Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon ( Part 15)


Sorry guys that I didn’t upload for a long time.. actually my grandmother passed away and m still not out f the shock.. it happened unexpectedly..
I hope you guys haven’t forgotten my story.. I will finish this off within 2-3 parts. Actually I lost interest in writing but I can’t stop this in middle na.. that wud b unfair.. many f yu have been asking me to update.. so iam trying my best to give justice… forgive me if this update is not up to the mark..
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Ragini in her room
She is in distress .. what happened during Sangeet has revived her feelings for laksh.. it shouldn’t have happened .. but it was so beautiful.. she felt so comfortable in his arms.. their closenes… his kiss.. oh god… what am I thinking.. tomorrow is my marriage with Arjun and here iam thinking about my ex husband… how can I stoop so low.. I know that I love Laksh and I will love him till my last breath.. but does he deserve it.. what if he lose interest in me later.. hw was always confused… may b he thinks that he loves me just because he felt insecure seeing me with Arjun… if I break this marriage and go to him he may ignore me.. I shall not trust him anymore.. but I can see true love in his eyes for me.. but am I seeing it because I want to see it.. I dont know. But what about Arjun.. he stood by me all this and how can I ditch him.. I cannot make him another Ragini. I know how it feels when marriage is broken.. when ur fiance says that I don’t love yu but another person..

I have gone through all this and i cant purposefully make Arjun go through it … but will it b better If j get married to him and doesn’t give him any husband rights.. how will he feel.. I know that feeling also.. stayed together in a room yet behaving as just friends… without any love.. I don’t know.. why me… why its me who always have to go through all this.. I need to talk to Arjun.. nd she picks the phone..
Arjun comes to Baadi after Ragini asking him to meet her… he is in pain.. he know whatever Ragini has to say is going to affect 3 lives badly.. nd he is determined to support her whatever may be the decision. His love for her is not demanding.. but giving.. he only wants her to b happy.. be it with him or someone else.. he knows that its almost impossible for raginj to accept him as her husband… he was always a friend for her and will always be..
His thoughts got broken when ragini came there.. she looked pale.. Arjun felt bad for her
Ragini: Arjun, I need to say something
Arjun: yes Ragini.. tell me.. whatever it may be m with you..
Ragini: Tomorrow is our marriage and I…
Arjun: do yu want to stop this marriage?

Ragini: No… In fact I want this to happen.. but I can’t cheat you..
Arjun: Ragini don’t think that you are cheating me.. just follow ur heart.. it may hurt .. but still try to get what yu want.. please dont get married to me just because everyone want yu to.
Ragini: it’s not like that.. it’s true that I still love Laksh.. but I dont want to go to him.. I dont want to repeat the past… but I cant play with your emotions also.. yu just tell me . Will yu be able to live with someone who dont love yu back?

Arjun: Ragini I always knew that yu loves Laksh and will always.. I dont expect yu to accept me so fast.. it will take time. . I just want to be with yu.. yu love me or not doesnt matter to me … what matters to me is whether yu are happy or not..
Ragini(thinks): Arjun how can yy be so selfless? If I was like you ,all thjs wouldn’t I happened… I can’t b selfish again.. I can’t break yu for Laksh.. may b u r destined for me.. I will try my best to move on with you …
Arjun (thinks) Ragini just say it to me and I will make everything alright.. y r yu hesitating to share ur feelings with me.. I expect yy to open your heart to me.. else it will get too late..
Ragini: Arjun so are yu ready for our marriage?

Ragini: Tomorrow is our marriage and why are yu here till now.
Arjun: so yu are not stopping this marriage?
Ragini:No… Arjun you are a good friend Infact best friend.. I am happy with you. Nd I believe that yu will keep me happy always… that enough for me.. and I promise I will also will give my best in this relationship…
Arjun: but Laksh??
Ragini: I may forget him eventually… life has to move on na.. he now feels that he loves me.. may b after few days he falls for another girl also.. yoy pls dont think about him..
Arjun keeps thinking
Ragini: Arjun dont burn your brain so much. Go and get some sleep.. good
Arjun doesn’t say anything and just leaves..

