Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 3)

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Hi everyone.. A big big thanks to all my readers.. I have tried to reply to all comments.. Sorry in case if I have missed anybody. So let’s go to next part.
Laksh enters Raginis room.. She is sleeping.. Looking not less than like an angel.. She looks serene… Peacefully.. He was happy to see her like that. His old Ragini. His best friend.. He was staring at her .. Suddenly she wakes up and calls Laksh.. He waa surprised.. How could she identify his presence even in sleep.. Ragini was glad to see laksh beside her staring at her.. Somehow she was feeling that laksh started moving her. Her eyes got teary… She tried to get up .. Suddenly lakh held her hands and helped her to get up and sit… She was overwhelmed with emotions.. She is eager to listen to what lakh has to say..

Laksh: Ragini I know that I don’t deserve forgiveness.. Still am sorry ragini.. I played with your emotions not once but many times. Iam the reason for all this.. I never tried to understand you or your emotions. You did everything for me.. Whereas I never deserves anything..
He bends his head with guilty.. Ragini cups his face and raise his head facing to her face
Ragini: Laksh.. der is no need to be guilty anymre.. Even I did mistakes and everyone forgave me ,den I can’t forgive you.. We. Both realised our mistakes and we are repenting. That is enough.. Now we should leave our past behind and start fresh.. Shouldn’t we??

Laksh: Yes ragini we should.. I know that you don’t love me anymore.. YU made it clear from the jail itself.. Even I don’t deserve your love. I am planning to go abroad.. I want you to move on Ragini.. YU deserve a happy life with someone who loves you. Who cares fr you . someone who respect you and your emotions…

Ragini is shattered… She was disappointed that til now laksh didn’t understand the depth of her love for him.. He thinks that I can move on.. He doesn’t have any problem.. So he doesnt love me.. All those was his guilty ,sympathy.. And m a stupid to think that he loves me.. Laksh never loved me.. And he will never love.. I should accept it. She composed herself and made a steady face doesn’t lettng her inner emotions to come into her eyes.
Ragini:YU are right laksh. You dont deserve my love. Even I feel that I never loved you.. It must’ve been juz an attraction which turned into an obsession… I will move on.. Even Dadi is trying to get me married within 2 weeks. I think you should attend my wedding. Plss leave to abroad only after that..

Lash was taken back.. It’s true that I don’t love her.. She is my best friend.. But when she said about her narriage with someone else why did I feel like iam losing something valuable to me..
Daadi enter into RooM with a smirk..
Dadi: Laado I have told about an alliance na. He is coming to see you tomorrow.. He is such a good guy.. Well mannered and respects elders also.. ( she was taunting laksh and he very well understood it)Laado pls don’t deny this alliance. At least for your daadj..please laado
Ragini looked laksh who seemed to lost in thoughts and turned to Daadi: Daadi ma did I deny ?? Why are you pleading to me.. Iam ready fr this marriage NT for you BT for my happiness. I deserve happiness.. I also need someone who loves me.. Call the groom and say he can come tomorrow itself..

Daadi was delighted. She kissed ragini and said: Laado YU made me so much happy.. I only want your happiness. He is such a nice guy he will take care of you. So weding wil be in 2 weeks..
Dadi stared at laksh once and left room
Laksh felt like someone stabbed his heart. He didn’t know why it was like that. He himself want ragini to move on in her life.. But it all happened so soon. He didn’t expect her tto agree for a marriage So soon.. She looks happy and somewhere it disturbed him.. He don’t now the reason..he should have been happy for her. BT he is not. Still he didnt show it and turned to ragini
Laksh: congrats Ragini.. All the best to you.. I wish YU all the happiness in the world.. And sure I will attend your marriage. Even I want to meet that lucky fellow.
Saying this he left the room with a heavy heart. Ragini was broken.. She doesn’t know what to do.. She agreed for marriage.. It was just to show laksh that she doesn’t care anymore about him BT the truth is that she can never forget him.. BT this time she will not go behind her one ssided love .. Past shall not repeat.. She wil meet the groom and she want to say about her past to him.. If he can accept me after listening to it then I will get married to him.. BT will I ever b able to love him? I dont know..

Outside Daadi shared good news with everyone.. Shekhar is happy.. Swara and Sanskar is shocked.. They saw laksh leaving without saying anything… So something must have happened.. They know it.. They decided to confront Ragini.. They think that Ragini must have denied laksh proposal for Papa and daadis sake… Swasan moves to Raginis room

Episode ends..

Sorry fr spelling mistakes if Any.. M typing in my phone so it is difficult t check.. Please give ur valuable comments and suggestions..

Precap:Swaragini confrontation. Swara determined to give Ragini what she deserve. Laksh lost in thoughts.. Groom is yet to be appeared. His name vl be revealed on next episode..

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  3. NYC epi BT it was sad one still gud

    1. Thankyuuu dear… My ff is an emotional one..

  4. I didn’t expect tis frm laksh…but itz nice…waiting to c wat nxt

  5. Laksh as always is confused. Let the groom come.. Some sense will come to him.. 🙂 thanx fr the comment..

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  9. I wanted exactly this track in the serial.. But…. Anyways u have written this part beautifully… Waiting to see a jealous laksh after the groom arrival… & the groom should be very caring to ragini..

    1. Oh yes.. Even I wanted this track.. that is the sole reason I wrote this ff.. Groom is super hot . haha.. Let’s wait and see whether laksh can win her back or not..

  10. Its awesome loved it 🙂

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  11. Tuba(RagLakian)

    Omg Nitu I love you for this I read all ur 3 part in one go it was Amazing…..
    Both Ragini and Lakshyas feelings are described beautifully.
    Laksh is unknown to his changed feelings Interesting and Ragini I feel sad for unwantedly she need to be married.
    But you write beautifully loved each and every part Waiting for the next update. You are doing an Amazing job!
    Go Girl!!

    1. Omg.. Iam glad that YU r liking this ff.. Dis is my first ever attempt in writing.. M a very bad writer.. Thankyuuu for ur comments dear.. 🙂

  12. Superb dr… Laksh is such an idiot he didn’t realize his love for her but it is better than the real track where he realised his love soon

    1. Hope that he will realize it soon or else he may lose ragini..

  13. Awesome part. Luved it.

  14. Awesome episode

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