Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon ( Part 17) ( Epilogue)


Am very happy that all liked my last episode and I got so many comments. So here is the epilogue.
I will try my best to make it romantic. But I don’t know how to write.. let me give a try… btw this is not an epilogue as such. It’s just another part … and last part.

RagLak marriage is over.. Ragini and Laksh is on cloud nine.. no words can describe their happiness… after all those sufferings they became one.. They are taking blessings from elders.. Laksh doeasnt let Ragini go away from him for a second.. he just holds her hand tightly. Ragini is overwhelmed by his gesture. All looks at them and smiles.
Sanskar: Lucky, no one is going to kidnap her.. just loose your grip on her hand yaar..
Laksh: bhaai. Dont dare to tease me.. whatever you say I wont leav her hand.. I don’t cce if yu guys pull my leg or not.. She is my wife now.
Ragini(blushes) Laksh. Aap bhi na.. just leav my hand.. All are teasing us.
Laksh: let them.. I will nevr let you go…
Swara: Ehm ehm.. guys relax.. whole life is there for Romancing.. let’s get into other rituals.. if rituals doeasnt get complete naa then your suhaagrat also will get late.
Ragini and laksh blushes hard looking at each other.. All laughs. Ragini beats swara. And swara runs.
Arjun was leaving from there without getting noticed by anyone.
He was looking at his ring finger.. the ring Ragini made him wear… just then swara comes there.
Swara: you love her a loott ryt??

Arjun:yeaaa. .
He suddenly realises what he said and raises his head to see the person.. he gets shocked seeing swara. He fumbles..
Arjun: what?? What did u ask? I ddnt hear anything.
Swara: Don’t lie Arjun.. ita visible in your eyes how much yu love her . I understood it the day yu came to pick her up for date… I was so shocked seeing ur response when I said ragini is not well.. I was so worried foe you from then. Coz I knew raginj loves Laksh only.. and I knew that yu love her truly.. I was so confused whether I was doing right by making you do all this drama.. it must have been really painful for yu to go through a thjs na.. Am sorry for dragging you into this Arjun..
Arjun gets teary
Arjun: Don’t e sorry swara.. Infact am grateful to you.. because of you only I could meet Ragini.. I could feel the emotion called love.. ita not your mistake.. I knew it from the beginning that ragini loves someone else.. but still I couldn’t stop myslef from loving her. I loved her with all my heart. I never expected her to love me back.. I just wanted to love her.. give her all the happiness in the world.. her love.. her laksh.. for her happiness I can do anything…. I was enjoying this feeling… now I miss all those days.. being with her.. making her smile.. I was proud that I made her smile.. and now the reason for her smile is standing beside her holding her hands… and now I should leav from her life. .

Swara: Arjun..
Arjun: Swara don’t worry.. I myself chose this for me. I told yu the moment I saw her I fall for her.. and from that moment onwards I made myself convinced that she is not mine … still I loved her. And will always.. she ia my first true love. She taught me to love.. how to love a person unconditionally.. like she loves Laksh.. don’t know what god has kept for me in the future. I got only one request. Don’t T RagLak know about this.. let them stay happy liek this always.. convey my regards to them and tell them that I got an urgent meeting. So left.. kk.. bye.
He leaves … and swara looks on..
Swara thinks “ Is pyaar ko kya naam doon????”
Arjun comes out … hjs eyes were teary and he was looking down. He just collides with a girl… he helds her and says sorry. He doesn’t look at her.. he just leavs.
Girl; who is this guy?? He ddn even look at me. How dare he.. how can someone ignore me.. the very beautiful and talented Miss.Radhika. I will see him later. .. now i need to find out Mr.Arjun Mehra.. when I went to his office theh said he is here for wedding .. I just need to meet him today.. and convince him Somehw to take as his intern in his office. Oh god pls help me..
Screen freezes on teary face of arjun and cute face of radhika.. can radhika bring happiness back to Arjuns life.. ?? Time will only tell that.

So let’s go back to our couple RagLak
All the rituals gets completed…. and the goes to MM.. grahpravesh also finished…
Ragini in RagLak room.. Thiinking about all the incidents happened today.. she is smiling.. she can’t believe that now she is married to laksh. Her laksh.. and laksh loves her back .. the day she dreamt of has finally… she is having tears of happiness…
Laksh enters… and sees Raginj in tears.. he feels bad.. he goes and wipes her tears. Ragini gets surprised seeing laksh..
Laksh: Ragini I promise that I will nevr let these tears come into your eyes any more…
Ragini: Laksh.. but I like this tears.. because these are tears of happiness…
Laksh: I love you Ragini..
Ragini: I love you too.. and from now onwards we are starting our new life.. and I need you to promise me that we will never let our past affect out future.. past is past. And shall move on..
Laksh: I will promise that.. but before that I need to confess one more thing . Then I promise will never tell anything about our past.
Ragini gets up from bed. She ia still wearing her wedding lehenga..
Ragini: What is that??
Laksh: Ragini, I know I have played with your emotions.. and got physical with you…
Ragini feels bad remembering those days.. she closes her eyes.

