Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 4

Hey guys,sorry for the lateupdate.I know that it is not fair ask excuse for every time.but wat to do? My exams on the way. So I have lots of study works.&my dear readers thanks a loooot for ur supports..

1 thing more. There is a new entry of Ragini’s friend.I am on confusion!!!
But I chose Aditi(sheena Bajaj) from TPK. Her character is a professional dancer.If u have any suggetion on that pls comment it.

Scene 1
Ragini came from college. In her room.
She was laying in bed.sumi came to room.
Ragini:haa maaaa..
Sumi:wat happend?don’t u feel well?
Ragini:nothing maa,just a headache.
Sumi came near to Ragini&touches in her forehead.
Sumi:abhi teek ho jaavoonga.
Ragini smiled.she takes sumi’s hand&kissed.she hugged her hand.
Sumi looked at Ragini’s innocent face.&gave a kiss in her forehead.
Some one opened the door…….!!!!!

Sumi:with a heavy breath:ohh…u???
I became shocked!!!!
Sumi:it’s ok.come betta…
Ragini didn’t looked at Aditi&didn’t say anything. Aditi notices this.
Aditi:wat happend to her?
Sumi:mujhe kaise patha? Tumhari dosth he na? U talk to laadooo,I will take u juice.
Sumi went out.
Aditi:oyeee budhoo,wat is the matter?y ur face look like a baloon!!
Ragini can’t control her anger towards Aditi. She take a pillow &hit her with that!!
Ragini:don’t speak a word to me,u fool..
Aditi:but y?
Ragini:y,he na?tum mujhe kyaa patha hei? U will come on sunday evening,isn’t it? Today is monday evening,do u know that?
Aditi made a sorry face&hold her ears.
Aditi:soo sorry baba …
But Ragini didn’t mind that.
Aditi:pls….pls look at me pls….
Ragini slowly look at her&smiled.
Aditi:aree baba..thank God! Smile toh kiya hei..

They hugged.
Ragini:I have a lot to tell u about these 2 days.&how was ur dance programme? Tell me..
Aditi: not now!!!
Ragini:but, y??
Aditi:bcoz,we have already planned someting in this evening…!!
Ragini:wat was that?
Suddenly she remembered!!! She hit her head with hands.
Ragini:oh!!! Shopping…
Aditi:yea….lets gooo…
Ragini get ready soon&go for shopping..
Scene 2
Shopping mall. Aditi& Ragini completed their shopping.
Aditi:soo lets go home,
Ragini:hmm,Adi I feel very hungry.
Aditi:then we will go reasturant first.
They entered in to a coffee shop. There were crowd. Only 2 seats were free.they sit.waiter came
Waiter:madam, wat do u like to have?
Aditi:one cold coffee&…..
Ragini:one burger…
Waiter looked at her.
Aditi&Ragini laughed together…
Ragini know Aditi’s like&dislike well
&Aditi too know about Ragini.

Waiter(to ragini):and u madam?
Waiter goes from there.
Food came they started eating.
Aditi:and Ragini,wat happend to ur car?one of it’s front light is breaked!!!! Any accident?
Ragini remembered about the morning incident.
Ragini:haaa,today morning my car hit with an idiot’s car!
Aditi:nothing more,isn’t?
Ragini:nothing.I have no problem..
Aditi:not about u! The opposit driver!&it was ur mistake ,he na?
Ragini:y u said like this?
Aditi:bcoz I know my Ragini very well.!! Then wat happend is surely u did something& escaped from him.he na?
Ragini made a puppy face&they laughed together.
Ragini told Aditi every thing.
Aditi:see,I told u na?
Ragini:then wat I wanted to do? He was really a fool,bilkul a stupid fool. If there were any one else,I am sure I will be in trouble. Ohhh …how he can be a stupid like this.? He look like a brave guy.but no brain,only look.
They smiled.
Waiter:madam,any thing else?
Ragini:no,give the bill.
waiter:sure madam.
Waiter gave her bill,with a white paper!!!
Ragini:wat is this??
Waiter didn’t respond&gave her a smile.!!
she became clueless&open the paper.
She became hell shocked to read that!!!
Ragini:who gave this???

waiter pointed to a man,who is wearing a blue jean&white shirt,with dark blue over coat!!
it was LAKSH!!!! He was looking at Ragini!!!
Ragini’s breath stucked to see him.


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Credit to: Lakshmi


  1. rosy

    omg nice twist at last part dear, want to see raglak scenes, if possible post another part today only, make it lengthy

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