Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon ( Part 12)


Hi everyone.. m back.. I hope that everyone read my last part.. there was only few comments.. I felt real bad… nyways m going to end it in may be 5 parts.. so no more dragging..

Part 11 – Maha Episode

Episode starts
Ragarjun leaves the hospital.. Ragini is completely broken.. she doesn’t know what to believe and what not to.. Arjun doesn’t know what happened inside.. but he can’t see her like this.. they both sit in the car. Arjun takes her to a park.. there was none there. He left Ragini cry her pain out. He just waited ragini to be calm ,to enquire about today’s incident.. Ragini cried.. cried and cried. The pain she gone through when she heard laksh met with an accident is non describable.. she felt like dying.. When she saw laksh lying on that hospital bed with bandages her heart stopped beating. She felt like her broken piece of heart was lying there… he would have better kill her rather than this.. when she listened Laksh -Omi convo she felt like someone back stabbed her. Again once again Laksh played with her emotions.. that was the first thought that came into her mind.. she slapped him.. how could he.. but she did a mistake.. when omi said that laksh hurt himself in repentance,her flinched with pain.. oh no.. she slapped him twice. There was injury on his forehead.. it must have painful.. oh no she saw his hands bleeding.. what did he do now.. she just wanted to run to him and hug him tytly.. but images of Papa ,Daadi, swara,arjun flashed in her mind.. now if she goes to laksh she won’t be able to control her emotions. One more time if he says I love you, she would forget everything happened and will melt infront of him.. but she can’t. She can’t cheat her family especially Arjun.. arjun stood by her every time.. supported her .. motivated her.. made her laugh.. how can she cheat him.. Arjun was ready to accept me even after knowing her past… where laksh always cheated her.. played with her emotions.. how can still she think about going back to him.. no she shouldn’t .. her brain doesn’t allow her to trust him.. but what will she so with her heart.. which is just beating for laksh,his love,his care.. Ragini is in a dilemma.. she need to share it with someone.. Arjun.. he’s.. he can help her.. she wiped her tears and moves to Arjun..

Arjun was just looking at her.. wondering what must have happened there.. what did laksh do.. he doesn’t know.. but he knows one thing.. he can’t stand tears in her eyes.. he need to hug her.. console her.. jus want to say that m with you and everything wil be alright..He saw ragini getting up and coming to him..
Arjun: Ragini, if you are feeling better we can leav…
Ragini: Arjun, don’t you want to know what happened there??
Arjun:To be frank,yes I want to know.. but only if you are kk with it..
They sits on a bench.. Ragini tells him everything.. he was speechless. He don’t know what to say.. he knows what ragini is going through… he couldn’t figure ragini was more upset about Laksh plan to disturb our date or laksh being injured or she slapped him.. his thoughts got broken when ragini hugged him and cried suddenly..
She was crying it out. Arjun didn’t try to stop her.. he just patted her on her head..
Ragini: Arjun, why laksh is doing this with me??? Why he is not letting me to move on.. he is haunting ne.. he asked me to move on and now he is saying he loves me.. what m supposed to do.. I can see pain in his eyes.. today I saw love in his.. for me.. which for past one year I was longing to see. But he was too late..
Arjun cups her face..
Arjun: Ragini, listen to your heart.. take your time and think.. dont break down.. whatever may b ur decision,i will support you..
He said this with a heavy heart.. because he knows that her decision is goin to affect him also..
Ragini: Nothing to think Arjun.. I have made decision.. and that is our engagement will happen in two days…
Arjun:Ragini but…
Ragini: that’s it Arjun.. our marriage should happen next week.. I need to move on else..
Arjun got it.. she is running away from laksh..she knows that if she takes time to think her heart will go with laksh again.. she doesn’t want that to happen.. Arjun realised that bitter truth.. that Ragini loves Laksh unconditionally.. she will never be able to forget him. She wil never be able to stop herself from loving him.. he just thought. IS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON????
They left the park.. there was only silence between them.. both are two broken souls.. some realisations are pinching them right on the heart. They reached Baadi.. they didn’t talk to each other.. .Ragini goes too Daadi and inform her decision about marriage and all are happy except the bride and groom..

Ragini doesn’t know what she is doing right or not.. she just don’t want her heart to b broken once again. But what about Arjuns heart.. is she being selfish..
Arjun now know ragini only loves Laksh.. but she still wants to marry him.. he has promised her to be with her in her all decisions.. he will keep that promise.. as a friend.. as. Partner he will stay with her always.. he doesn’t expect more from this marriage.. he just need Raginis companionship..

On the other side,Laksh got discharged… he is completely broken.. he is numb.. he lost his true love.. his ragini.. he can’t bear the pain.. he just went to his room.. locked it.. sat on the floor and cried it out. His pain… his love.. his passion.. everything.. .
Whole family is worried for him.. no one knows anything about what happened in hospital.. omi just told them he met with an accident.. when they rushed to his room to see him, then found it locked from inside.. laksh was not responding… they thought that he is sleeping and left. But they dont know laksh’s sleep has gone forever. He can never be their old charming lucky unless he has his ragini with him.. And to add to his pain he listened swara screaming with excitement that Raginis engagement is in two days.. he knew it.. Ragini would do something like this.. he has promised her that he will attend her marriage and he will keep it.. He will never play with her emotions.. Nd will never will be a burden to her.. he now realised power of true love.. he just want her to be happy.. if her happiness lies with Arjun, then he will not deny it to her.. let her be happy. My Ragini.. ab IS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON??
That’s t for today. Pls pls pls comment…. sorry for spelling mistakes.. couldn’t check. . Is it getting boring?? Just give your views..

Precap: Ragarjun engagement

Credit to: Nitu

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    1. In natural l I just cried for kashibhai.. I hate mastani yaar. She just stole her hus.. forced him into a marriage.. priyanka was brilliantin it.. . M sorry for making yu think so.. but ragini is not meant fir arjun.. bcz she loves our laksh na… thanks fr commenting..

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    1. Thanks Bela.. der was some issues with that episode.. it was not seen In the list.. mmm RagLak..

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