Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon ( Part 16) Last Part Maha Episode

Happy news to all my readers… this is the last part of my ff. Yea. The torture is over..
If yu guys want I will give an epilogue… for past 2 days iw as thinking how to end this.. climax… so it may sound stupid.. pls forgive me.. after all it’s a story na.. I will try to make this part longer… even now I dont know wat am going to type.. whatever coming to my mind. I will scribble down…ok..
Bear with me.. last one hain..

Previous parts http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=is+pyaar+ko

Episode starts
Today is the day of Ragarjun marriage…
Ragini room
She is looking stunning in a meroon and golden lehenga… no one will b able to take eyes off her.. she is sitting infront of mirror… waiting for swara to come and take her for wedding rituals… she is wearing rings .. she was about to wear her engagement ring.. suddenly she listens to sound of footsteps near her windows.. she turns and in shock ring falls from hand.. she didn’t notice it.. she was so shocked to notice that her engagement ring fell down..
Ragini:La.. la.. Laksh.. you here ? At this time? What are you doing here? What if anyone sees you?? Go from here.
Ragini kept on blabbering… whereas laksh was lost I her beauty.. he just moved near to her.. ragini didnt notice it until they became so close that she could feel his breath on her face..
Laksh: shhhhhh..

He kept his finger on her lips.. Ragini couldn’t say a word further.. this closenes was unbearable for her.. she just kept looking at his eyes..
Laksh: Ragini, you are looking so beautiful…
He then raises his Finger towards her eyes.. she jerks.. with one hand he held her tightly.. and with another he just touched her eyes… then he moved his fingers towards her ear.. and touched there..
It took her some time to realise what he dis. He juat put kaal teeka on her.. she blushes..
Laksh: you look so beautiful.. kisiki nazar na lage..
Ragini bends her head with shy.. soon realisation struck.. it’s her wedding with Arjun today and she is with Lakhs in her room.. she jerks his hands off her and moves back.. she was about to say something but laksh interrupts.

Laksh:Ragini, don’t say anything. Let me say. Am not here to convince you to break this marriage or tU run away with you.. I just want your happiness. Now my happiness lies in yours.. if you are happy with Arjun, then I have no rights to deny it. I will be leaving to Australia tonight.. after your marriage. Then we may never meet Ragini.. I just wanted to talk to you sometime before you become someone else wife.. because then I will have no right on you..
Raginj was silent. . She doesn’t know what to say. Whetehr she should be happy that he is going far or is she broken that she will never meet him again. She just stood there listening to him with teary eyes.
Laksh: Ragini, iam sorry for everything I did to you. I played with your emotions not once but many tines.. I don’t even deserve happiness.. but It took me so much time to realise that I love you.. I loved you always.. for me swara was just an attraction… but ragini you were my priority.. you wer my need… without you am nothing… sorry for hurting you.. for making your life hell. You deserve all the happiness in the world and an sure Arjun will give it to you.. he is a very nice person.. you are lucky. But Arjun ia more lucky to have you in his life.
You must be thinking that am just saying all this because m jealous.. not really.. I really love you. You are my true love. Yu may think that I have fallen in love many times.. after you I may love someone else.. but no raginj.. you are my true love.. if not you then there won’t be anyone else in my life..

Swara was an infatuation… we were never serious about each other.. then kavya. I never loved her. I just used her to get rid of you.. even though we were married to the world we never shared such relation.. yu know what I say ryt.
I just wanted you to know that I love you genuinely.. and will love you forever… All the best for your married life Ragini..
Before Ragini could say something swara came and knocked on her door.. by this time laksh left her room..
Swara takes Ragini to mandap.. her eyes are filed with tears. She looks lost. Arjun looks at her..
Tum Ho Gham Ko Chupaye
Main Hoon Sar Ko Jhukaye
Tum Bhi Chup Ho
Main Bho Chup Hoon
Kaun Kise Samjhaye
Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho

Laksh also comes there… he was wearing a cream sherwani. . His cheeks are wet with tears .. he looks at ragini with all the love in the world..

