Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 9

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Scene 1
GH. Ragini reach back at home.she was in her room.& thinking about the incident happend in laksh’s office.
Ragini:wat a rude man he is!!how his family can adjust with him?? Laksh toh unse bahut better hei!!!
Suddenly her phone ring..
Ragini pick the call.It was her Friend Teena
Ragini:hi Teena..how r u?
Teena:fine da,aur tum kaise hei?
Ragini:I am perfectly fine! Aur bathado kyaa baath hei?? Achanak ek phone call!! Is toh itni mahine ke baad!!!

Teena:a good news! My marriage is fixed.
Ragini:really!!congrats dear…..kon hei ladka?? Kyaa tumhari us hot&handsome boss hei??
Teena:yea dear,he is!!
Ragini:super yaar..
Teena:so Ragini,evening we together arrange a party for all the friends. In my home.U must come.
Ragini:yea,sure I will come dear.
Teena:then by,see u in the evening..
She cut the call&smiled..
Scene 2
Teena’s house.party time…
Ragini is wearing a long pink color gown with diamond jewellery!! She look so pretty in that dress.
All r enjoying the party!! DJ plays after some time….
Ragini check the time..
Ragini:ohh…etni der gayi.!!!

Ragini went to Teena. Teena was dancing.
Ragini:Teena, I am leaving.
Teena:kyaa? Y r so urgent?
Ragini:nothing,I just want to leave now!! Papa will be late,so maa jaldi aane kehedia!!
Teena:ohhh..!! Then ok dear.even we couldn’t talk proper,he na?
Ragini:don’t felt bad dear,I will come another day to meet u.
Teena:then ok,no problem! By.&take care
They hugged.
Ragini:by..u also take good care,not only u but also to ur hone vaali pathi ko..
they laughed..
Teena:I will try.

they waved hands. Ragini take car&went to GH.
Scene 3
In car. Ragini is singing a song…
Suddenly her car stopped!!!
Ragini:kyaa hua car ko?is the tyers puncherd?

She stepped out.
she check tyers..
Ragini:tyers have no puncherd!! Then wat is the problem?
She began to round the car&check each and everything..
Some bikes arrived there!!
3 bikes& 6 mans!! They were drunken!!
They saw Ragini
1st man:kyaa baath hei!! Kyaa sab dekha unko??

2nd man:haam..haam..dekhti rahi hoom.
In that time Ragini hit the car with her leg!!
Ragini:ohh…crap wat I do now??
then only she notice the bikes&men!!!

Ragini look at them!!
1st man:kyaa hei madam? Do u want any help??
Ragini didn’t respond”!
2nd:oyee,kyaa tum sunthi nahi??
3rd man:bas karo yaar,madam ko dar lagoonga!!!
They laughed.&began to round her with bikes!!!

4th man:oyee ladki!! Naam kyaa hei tera??
Ragini didn’t gave any answers!! She felt very fear in their action.!! Her body began to shiver lightly!!!
6th man:aree yaar!! Kyaa tum kuch bolungi nahi!
They stopped their bikes.
1st man stepped out &walk towards her!!
Ragini became super shocked!!
1st man came infront of her!!
1st man:ab bathao tumahri naam kyaa hei??
Ragini:excuse me Mr. Wat r u doing?

3rd man:ohhh so u can speak!! Then bathao,naam?
Ragini:I am not going to tell my name,and not anything. Ab tum sab mere raasthe se hattavo!!
She opened car:s door,!!!!
1st man close it&pins her to car!!!
Ragini became super fear&started shivering.!!
Ragini:move..u idiots ..
They laughed!!
1st man came close to her face&to her lips!!!
Suddenly she pushed him&run from there!!
1st man:stop her!!
They all began to chase her..
Ragini run fastly&she looked back! She saw them..she started crying hardly!!
Ragini while running;

Ragini:help…help..koi help kardo..help..
But no one hear this. She couldn’t find any one in the way..
The man came soo close to her!!
Suddenly one of them throw a stick to her legs&she fell down!
her right leg got a cut in knee!!
She couldn’t get up from there!!!
They reached next to her.!
1st man gave a hard slap to her!
1st man:where r u running? U ….
Ragini is crying hardly..
Ragini:pls leave me, bhai…

She folded her hands..
But they couldn’t hear that.
1st man grabbed her hand&dragged her in to the side of the road!!
He drag her to the parking of a shop!!
He pushed her in to the floor&laughed!!
Her head hit in the floor.!!
She cried!!
She cover her head & in a loud voice;


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Credit to: Lakshmi


  1. taiana

    Omg shocking episode… i also think laksh will come n save her… plzzz update the next part soon… if possible uploaded today itself…

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