Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon? (Part 2)

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I can’t express my happiness.. Iam grateful to all f YU who have commented.. Who encouraged me.. I love yu all. I promise dis ff is different from the show .. Hope I won’t disappoint YU guys.. So let’s start..
After one week.. Ragini is discharged.. She is getting well..
AP and DP thinking about Ragini
AP: Hi Ragini has changed. She is now our old ragini who we likes for our Laksh..
DP:Yes Annapurna. Iam glad DAT Ragini has changed for good.. The only one good thing Tania did…
AP: Are you having the same thought as mine?
DP: mmm.. It will be good if Laksh bring back Ragini as this house DIL with all love and respect.
AP: Don’t know what is going on his mind.. He seems lost.. BT I can see pain in his eyes… He is guilty Nd somewhere I fel dat he too started to feel ffor Ragini.. I juz want them to be one..
Swasan Room
Laksh comes to their room

Laksh: Swara,I wud like tto visit Baadi.. Can I?
Swara: laksh. What’s der in it to ask.. YU can go der
Laksh: no swara. After whatever I have done to ragini Nd Papa I can’t face them.. If YU and Bhai come wid me I vl get mre strength to face them. I want to apologise to them.. I can’t lve anymore with this guilty..
Swasan feel bad for him. They know dis time laksh is genuine Nd is guilty. They agree to go with him and laksh leaves..
Swara: sanskar,I think something is going to happen today.. Laksh is really guilty.. We saw how much he cared for ragini when she was stabbed.. I think DAT..
Sanskar: lucky started to fall for ragini??
Swara: yeaa I was thinking the same.. Ragini always loved laksh.. Her love for him vl Never change. So if Laksh also loves her back then everything vl b perfect na.. I cant wait to see ragini back in MM.. Swaragini wil b together.

Sanskar: Swara do YU think baba Nd dadi wil allow dis??
Swara: no sanskar if dey want to be together no one can sperate them.. I vl convince baba Nd dadi.. BT first laksh should confess his feelings na. Maybb today he will..
Swara hugs sanskar. Both are happy..
AT Baadi
Swasanlak enters..
Shekhar come and see laksh.. He gets furious and slaps Laksh .. Laksh didn’t respond.. He knew DAT he deserved it. Tears filled up in his eyes. Finally sanskar and swara managed to get shekhar off laksh.
Shekhar: how dare you enter my home?? I hav asked YU to stay away from my kid ryt?? Y don’t you leav her alone?? I know she has done mistakes. She suffered it for also .. So now please let her go.. M begging.
Swara comes Nd hugs shekhar. Laksh bends his head with guilty..
Swara: baba pls calm baba.. Laksh is guilty .. He is her to apologise to YU and ragini. Let him talk baba..

Laksh: Papa whatever I done is not forgivable.. He falls on shekhars feet and cries .. Papa plss forgive. I shudntve raised hands on you. I shudntve. YU punish me.. YU may break my hands.
Shekhar: iam no one to forgive or punish you.. I juz want my laado to b happy Nd for DT YU should not b here.. You slap me or not I don’t care..
Swara: baba pls let laksh speak to Ragini.. We cant decide about their future.. It’s Raginis life. In past YU took decisions for her Nd YU know wat happened. So this time let her alone decide what to do.. Please for me..

Shekhar. OK.. Justi 10mts.. Don’t think that you will get my laado back.. M letting you talk to her juz because I want you to listen form her mouth itself that she doesn’t want you anymore..
Laksh is shattered still releived that at least hecan see her after one week. He was waiting for this moment. To see her.. To plead sorry to her.. He knows what he wants to say. He has been thinking about it for past one week and made this decision.. He enters into Raginis room..

So this is my second part. Nd I named this ff Is pyar ko kya naam doon??? Give me ur valuable suggestions through ur comments.. Criticisms are also welcomed..

Precap:Everyone is expecting Laksh to confess his love for ragini.. BT does laksh really love her?? He has planned to say something to ra

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