Raglak – Pyaar ki Bandhan (one shot)


love story

laksh is forced to fulfil last wish of his grandfather. He is supposed to marry a village girl swara

he is not interested in this marriage but after seeing her photo, he fell for her beauty, he is ready for the marriage

he inform his decision to family and all are happy, marriage date is fixed after one month, they used to chat to know about each others likes and feeling

but one day everything Changed in his life he met one girl in a mall, she is pleading him to protect her from goons

he lost in her eyes, she is looking like princess, her face ,dressing style everything is unique and she is like a dream girl but tears in her eyes cause pain in laksh heart

so he decides to help her, he takes her to his flat

he asks her about details but she seems tensed and cannot reveal her identity

he understand her situation, OK I never ask you anything

if you feel I’m genuine than you can share with me

hii I’m laksh maheswari you can call me lucky

may I know your name plz

r:I’m ragini si……

l: ragini si!!

r: no just ragini

laksh can I stay here for a week?? please

l: yeah you can

r: tq, I will never trouble you

l: no problem, but if you feel free with me than you can share your problem, I will help you

r: hmm

l: I will bring something to eat

r: no, I will prepare for us, just show me the items in kitchen

l: are you sure

r: yeah

l: OK come

after 30mints she prepare some food with available items and lucky helps her

l: I must say after long time I feel like I’m tasting homemade food

it’s really tasty

r: tq

l: you can sleep in that room, I will adjust in couch

r:no, I will sleep here

l: hey I used to sleep in couch so their is no problem for me

good night

r: good night

ragini thinks lucky is really nice person, plz God help me to overcome from my problem

@next day morning

l: ragini ready ho jao we will go for shopping you don’t have any dress Na

r: no.. no problem I can manage

l: what you can manage , you are my frnd so it’s my responsibility

I thought you consider me as friend but you don’t hey Na!!

r: no you are my true friend, I will come with you

l: OK

@show room

both are selecting some dresses and ragini goes to trial room but it’s locked

same time lucky came their suddenly someone in the trail room opens the door and due to jerk she fell on lucky and their both lips touched like perfect liplock

both are in confusing situation, awkward silence is placed

some kids are laughing seeing them in such position

they both come back reality and select dome dresses and went back to home

this kiss incidence is great impact in both of them but they avoid their feelings

4days passed

they both are now best friends like inseparable, ragini laksh both care for each other

lucky completely forgot about his marriage, his daily routine completely changed and after office he used to enjoy with friends but now he used to spend his maximum time with ragini

they both are love but hesitate to accept their feelings

ragini thinks tomorrow is last day here, I want to share my feeling with him but if he rejects me I can’t bare this thought also

l: ragu what are you thinking yar

r: lucky my uncle wants to kill me that day but you protect me from their men

l: what

r: yes, I informed Dada ji he is coming tomorrow so no problem for me

l: why your uncle want to kill you

r: he needs my property

l: unbelievable

so you are leaving tomorrow {his voice shows his pain)

r: I have a surprises for you, get ready
(I’m going to propose you lucky)

l: OK princess

@7th day(last day) evening

ragini prepares lucky favorite items and Hall is looking like a perfect place for date

lucky came home early

ragini is looking like a angel in red saree with matching accessories

he is mesmerized to see her like that

lucky thinks ragini I’m going to propose you dear, I can’t live without you

both are having eyelock

both want to propose but suddenly their eyelock breaks due to calling Bell, ragini hides in room

laksh open the door, then biggest shock is their for him

swara came to his flat to surprise him, she came inside

suddenly she hugs him and told lucky I love you, I can’t wait for 23days, marry me now

(ragini heart break into pieces listening his marriage news, she stands like a statue)

l: swara tum yaha kya kar rahe ho

s: I came here for exam lucky, I’m free for 30mints so I decided to surprise you

kaisa laga mera surprise

l: yeah good( but his complete thoughts are surrounding around ragini)

OK tell me your address I will meet you tomorrow

s: OK, I will msg you

but plz chat with me I think you are trying to avoid me

l: no their is nothing like that I will meet you tomorrow


s: OK bye

lucky calls ragini to come outside

she came to Hall but her smile is missing in her face

lucky is about to propose her but their is again knock at door

laksh shocked to see the 70years old man with z force security and he is looking like King, when he is about to ask him about the details ragini runs towards that man and hug him & calls him dadaji

laksh cannot understand anything and stand like statue

ragini introduce laksh to dadaji

hello laksh, I’m suryavanshi singaniya King of miyapur

l: King!!

su: yes beta, ragini is the princess

I request her to not reveal about her identity due to security purposes

my son and daughter in law are died in car accident 15 years back, then onwards ragini is in London for her studies

mainly I send her to London for safety

she is back in India 10days back again attacks started in my bungalow

then we understand someone closely monitor us, so we reached Kolkata but they again attack us and then you protect her

now their is no harm for her, the main reason for these attacks are our property before 21 years if anything happens to her than whloe property transferred to her uncle

but after 21 if anything happens to her it goes to orphanage,he is already in jail but these 7 days are crucial for her so when she informed me her stay in your house I asked her to hide her identity so she didn’t inform you anything

sorry beta.

happy birthday ragini beta, here is your birthday gift

r: tq dadaji,

su: open the gift

r: papers!!

