Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 8

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Scene 1.
Maheshwari’s office. Laksh became super angry to hear Ragini’s words towards Dp. He drag her out…. !!
Laksh dragged her to the garden side.
Laksh:wat is ur problem,haaa?
Wat r u thinking about ur self?
Ragini:oh..hello! I want to ask u the same question! Wat is ur problem? Y r u drag me out from there.?
Laksh:how u can speak to an aged man like that!!! Don’t u have minimum manners?
Ragini:u should ask the same thing to him,bcoz he started that. If there is any other one in my position, I am sure that they will slap him!! Idiot!
Laksh:(in a loud voice):stop it Ragini!! U r speaking about my dad!!
Ragini became shocked&speechless in that moment!!!! She didn’t even think that it is
Durga Prasad,Laksh’s father !!!!
But in next moment she think;how can he talk about a girl like that? Agar uski jaga pei unka bachi hei thouh kyaa voh aise bath karoonga??
So she think that she didn’t done any mistake.

Ragini:if he is ur dad,tell him to how to behave others! !
Laksh:tum kaise ladki hei Ragini?ohhh.. I didn’t thought that ur such a cultureless girl like this!!
Ragini:u can tell me any think about me. But first u should hear wat ur father said.
Ragini gave him a detailed discription about the incident.
Hear that he felt bad. He think to ask her sorry for his rude behaviour. But his ego didn’t allowed him to do that.
Ragini:now u speak,how ur dad can speak like this to a girl,which is a total stranger to him!!
Laksh:ok ok.stop it. Now tell me wat r u doing here??
Ragini look at him angry &throw the cover to him.
Ragini:it all happend bcoz of u&ur coat. Take it.!!
Laksh opend the cover. He saw his coat.
Laksh:I just tell u that on a funny mood. Actually I didn’t want this.
Ragini became super angry.
Ragini:u…do u know laksh ur such an idiot…

While said this she started to walk behind.
A car came towards her …….
Ragini didn’t notice it!!! But laksh saw it!!
He rush to her!!!
He jumped over her&they fall on the lawn!!
Ragini shocked. Her eyes widend! Her lips started to shiver.!!
They share an eye lock!
The breeze shaked her hair&it touches in Laksh’s face….!!!!
(The song SANAM RE PLAYS in the back ground……)

Laksh hot breath touch in her face. After one second they realized their position&Laksh get up&help her.
Laksh:u don’t hurt,isn’t it?
Ragini:no,I am alright..&I am leaving laksh.
Laksh;ok then by..
They turned in different direction&started walking..
They both felt some thing in heart..!!
Laksh sudden stop…&turned..
Ragini turned&looked at him
Laksh:sorry ….for my dad’s behaviour…

Ragini smiled hear this.
Ragini:it is ok laksh,don’t feel guilt about ur self….by
She go towards car.!!
Laksh continous looking at her…..
A cool breeze came….!!

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