Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 5

Thank u soo much guys for ur comments&supports.I saw many one asked me to post next part soon.but I couldn’t.bcoz my exams r on the way,so have a lot to study&also I have to post my another ff ADHURI KAHANI-PAIN OF LOVE.but don’t be dissappoint dears,I will try my best to give u good chapters.

Scene 1
Coffee shop.Ragini became hell shock to see laksh there!!!.
Aditi didn’t understand wat happend!
Aditi:Ragini,wat happend?
But ragini didn’t respond. She slowly get up from her seat!!
Laksh came near to her&gave her a sharp look.!!
Then he turned to waiter.
Laksh:thanks bhayya…
Waiter:koi baath nahi sir…
He went from there.. then laksh turned to
Laksh gave her a wide smile!!! Ragini felt like a fool her self!!
Laksh:no..aap nahi!! Fool,stupid,idiot& brain less,he na??
Ragini looked down. Aditi didn’t understand wat is happening there!!
Aditi:guys,wat is happening here?.
Laksh:ask ur friend.
Ragini(in a low voice):He.. he,car,car!
Aditi understood&remain silent.!!
Laksh:kyaa tumhari dosth mere bare meim kuch nahi kaha?
Aditi shake her head in “yes”.

Laksh:I know that.because I heared it!! Juat ask to conform.!
Ragini:voh…voh..kyaa he na….
Laksh:no madam,don’t need any explanation.
Ragini:I ..I am really sorry.
Laksh:ohh!! So u know how to ask sorry!
Ragini didn’t tell any thing
Laksh:I just came to tell u some thing! Not any thing about the accident.so be cool.
Ragini gave a question look to laksh!!
Laksh:if we r talking about some one’s mistakes or scolding some one,pls make sure that he/she is not near.! Ok?
Aditi laughed hear this. Ragini gave her an angry look.suddenly aditi stop it.
Laksh:pls remind my words every time,it will help u,I am sure
Ragini gave a normal look to laksh.
Laksh:so I am laksh,Laksh Maheshwari.&u.?
Ragini:Ragini,Ragini Gadodia.
Laksh:ahh…naam toh badi kamal he,but doings…..uff..&u r name?
Aditi:Aditi Mishra.
Laksh:nice to meet u.so by guys..
He turned &go..
Aditi:in ur life it is first time he na?
Aditi:but it was really really fentastic..
Said this she laughed…
She hit aditi.
Ragini take her coffee cup.&ready to leave.
Aditi paied bill&came out from coffee shop.

Scene 2
Parking area.
Ragini:wat was he thinking about his self? Is he felt I am as an ordinary girl?idiot..
Aditi:oh..stop it Ragini,if he heared this once again,it will not be good!
Ragini:I will never mind that.
Aditi suddenly hit her forehead!
Aditi:ohh I forgot my purse in there. I will come soon.u wait here.
She think about laksh’s words&became angry once again.:”idiot..”
While said she turned&collide with Laksh!!!
She lost her grip in coffee cup &coffee fall on laksh!!
Ragini:ouuu God!!
She hit her forehead.
Lakah became soo angry!!!
They were in parking.one one was there.!!
Ragini:I am really sorry.I didn’t see u.
Laksh didn’t say any thing. He started walking near to her.!!!
Ragini became bit nervous!!!
Laksh just look at her eyes,with out saying any thing!!!
Ragini started walk to behind!!!!
Laksh didn’t stop!
Ragini started breathing heavily.!!!
finally he pins her to wall!!!
Laksh came very close to her!!!
Ragini breath heavily….
Laksh felt the hotness of her breath!!!
Ragini look in to laksh’s eyes!!
They share an eye-lock!!
Ragini felt something stuked in her throught…!she couldn’t say any thing.
Even she felt laksh’s breath in her cheeks!! Her lips started shivering!!!
Suddenly Laksh….
Ragini look at Laksh with a shocked face..

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