su: they are not normal papers darling, now you are official heir of miyapur

3000 crores property is belongs to you

ragini gives fakes smile and thinink I lost my most important thing in my life my lucky,
this property is really papers to me my happiness lies in lucky but I cannot express my feelings, I’m really unlucky girl, her heart is broken into pieces

laksh POV

laksh is also in the same situation, he always treats her like his princess but no she is really princess she never love a person like me

but really she is great she behaves like normal girl she knows everything, her love, her care, her friendship everything is so special for me

dadaji interrupts lucky thoughts

su: OK lucky once again thank you so much for your help beta

ragu shall we leave?

r: haa dadaji, chalo

I want to talk with laksh

su: OK come soon

Their is a complete silence in whole room

r: congrats lucky , swara is beautiful

l: he is looking her with blank expressions,

happy birthday ragini

plz take this ye tumhari birthday gift( I buy this ring to propose you but now I cannot say my feelings at least my gift is with you)

r: tq

lucky can I hug you!!

l: I hugged her immediately, don’t know why but I want to stop this moment forever

she hugs me tightly and crying vigorously

suddenly she break the hug and leave from their without any word

both are crying vigorously

@ after 1week

lucky POV

This apartment is nothing for me before her arrival but she change this apartment to beautiful home with love

every inch of this place remind me my moments with her, this place is heaven

she came in my life as an angel, I never believe in love but she introduced me to the love world

she always behaves like normal girl

she prepares food for me that to my favorite dishes

when she is around me my day is beautiful, her words are relief for my tiredness

her cuteness, her smile all things are special for me

she cares for me like my mother, advice me like friend

with out her I’m like a dead person

my soul is apart from me, my ragini my love my princess

raginiiiiiiiiiii I love you

I love you

I love you

ragini POV

I feel like he is calling me

I want to be with him but I have a no right to be with him

he belongs to someone, this thought killing me from inside

I’m in a palace but I feel it like a cage

laksh house is small but I feel that place as palace

may be not that house is palace but due to lucky presence I feel that place as palace, he doesn’t know anything about me but treats me like princess

I always craved for pure love, when my parents left me alone in this world I never felt like I’m unlucky

but lucky love, care,his presence everything affects me, I want to live with him but he is someone else

now I feel like I’m the unlucky person in the universe

lucky I love you

I can’t live without you lucky

@ After 6months

ragini is now responsible princess, all people are happy with her rules

ragini dadaji always force her to marry but her answer is no

su: ragini beta if you love anyone than tell me I will convince him

she just left the place with tears

how can I tell about him dadaji he is now someone else, their is no place for others in my heart because he occupied my whole heart

ragini holds the gifts lucky presents her in b’dy , I never wish to open this gift lucky whenever I see this gift I remember about our separation

Her thoughts are disturbed by someone

servant: princess sanskar sir is waiting for you

r: OK I’m coming

San: good day princess

r: sanskar plz call me ragini yar

s: sorry ragini

I’m working here as your advisor so I have to respect you sometimes

r: leave about that, just call me ragini

you are my friend so that’s final

s: OK pakka

r: where us your real life princess

San: she is admiring the view

swara swara

swara name disturbed her thoughts

ragini finally saw her she is shocked to see her as a sanskar wife

r: swara!!

San: you know her!

r: ragini holds swara hands tightly and her anger is at peaks

how dare you to marry sanskar?

SW: excuse me, why are you asking me like that
I like him that why I marry him

r: what!
than what about lucky, you love him Na!
you both are engaged

how can you betray him

SW: wait, you are talking about laksh

r: yes I’m talking about laksh maheswari

you proposed him Na , than why you left him

sw: yes I proposed him but next day he came to meet me

I really excited to talk with him but his face is pale

he broke up with me and informed this to our families, our parents tried to convince him but he is stubborn

when I ask him the reason he told me that his heart is occupied with angel their is no space for another person

sw: but you only accepted this marriage proposal Na

laksh smiles at her question

l: yes but I don’t know her that time, she entered my life like dream she completes the space in my heart

I only spend 7 days with her but those memories are enough for my life

my angel, my ragini

after listening the swara version ragini lost her balance about to fall but sanskar holds her

her tears are uncontrollable

r: sanskar I want to meet lucky immediately

SW: that means you are his angel

r: yes I’m
he is my lucky

their is no bounds for her happiness

thank you so much swara, sanskar

I’m leaving now

@kolkata – lucky house

lucky is arranging couch suddenly he heard calling Bell sound

when he opened the door his angel is standing in front of him with smile

Both are standing like statues and tears of happiness flows from their eyes

ragini hugs him tightly, he hugs her back both are crying( words are not enough to express their happiness)

r: you accept your love for me infront of whole family, than why you hide this from me lucky

l: I thought I’m not suitable for you, you princess ragini

r: princess my foot, I always want to be your princess lucky

those property is nothing infront of you

I love you lucky

I love you

I love you so much

please don’t leave me, I can’t bare this pain

r: I love you princess

I love you more than my life

he kissed her tears

both are looking happy

r: lucky why are you sleeping in couch, what happened to bed?

l: it’s still belong to you, I want to keep things same so that I can never miss your presence

ragini is overwhelmed with his reply

r: lucky yeh gift!!

l: you didn’t open my gift?

r: no

what is this!!

lucky opens the gift box, their is a beautiful ring inside the box

l: ragu Do you want to spend rest of your life with me?, i want to grow old with you, Will you make me the happiest man alive?

r: yes, I will lucky

he makes her wear the ring

ragini comes near his lips n kisses him on lips suddenly and the soft Peck changed to passionate liplock ,he passes his hands around her making it long deep kiss . both looks at each other . laksh kisses her fore head gently . A small tear skips out from corner of her eyes with joy

finally both are united and their new phase of love story begins….

my story ends here

thank you so much for your support friends, hope you like this part….

Credit to: lovely

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