Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan promo

Hey guys!! Lakshmi is here dears!!! I am sure that all r angry on me.

But guys wat to do? Last Thursday was really a bad day for me. I met with a simple accident!! Some scratches over my body. But the real sad thing was my phone got damaged!! So I couldn’t write or read ff ‘s. I only got new phone today. So first I think to right the promo.. I will post my both ff in night. I write this on a break time. I am too busy today with my studies. But sure will post ffs on night.

Ragini & Laksh spend some good time together.
Laksh start to falling for Ragini.
Aditi gonna make an entry!!!
Aditi is going to become a part of Raglak’s friendship!!!
Aditi became happy about Laksh’s caring!!!
She praises him!!!
Is she gonna make trouble between Rag-Lak!!
Reentry of Aditi is going to make a new twist!!!
Aditi-Laksh? Ragini-Laksh?

Stay eagerly dears….. Thank u. Love u lot…..

Credit to: Lakshmi


  1. anonymous

    Hey Lakshmi take care and get well soon and thanks for your reply to the comment. I was eagerly waiting for your update and I am glad you will. Thanks for making such good ff. And please it is just request that don’t make aditi negative and make her unite Raglak instead. I specially like ur ff since ur ff is the only one showing happy n light moments n no bad twist or negativity. And yeah once again u r a brilliant writer dear keep writing 100 of episodes n pls make the confession later and show some fun moments and their feelings developing slowly n make them jealous but no negativity. It’s just a suggestion. Sorry for extra long comment.

  2. Meghs

    Hey how r u …. Take rest yar… Take care urself first then when u will be alright continue ur ff

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