raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 30


@ raglak room
Rags is folding d clothes.laksh cm frm d back nd hugs her.
He makes her wear a diamond ring
Lk: this is frm my side for ur first rasoiii.
Rags: thank u
Laksh turns her towards him.he is abt to kiss her
Rag: maaa.
Laksh looks back.rags pushes him nd runs frm there

Rags pari nd swara r cooking.both salank cm to kitchen.
Pari: do u want anything
Sanlak(unison): I need water.
Pari: swaragini.give them water.
Swara gives water to sanky.laksh gives water to rags.both boys eyes girls nd ask them to cm
Pari: swaragini.u go with.i will hand remaining.
Rags notices love mark on swar’s hand get worried
Rags: what happened swara.show me u r hsbd.
Swara: vooh .today mng …… its a scratch.ragsss don’t wry .I got hit by door .so….
Pari: but its look like nail mark
She burst in to laughter.
Pari: ragss plz understand naa.its the love mark.i saw another one in her neck.
Swara suddenly touches her neck.she understand that pari is teasing.
Sanky is abt to run.laksh holds him: hotha hai bhaii yeh sab hotha haiiii

Ap: ukya masti masak ho raha hai?
Swara: nthng pa
Pari shows ap d mark on swara’s hand
Ap laughs
Sanky: mam plz zzz

Ap: okk u all get ready we r going to baafi for dinner

@ nyt
Everyone reaches baadi
Sumi: plz cm every body
Swaragini hugs shekhar dada dadi
Both swalank takes blessing of everyone.
Pari: ma aryan so gays.what to do?
Sumi: don’t wry beta .I will get swaragini’s curdle for him

Pari makes aaryan rest in curdle.
Sumi: dp bhaisab nahi ayaaa
Ap: he is busy with sm work.we wiil cm aftr sm tym
Dp: madam u took my name.nd it’s impossible that am not on ur services
Everyone laughs.
Everyone sits for dinner.
Sanky: I got know hw swaragini is master in cooking.u r marvelous maaa
Sumi: thank u betaaaa
Shekhar: where is utts
Ap: she went to her friends birthday party.every one chats nd had their dinner

Screen freezes on d family tym

Precap: entry of un expected person.

Guysss any gusess. Thank u for ur support nd love thank u every one.special thanks to my regular readers

Credit to: arshi

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