Sach Hai Ke Dil To Dukha Hai
Hamne Magar Socha Hai
Dil Ko Hai Gham Kyon
Aankh Hai Nam Kyon
Hona Hi Tha Jo Hua Hai
Us Baat Ko Jaane Bhi Do
Jiska Nishaan Kal Ho Naa Ho
Har Pal Yahan Je Bhar Jiyo
Jo Hai Sama Kal Ho Naa Ho

Ragini doesn’t look at anyone.. she walks to mandap like a robot.. Swara is heartbroken seeing her sisters pain.. Ragini and Arjun now standing on mandap.. rituals are going to start.. Arjun looks at Ragini .. he expects her to say something… but she remained silent..
Arjun: This marriage can’t happen..

All are hell shocked.. daadi and shekhar ask him to not joke.. they ask him the reason.. they plead him to not break their laado heart… All are firing Arjun with questions. Ragini still silent. She doesn’t knwi.. she is shocked but she is not sad.. she deserves this.
Laksh Swara Sanskar looks on..
Arjun: I can’t marry a girl who loves someone else..
Daadi: what are you saying? My laado doeasnt love anyone elae.. yu are misunderstanding.. laado tell ..
Arjun: no daadi. You only ask her whether she still loves Laksh or not..
Laksh comes near to Ragini.. he also want to know..
Daadi: laado. Is this true! Do yu still love this man.. who played with you . Laado.. tell.. daadi shouts
Ragini: ( screams) yesssssss… I LOVE LAKSH. . I love him and will love him always.. I know he used me. .. cheated me. .. played with my emotions. But still I can’t him.. I can’t. Because infront of my love for Laksh whole hatred in this world looks so small.. my love for him has no condition… it’s ust love. And I can’t stop loving him.
Raginj cries.. laksh looks at her unbelievably. He doesn’t now how she loves him still. After all this.. he is overwhelmed .. tears are flowing through his eyes…
Daadi raises her hand to slap her but laksh comes in between and gets slapped..
Laksh: daadi,ragjni doesn’t deserve this.. yu can slap me hundred times.. I deserve that.. ragini I her lifetime did only one mistake.. and that is loving me . She had gone through lot of punishments for her mistakes.. nor anymore .. I wont let anything happen to her till am alive.. I love her more than myself. I love you Ragini.
He sudden hugs her infront of everyone. Ragini broke into tears in his arms.. she cries a lottt.. he caresses her hair.. he talks cries..

Swara sanskara MMwasja daadi shomi shekhar also gets teary seeing RagLak in each other’s embrace… all could see their love.. now they trust them.. Raginis love has won ..
RagLak break ther hug and looks at everyone who were smiling through their tears..
Arjun: finally… Ragini.. you are so stubborn.. you could have said this earlier also na.. otherwise I wud have married you …
Ragini doesn’t understand anything.. they looks confused.
Swara: Thank you Arjun.. thankyuuu so much. You brought my sister’s happiness back..
Ragini: may I know what’s going on???