Laksh cups her face and makes her look at him.
Laksh: but I need to confess that what happened that night was not intentional or planned. It just happened.. I don’t now y.. when yu hugged me so tightly. I got carried away. No revenge or hatred was there in my mind then.. may b bcz deep in my heart I had feelings for you then also . I said it now because I don’t want you to think at anytime that I used your body to get those papers signed. That will break me.. he geta teary.
Ragini wipes his tears and hugs him tightly.. laksh smilea through his tears and hugs her back tightly..
Ragini: laksh. No more.. I don’t ve any regrets or complaints anymore.. just need to enjoy each and every moment with you…
Laksh: thankyu Raginj foe making me feel so lucky to have you. And I don’t have any problem if yu need time to take our relationship to next level..
Ragini: breaks the hug and looks at him…

Ragini: mmmm.. few minutes before yu said that yu got carried away , when I hugged. What happened now?? Yu dont have any feelings for me?? She asks this naughtily..
Laksh smirks
Laksh: oh my Ragini has become naughty. So it take this as a positive nod…
Saying this he moves closer to her.. and she keeps moving back.. the just kept on moving and finally her back hits the wall. He blocks her with both his hands… he is getting closer.. and ragini closes her eyes with shyness. .
He kisses her forehead and slowly removes her necklace from neck.. then he kisses her eyes and removes her earrings… next he kisses her nose and removes her nose ring.. ragini is blushing.. he clenches her skirt with her hands.. laksh smiles looking at her .
He took her hands in his and kisses it and slowly removes all her bangles and rings.
All here jewelleries were removed by him.. now he again comes close to her.. he turns her back . He looses her hair which was tied in a bun. And he slowly tucks her hair to one side. He caresses her bare back.. and slowly removes her dupatta… she is moaning and trying to resist.. not because she is not enjoying it.. but she is enjoig this ..

Laksh nuzzles his nose through her neck. And slowly keeps his hand on her bare waist. Ragini Calls out laksh.. he smiles and make his grip tighter.. and just Caresse her waist.. and started to kiss her necks passionately. Ragini can’t resist anymore.. she turns her self to face him.. she js blushing hard.. and that is making him mad. He pulls her closer.. gets closer and closer.. inches are left btw their lips.. and for laksh surprise ragini kisses him.. it turned to passionate one… both were Caressing each other.. exploring each others body. They break their kiss..
Laksh takes her in his arms and places her on bed.. laksh came over her.. Ragini turns to other side because if shyness. He unties her blouse dori.. and slightly pulls it down.. he kept on planting wet kisses on her shoulder and neck.. whereas ragini removed his shirt and caresses his chest. Planted kisses on him..

Laksh slowly pulls up the blanket on them.. and switches off the light. And they make love.
Love story of RagLak has started from the day they met.. but their life story starts from here..
They lives happily ever after. Like all other married couple they loves each other.. they fight with each other.. they pull each other’s legs.. they are enjoying their life .. a thought will pass. Through the minds of. People who meets them and that is. “iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??”
So my story ends here.. hope you guys liked it.. thanks to everyone who supported me till the end.. I love you all and I will miss you all.. i tried my best to make this part romantic but not vulgar.. hope I could do that. Pls give ur wonderful comments.

Credit to: Nitu

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  1. Ragz_teju

    The way arjun feelings are described is awesome and raglak romance is superb.
    Miss this ff this is the way I want the serial to be but it’s k I enjoyed reading your ff. Hope u will be back with another one.

    1. Thankyu so much dear..

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  3. Megha123

    Awsm epilogue loved raglak scenes very much

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  4. Snehahari


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  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous epilogue DEAR
    How you described Arjun’s feeling was Fabulous
    Loved Raglak scenes too
    Miss you a lot DEAR
    Miss this ff too
    If you can please come back with another ff

    1. Thankyu s much dear. .ur comments always bring a smile on my face..

  6. Sindhura

    Hero arjun was hero

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  7. wonderful ending feeling bad for arjun but definately he will find love again raglak romanance was awsome missing all these things in serial

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  8. Hemalattha

    it’s mind blowing epilogue.and i just enjoy this

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  9. Akshata

    amazing ending, hope arjun will find someone who loves him back. loved raglak scene.

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  10. Dafsi

    Awesome ending dea seriously it was really very lovely ending loved it 🙂 indeed a good epilogue

    1. M overwhelmed by ur compliment dafsi. As I say always .. m a big fan f ur writing…
      Thankyu so much foe inspiring me

      1. Dafsi

        Haha Im just a normal write like you and the rest not someone who did phd in literature 🙂 😉 just kidding anyways Im 101% sure Im gonna miss your writing and ff the way you descirbe emothions and feeling I have to learn alot from you and Im seriously gonna miss 🙁 love you and tc do come up with short stories and if possible ffs

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  11. Ruhani

    It was amazing dr.. Beautiful update.. I’m glad arjun found a radhika… His part was emotional n raglak part was so romantic.. Will miss u dr

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  12. Lovely update Nitu. I loved how Laksh wouldn’t let go of Ragini’s hand, because he was afraid to loose her, it was just so sweet. And wow, RagLak were hot in this update. Thanks for this perfect epilogue xx

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  14. Pavani

    Ahh I will miss it

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  15. Outstanding epilogue dear. Raglak romantic scenes are superb. Each and every part are superb. Love u and miss u dear

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    Brilliant epilogue yaar! Obvio, I am a bit partial to Arjun in this ff but still I am happy that Raglak got together 😀

    Will miss you and your ff Nitu. Take care 😀

    1. Bela.. love yu… .thanks dear…
      I made Arjun the best.. perfect gentleman..
      He is my hero….
      Yu update ur ff soon.. m waiting..

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