Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 3

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Scene 1
Ragini’s car. Ragini on fm radio&sing with the song which playing in fm.
Suddenly she saw a car coming in opposite side.but she couldn’t turn the car!! She lost the control in her car&it hit the opposit car.
She looked at opposit car.
Ragini:oh oh wat to do now???
From opposit car Laksh came out
Laksh:what the hell is this?
Ragini(to her self):oh…God!!!how can I manage this??
She came out from car. She saw laksh’s angry face!!!
Laksh(in an angry tone):wat r u done?don’t u have eyes on ur face.??
Ragini smiled widly.
Laksh:I don’t ask u to smile!! I ask u that do u have any explanation for it??
Ragini:sir,I …I didn’t see ur car.
Laksh:oh..really?then wat r u thinking while driving?
Ragini:sir actually, today is my first day in college. Now it is already late.pls I want to go.!! Laksh placed his hands in two side of waist
Laksh:achaa.oh….first day?new college?want to go?isn’t it?
Laksh:u can go!!
Ragini:thank u..
She turned &try to enter in car. Suddenly Laksh hold her hand tightly!!!
Laksh:only after solve this!!!
Ragini became little scared!!! But she think something&find a way to escape from there!!
Ragini:how dare u to touch me???
Laksh became little nervous!!
Ragini:answer me how can u touch a girl,who didn’t know before?? U r soo cheap!!!
Laksh removed his hands.
Ragini:listen,it just a small accident!I didn’t do it delibratly. But wat u done??
U hold my hands,means u touch me.!!! Do u know the concequenses of that???
Laksh look surround to check that is someone hear this..
Laksh:I am sorry…
Ragini felt funny.she controlled her laughing.
Ragini:it’s ok ….
Ragini entered in her car
Ragini:so u can go..
She take her car riverse.

Laksh was in super confusion!!!
Ragini stop car near his car.
Ragini:so sorry…don’t think so much.!!!
I talked this all to escape from ur lecture!!actually it was my fault!!pls forgive me haa…&by
She smiled.&go from there!!!
Laksh felt he became a fool!!!
But suddenly a smile came his face thinking about her talk.!!!!!!


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Credit to: Lakshmi


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