Swara: Ok so let me explain… All this marriage was a drama to make Laksh realise his love for you.. but by the time laksh realjsed you became stubborn.. we wer expecting you to break this marriage after laksh confession.. but you didn’t. Yu didn’t do it till the end. Atleast we had no option and Arjun himself had to break this.. how stubborn u are ragu . .
Ragini: you all were playing with me ?? Laksh?? You also involved in this?.
Laksh: Raginj no.. pls dont hate ne for this.. i didnt know anything… yesterday night arjun called me asked to meet him.. he just said to me that befire marriage i should talk to you. And if you break this marriage he will let ua marry if not then he will marry you. So I just came to talk to you.. I didn’t now all this..
Laksh: Arjun, yu said we will let us marry only if Raginj says it na.. then Y yu broke marriagei yourself?
Arjun: Comeon laksh. How can I marry her. Look at her eyes.. it says how much she loves you. Knowing that you two love each other, how can I marry her. I didnt know Ragini js so stubborn.. I actually expected her to speak up till the last minute. I was shocked seeing her silence.
And all that credit goes to Swara only.
Everyone looks at swara and she smile proudly. ..
Arjun: She only came to me on the day before I first net ragini. She told ne everything and asked my help.. I was hesitant initially. Later agreed… nd then rest js history.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara: ok am sorry for all this drama. Byt what can I do.. you both were so stupid and blind. I already knew laksh Love raginj.. but he asked her to move on . And this idiot Ragini believed him and decided to move on.. I had no other option.. sorry. .but That day I promised to you know that I will get you what you deserve.. and that is Laksh. You two are made for each other .
RagLak smiles at each other.
And most difficult part was to convince Daadi and baaba.. and that credit goes to sanskar and Arjun. Then had to talk to them a whole night to convince .. yesterday only we informed them..
So now everything is ok na.. mandap also ready… y can’t we get then married now itself..
Raginj blushes.. laksh smiles looking at her..
Arjun smiles looking at them. But there is something else also.. no one except swara noticed it.
Laksh:no this marriage can’t happen…
Swara: Now what???
Laksh: Something is left…

Laksh bends on his knees . Spreads his arms infront of Ragini.. she smiles like a small child . Her dreams are coming true . She looks at Arjun and silently says thank you.
Laksh: Ragini, I don’t knw much romantic words. But I want to be with you al my life and coming next seven births.. I want to grow old with you.. I want to be loved by you. You are my sunshine Ragini.. you brought light into my life. You changed me.. and i want this change forever. And I promise that I will not let those tears to come I your eyes anymore… I will love you with all my soul till my last breath.

So miss Ragini Gadodia, are you ready to become Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheswary?? Are you ready to bear this stupid idiot spoilt brat through out your life and next seven births?
Ragini cries with happiness and nods in yes
Everyone smiles ans claps..
Laksh soon take a velvet box from his pocket.. and opens. A solitaire ring. All are surprised to see this.. no one thot about it..
Laksh: since there was some hope left.. I bought it for you today morning… I didn’t want to get married without getting engaged. And he winks.
Laksh: May I have the honour to make you wear this ring?l
Ragini extends her hand.. and all were surprised to see that she is not wearing the ring given by Arjun.. but no one made her remember it.
Laksh make her wear the ring and gets up….
Laksh: sorry guys.. m so excited and happy .. and I can’t stop myself from. Doing this..
He then hugs ragini tightly and kisses her in forehead . A shocked raginj beats him continuously for embarrassing her infront of family.
All smiles at their childish fights.
Daadi: It time for marriage. Leta move to mandap.
RagLak approach Arjun.
Arjun: pls dont thank me.. you two are meant to be together.. I just made you two realise it..
Raglak smiles.
Ragini: so friends????

Arjun shakes her hand and says. Yess ofcourse friends.
Laksh hugs him and says thanks buddy.. you gave me back my life .
Arjun: I gave yu my life laksh..
Laksh stiffens listening to jt..
Arjun: I was just Kidding yaar. Hey look daadi is calling you.
RagLak moves to mandap. Arjjn looks on..
And finally RagLak got married… this time forever. .. <3
And finally my ff is over. . Guys there may be many mistakes.. since it’s long update I can’t check it..

Whoever reading this pls leav a comment.. pls pls pls it’s ahumble request.. after all it’s my last update. One word wud b enuf. Nd if yu guys want I will give an epilogue of RagLak first night and Arjun pov.. just let me know . So I had a great time being with you guys. Thank to all my readers who encouraged me to write this. Hoep you guys enjoy this long update. Love you all.. miss yu

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