends..
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Precap: Arjun Mehra intro.. Ragarjun meeting..

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      1. Emotions are also part of life dear. So don’t think like that. Don’t worry about comments. It may come and go. Write only for your satisfaction dear ☺

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    1. Arjun Mehra is a character from the serial manmarziyan.. It’s Aham Sharma. Sorry.. I will try to include some romantic scenes.. Actually the storyline is fixed so some restrictions are there.. BT I vl try.

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