Ragini still standing at terrace… tears are flowing through her cheeks. Whatever she said to Arjun was not lie. But she wished that this marriage stopa.. she wish that she get married to laksh.. but it’s not possible… she can’t break Dadi and baba again.. and Arjun also.. but she is not convinced.. what will be worser.. breaking the marriage or giving no rights to him even after marriage.. she is being selfish.. somewhere in her heart she know it that she is not doing the right thing.. but she has to do this marriage for her family.. she cant hurt them again for Laksh.. but she found Arjuns behaviour weird.. y did he left without saying anything. He looked upset or was he angry.. but why. She is not understanding anything.. she just cried and cried.. she goes to her room and picks the watch gifted by laksh and says “I Love You Laksh” but we are not meant to be.. and she falls asleep holding it..

Laksh in his room
I love you Ragini… I Love you so much that now am ready to give up this love for your happiness .. Arjun ia better than me in all respects.. you deserves happiness… I was never good for you.. I dont deserve your love.. I promise you after tomorrow I will never come back to your life Raginj but I won’t stop loving you . I will love you till my last breath.. I hope that atleast in next birth we get together.. nd I hope I won’t break ur heart then.. Iam waiting to die and reborn just for yu…
Arjun is perfect… m a rich spoilt brat who doesn’t respect others emotions.. selfish jerk… I don’t deserve any happiness.. I should suffer more… I wish that you get all the happiness in the world Ragini.. I love you … love yu. .

Suddenly his phone rings and he looks confused…
That’s all for today.. m sorry for such boring update..
I need an opinion.. next will b last part.. bt if yu guys want I will try to give a epilogue.. pls Give ur opinion..
Sorry for spelling mistakes…

Precap: The D day… day of marriage .. day for confessions , revelations, repentance…
Will RagLak be united? What will happen to Arjun?

Credit to: Nitu

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  1. Missed u dear…sry 4 ur grandmother…its aweome episode,loved it… 🙂

  2. Its awesome, iam mad on ur ff

  3. Moni

    Wow nitu..finally you updated..waiting for next part. Sorry to hear about year grandma..i know that feeling coz i also lost my grandma (nani) few years back?..she was very close to me..i hope you recover from it soon

  4. Megha123

    Missed u very much dear so sorry 4 ur gragrandma’s demise don’t be so sad I know it’s very tough to move on bt at least give a try BTW today’s epi was really emotional ????

  5. nice ,

  6. Thanks for update after long time this part was good

  7. After a long time but awesome update… Waiting for nxt one

  8. Sofia

    Neetu, it was a lovely update. plz give an epilogue too.
    I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. I pray that God will grant you the strength.

  9. Superb dear

  10. Dafsi

    Nitu dear first of all Im sorry for your grandma and yeah missed you so much and yeah you have to get over the shock as it is the nature anyways the update was very lovely you managed it to make it up to standard even in a hard situation 🙂 take care and love you

  11. Nami

    Awesome. Missed ur ff.

  12. SPP

    Missed you so much DEAR
    Sorry for your grandma news
    It was really Superb Fantastic Amazing Emotional one DEAR
    Give an epilogue too if you can
    Waiting for the next one.,…….
    Update next one when you feel too
    Till then take care DEAR

  13. Nitu……..why? Why? God! Arjun doesn’t deserve it. Such a beautiful episode. Please update fast. I loved it <3

  14. This was such a nice update. You portrayed Ragini and Laksh’s emotions beautifully. It’s so sad how they’re both yearning to be with eachother but atm they can’t. Can’t wait for the next part ?.
    P.S: I’m so sorry about your grandmother. Stay strong ❤️

  15. Akshata

    sorry for your grandmother, pls stay strong.
    its really amazing update. emotional too. i want an epilogue also.

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