Raglak- Is pyaar ko kya naam doon?( Part 10)

Hello my dear friends.. Thanks to all my readers for encouraging me.. And sorry for not updating yesterday.. I won’t update on Sundays I forgot to say that earlier.. Sundays will be busy.. Hope YU don’t mind..
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part 9Next day morning at Baadi
Ragini is doing Tulsi Pooja.. She is wearing a simple white churidar.. Her hairs are wet and left open..
Arjun reaches Baadi.. He feels little awkward thinking what Ragini will think when she sees him morning itself.. Actually he wanted to know whether Ragini is OK after yesterday’s incident.. And yes of course he wants to see her. Talk to her.. Spend some time with her. He just cannot resist the feeling for being with her.. His chain of thoughts got broken when he saw his angel with closed eyes.. With utter devotion chanting mantras.. He was awestruck seeing her.. He couldn’t see or listen anything else..
Ragini finishing prayers opened her eyes to get surprised to see a awestruck Arjun staring at her.. She felt little shy..
Ragini: Arjun???
Arjun got out from his dreamworld hearing Ragini’s voice.. He fumbles…
Ragini: Why are you here ? Anything important??
Arjun: Ragini… Aren’t you happy to see your friend??? Should I look time to visit my friend..
He said this in a fake angry voice.. Ragini felt bad listening to this.
Ragini: Arjun,I didn’t mean that.. I was quite surprised when I saw you here early morning so I just asked..
Arjun felt bad seeing his Angel upset because of him
Arjun: come on Ragini.. I was just Kidding.. I was passing by here so I just thought to visit you.. And now if you don’t ask me for coffee I will get angry for real..
Ragini hits her head with her hand. Yesterday also she didn’t ask him to come in..
Ragini:oh no.. Sorry sorry.. Please come in.. I will make special tea for you.. also Everyone will be happy to see you
Arjun smiles at her innocence.. And both gets into her home..
All are happy to see Arjun.. Ragini goes to kitchen to make tea. Daadi shekhar and sumi is talking to Arjun.. Arjun nods for everything whereas his eyes are stuck in the doors of kitchen.. He wants to spend more time with her.. He is not that confident to ask Ragini for a date.. She will deny it. He knows that.. But he gets an idea.. Ragini can never deny her daadi. He smirks..
Arjun:Daadi, if you don’t mind , can I take Ragini for a dinner tonight.. I promise we won’t get late.. I will drop her here before 9…
Ragini listens to this.. She is nervous. She knows that daadj doesn’t like roaming around before marriage. So she hope that Daadi denies..
Daadi makes a stern face. Arjun understands it and he felt bad.. He shouldn’t ’have asked.. He was about to say sorry. Then Daadi smiles
Daadi: Arjun beta.. You asked us for permission even before asking to Ragini.. That itself is necessary for us to believe that you will take good care of her. You can go out with her.. If you get little late also I don’t mind.. I just want my laado to be happy..
Arjun was on cloud nine with happiness.. Yeaa he is going on a date with ragini.. Ragini is surprised or she is rather shocked listening to Daadi’s reply..
Arjun goes near Ragini
Arjun: Ragini.. Be ready at 7pm.. I will come to pick you up..kk
They they have tea and Arjun leaves
Ragini calls Swara
Ragini: Swara,iam in problem..
Swara; What happened Ragini?? Dis someone say something???
Ragini:No Swara.. Arjun is taking me for a date.
Swara:What ?? You and Arjun going for a date. Wow… Such a happy news and you are saying like yoi met with an Accident.. So where are you going?? What are you gonna wear?
Ragini: Swara relax.. You are getting excited as if you are going on a date.. Iam scared swara.. I have never been on a date. What shall I wear?? How should I behave? I don’t know anything..
Swara:Ragini.. Don’t worry. There is time till 7 na.. I am coming to baadi.. I will make my laado ready for her first date..
And yea I will get you the dress also..kk
Ragini:Swara, you are the best sister in the World.. Come fast.. I love you.
Swara: Love you to Rago. Bye. See you soon
Swara in excitement jumps and turns to see a Furious laksh standing behind her.. She ignores him and goes outside. But she was scared that laksh may do something. Laksh goes to his room and bangs his hand on the door.
He couldn’t bear the fact that Ragarjun are going for a date.. How can she agree for it.. She only.loves me and now she behaves as if she doesn’t tcare about him.. Ragini’s first date with that idioot Arjun.. It should have been with me na.. Iam her first love.. But I never asked her.. He was feeing bad. But he knew that he shouldn’t be impulsive.. He should think with a cool mind.. He cannot take risk.. His one wrong step will make Ragini go more far away from him.. And he can’t imagine it.. He decides to follow them ..
“Ragini, your Laksh loves you a lot now.. I can’t see you with someone else.. Plss forgive me.. your first date is not with me that makes me feel bad.. But I promise Ragini and Laksh will be together for our whole life and coming next 7 births.. I will never let you go away from me.. Without Ragink laksh is nothing. It took me a lot of time realise it.. Soon i will confess my feelings.. Till then I will try to make no problems.. Love you Ragini.. “
This it for today. Sorry for short update. Next update will be longer. Promise.. Soo please comment.
Many people feels that Arjun is Perfect for ragini.. Laksh has done many mistakes.. My stories name itself suggests unconditional love f ragini for laksh. Arjun may be perfect in all aspects. But ragini gave jer heart to laksh.. Whatever he did her love for him won’t change. Such deep is her love.. I just want to signify it by portraying Arjun so perfect.. Hope you understand.. Sorry Ragarjun fans.. This is RagLak..but Ragarjun wil share good bond.and there will be Ragarjun scenes also..
Precap: Ragarjun date.. Laksh’s plan. RagLak confrontation Nd may be laksh confession to ragini…

