Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon ( Part 14)

A very very big sorry to all of my readers for not updating… my grandmother got her leg fractured.. she is 94 yra old.. so iam bzy with hospital stuffs.. today was her surgery. So I got a break and decided to update my ff. For few days I can’t b regular.. sorry… nd this story is losing its charm.. readers are also very less..
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Today is Ragarjun Sangeet..
All maheswaries including laksh is present… Laksh is trying to hide his pain and be happy for Ragini.. but he is failing miserably cz his eyes can’t fake.. anybody can understand he is upset.. but very few knew the reason…
Ragini as always was looking stunning in her pink lehenga . . But her eyes were swollen… her brain forces her to beleive that her decision to marry Arjun is right for her.. but here idiot heart still says dat ,ragini dont do this.. there was a fight btw her heart and brain. Brain gets practical when it sees so perfect understanding Arjun.. nd heart starts flinching when it see Laksh so broken.. Heart forces her to trust laksh now.. to get her true love. Her first love.. she is in dilemma..
Arjun in cream sherwani looked dapper.. His feelings can never b understood by anyone.. but there is someone who can sense it.. (dt someone will be revealed later)
So Sangeet starts..
whole family gave stunning performances.. now it’s time for couples to dance..
Ragarjun looked hesitant.. swasan pulls them on to the stage.. uttaras plead laksh to be her dancing partner.. laksh was not at all interested but he couldn’t deny hjs cute doll.. se he too joined..
Ragarjun at centre and swasan and uttarsh at both sides.. ragini is turned backward.. she can see Laksh.. laksh also can see her.. She slowly keeps her hand on Arjuns shoulder.. and Arjun kept his hands on her waist but above the dupatta only.. Ragini felt so glad that Arjun is such a gentleman.. laksh closed his eyes seeing them so close.. tears appeared on his eyes.. which were left unnoticed by everyone except Ragini… She felt bad seeing him in pain..
Music starts
Bolna plays..
Ragini is moving with arjuns steps.. but her eyes are sticked with Laksh who is trying to avoid looking at them.. Ragini felt bad that he is avoiding her.. slowly Arjun turns her.. now she can’t sse anyone.. it’s just Arjun.. both remember their first meeting. .. friendship .. date.. everything. Ragini looks at his eyes… those eyes has many questions which she is not yet ready to face.. so she just looked away. Arjun while twirling her around him noticed her eyes around looking out for someone.. not him.. he felt bad.. but he wanted to enjoy that moment with her.. so he avoided everything else.. during twirling she steps down on her lehenga and falls on Arjun.. he holds her by waist. there was lot f awkwardness between them.. Arjun just looked at her and got lost.. Ragini was feeling weird. .. she avoided his glance and tried to get up.. which brought Arjun in his sense.. Both smiled at each other weirdly and continued dancing… nobody was noticing al this bcz all wer bzy with their own dance
partners.. but laksh… he was burning with jealousy seeing them so close… it’s a if a stone is tied upon his heart.. he is feeling heavy.
Song changes and time to change couples.
All guys just tired their partners.. Uttara with Sanskar.. swara with Arjun and…
Ragini just landed on Laksh’s chest… there were butterfliea in their stomachs… her head was perfectly placed on his chest… she felt so comfortable.. laksh felt like whole world is with him now.. it was dark so no body was really noticing all ths.. except two people..
RagLak is in their own world for the moment.. they are not conscious about their surroundings… both found solace in each other.. Ragini getting his warmth which she longed for.. laksh holding his love which he took a lot f time realise..
Music starts. Mein teju samjhavan female version ..
Slowly laksh slips hjs hand on her bare waist .. he held her tightly as if he will never leav her nymre.. Ragini lost hee senses in his touch.. she also clenched to his shoulders… he caressed her while dancing… she looked at him with lots of love and pain.. many questions in her eyes.. many answers in his eyes . They were communicating each other… tears coming through both eyes.. laksh slowly raises his hand wipes her tears with his thumb.. whereas ragini wipes his tears with her palm.. bith are feeling each other love and passion.. they cup each other’s face. They are coming closer..
music ja going on.. all are busy in their own world..
RagLak is coming more closer.. they feel each other’s breat.. they are overwhelmed with their new found feelings.. experiencing for first time.. their lips are getting closer… closer closer.. Ragini shuts her eyes.. parted hee lips.. but a tear escaped from her eyes. Laksh noticed it.. and kisses her forhead and steps backward. . Ragini then realised what was going on.. she felt embarrassed.. they made distance between then.. they didn’t talk verbally.. but all their questions got answers.. theh are communicating.. but silently.. in their own language. They came back to dancing position… music stops.. and they leav each other.. light come.. everyone claps.. Laksh and ragini avoided each other nd moved in opposite directions. .

Arjun comes to her.. and asked her about party.. dance. She was feeling guilt.. she coudnt face him.. Arjun as always sensed something wrong and avoided the topic..
Ragini understood this and her guilty get high.. She knew Arjun was perfect in all senses… nd laksh has lot of flaws.. but…
Ragini making an excuse moves to her room.. and Laksh making another excuse leaves from there..
Both are broken.. yet enjoyed every bit of moment happened earlier.. reminiscing each and everything.. but bitter truth is that tomorrow is Ragini’s marriage with Arjun..and that thought destroyed all their dreams…
Precap: Ragini decision and Ragarjun convo on night before marriage
Sorry I couldn’t reply to comments in earlier part… I was bzy .. yu know hospital procedurea.. plss keep commentig…. love yu alla.. hope you enjoy this part. M very bad at romance.. sorry if disappointed… I cant show ragarjun romancing with each other.. cz ragini never moved on from laksh.. she will never get carried away.. nd Arjun also is determined.. once he taken a decision he will stick to it.. he will never take advantage f ny situation… dts Y always keep awkwardness btw them though they are friends..
Sorry for spelling mistakes also. No time to check.

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