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  1. Shazi Rajpoot

    I was a silent reader but since I have started writing Ajnabee I am more active here! I must tell u that this ff is heart touching and I feel the emotions it’s brilliant… I love the way Laksh is craving for Ragini 🙂 please update soon

    1. OMG shazi YU r my readers.. M feeling proud.. N ur follower on Twitter also.. I like ur edits a loottt… FB page also m following.. Ur gifts to temish.. Everything… Thankyuu so much for ur comment…

      1. Shazi Rajpoot

        Yaah I absolutely adore ur ff actually I always wait for it 🙂 u r so adorable thanks for liking my work what is ur Twitter so i can follow u back

      2. [email protected] is my name.. I am not at all active in Twitter.. Juz a namesake ACC..

  2. Wowwww its awesome dear…wtng for laksh confession .. 🙂 …love ragini…

      1. Laksh confession won’t be so romantic…BT lil emotional

  3. u rock today dear it is simply superb and awesome !!!!

    1. Thanks Riya… M glad you liked it.. 🙂

  4. Awesome Superb
    It’s just getting interested day by day
    waiting for the next one……

    1. Thanks dear… Vl update soon..

  5. NiceNice episode di…. Eagerly waiting for next part…. And I just hope Arjun will not be hurt too much that he would be depressed on union of raglak and become a villain of their love life….

    1. No never.. I won’t make him villain… He will remain as perfect as he is now.. I love him after all.. 😉 thanks dear..

  6. Liked ragarj bond but want ragini to b wit laksh at end…lovely episode

    1. Yes it will be RagLak.. They are made for each other

  7. super

    1. Thanks lovely..

  8. As usual Awesome episode dear and I’m eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Thankyuuu soo much ammu…

  9. Wow it was amazing. U nailed it. But I’m disappointed with the short update. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

    1. Thanks prateeksha.. I wanted to end this episode at that moment.. DTS Y.. Next will.long one..

  10. I missed u yesterday.. today part is nice but short.. update soon..

    1. Thankyuu Lisa…

  11. hi neetu, i really like your ff, actually the show should have gone like this but these cvs spoiled it ..they only concentrate on swasan..i love swasan but i love raglak more. I am silent reader and i usually don’t comment but you have made me comment. so, thank you for this amazing raglak ff . i also have written my first ff” where she went” hope you read it.

    1. Thanks moni for ur wonderful comments… Yes I have read ur ff.. Keep rocking dear.

  12. Dear its up to u… whoever u want to pair with ragini… I like both… Coming to the epi it was a Fantabulous epi… ???

    1. Thankyuuu so much dear… 😉

  13. hey Nitu read you ff analysis by Neha tru though you must be replaced by the CVs anyways this update was simply outstanding keep rocking

    1. Thankyuuu dafsi.. M a big fan f ur ff’s.. D it’s an honor fr me to get complement from YU..

      1. hehehehe Nitu dont put me up so high really I have alot to lear from you…A writer like you being my fan is something which I should be happy.. Love you in loads

    2. Don’t embarrass me dear.. M NT even a writer.. It’s just an extension of serial.. New plots and new ideas should be appreciated..

  14. Nitu, Ragini can have Lakshya, I want Arjun 😛
    Honestly, great update. You are planning to wrap it up when? In how many updates? Today’s episode was so brilliant. Dating? I can imagine Ragini’s nervousness. Hehehe

    1. Not mre than ten updates left. Very soon I will finish this one.. Bela if YU take Arjun, what abt me??? 😉

  15. Mind blowing. …I just don’t have words…..Awesome. ….it was very emotional. …..I was living each and every line……and plz upload next epi asap…..

    1. Thankyuuu so much dear. . m glad u r liking this.. 🙂

  16. Awesome 🙂

  17. Raglak confrontation awww so exciting can’t wait 4 nxt part

  18. It was awsm. Laksh is responsible for all his miseries. Though l know she loved this stupid stupid laksh but the same will happen to Arjun which once happened with ragini ??l hate heart breaks

    1. Mmmm 🙁 Arjun is so good na.. Nobody can hate him..

  19. Thanks for making the jodies as raglak

    1. It was always RagLak dear….

  20. Awesome… waiting for raglak confrontation… nd laksh confession… ragarjun scene r good…

    1. Thankyuuu dear.

  21. After long wait finally you give awsome part hope laksh will soon tell ragini about his feeling

    1. Thankyuuu dear..

  22. raglak (fouz arshi)

    nitu.i loves ur way of writing. u simply describe ur view must in a beautiful way

    1. Thankyuuu so much.. When will u update ur ff??

  23. Superb. Wating for laksh’s confession. Excited for the next update

  24. Awesome chechi… I’m really very excited abt the nxt part… Can’t wait 4 their date n raglak confrontation

    1. Thanks dead.. Vl update soon

  25. […] Hai friends.. Sorry for late update.. I was lil buzy.. and yea it took time to type this super long update in my phone.. This maha episode dedicated to all my sweet readers.. Please please comment.. Your comments motivates writers to give better.. Silent readers if any plss comment. One word would b nice.. Even if it is criticisms it’s OK.. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.. Couldn’t check… Previous part http://www.tellyupdates.com/raglak-pyaar-ko-kya-naam-doon-part-10/ […]

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