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Hi guys!! Our new entry is ‘AHAM SHARMA!!'(KARNA FROM MAHABHARAT!!!!)Yeah guys,he is the man who is going to enter in Raglak’s life!!. Character name will be same- Aham.I don’t know is my casting is perfect, but I like Aham,more than his character ‘Karna’ in Mahabharat. So I choose him.if u don’t like him, u can imagine ur choice in Aham’s character.

And I already post 21 chapter one time before. But couldn’t find it till now so I re- post it.

scene 1.
GH. Laksh & Aditi was in a shock to see a man is hugging Ragini!!!. Laksh fumes in anger….
Man: surprise Ragini!!!!
Ragini also was in a shocked state! She suddenly turned back & look at him. In next moment her face filled with a graceful smile!!
She had a lots of excitement in her voice!!
She hugged him through his neck!!
He also hugged back her!!.
Aditi look at Laksh. She had a fear in her eyes!!Laksh try to look somewhere else!!. Laksh was really in a bad state. He felt soo much pain in his heart!!.
Aham& Ragini broke their hugged. They didn’t say anything!! But look at each other,holding their hands!!

At last, Aham broke the silence!!
Aham:shocked, ehha??
Ragini: very much!!.
They laughed together..
Sumi : haaa!! I told na? Definitely she will shock !!
Ragini hear her& looks !!
With sumi, there was also Aham’s parents& shekher!!
They all laughed…
Ragini: uncle?? Aunty??

She ran towards them. She take blessings from them, Aham’s mother hugged her!!.
Mother: laadoo ithni badi hogayi?? Aur bahut sundar bhi!!!
She cupped Ragini’s face.
Sumi: haa!! Only her body got grow,not her mind!! She thinks her self that still she is a child.
Ragini: maa?? Papa see na?
Shekher: sumi, yeah she is still my little princess! Do u have any problem??
Aham: ohh ohh!! Uncle, aunty, aap donom abhi iss baath par chagda karthe ho? It is unbelievable!! Kyaa aap donom ko abhi tak koi aur baath na mili hei, chagde karne ke liye?? Yeh dekho iss baath par meri mom& dad is best!! Daily they will find something new to fight with each other. Isn’t mom?
All laughed to hear that. His mother gave a little hit in his shoulder.
After that Aham & Ragini look at each other!! They couldn’t speak nothing!!.
Sumi look at them she saw that they didn’t say nothing, but look at each other!!
Sumi: aree,kyaa tum donom eise kyoom khadi rahi ho?? Ithni saal ke baad mili hei!! Kyaa kuch nahi hei baath karne ke liye??

Ragini & Aham smiled to hear this!!
Aham: we met after soo many years na? So we two r in a same condition,an excited condition. So I couldn’t say anything and…she too. Right Ragini??
Ragini: bilcul sahi hei!! Maa when u call me I couldn’t imagine that ur going to give me such a shocking surprise!! I think there is something problem!! Ohh..I became afraid!!
Aham: aunty,I told u na She will afraid.??
Sumi: iss par koi baath nahi hei betta! Voh sabhi vakth mujhe maza udatha hei. Iss baar meim badal diya!! Simple..
Ragini: maa… Will see u after this…. Wait
Sumi laughed …
Aham: toh chalo Ragini!! Ham baath karoongi…
Ragini: I am still in the shocking hangover Aham!!
Aham: pls reduce that& we can talk. Don’t u want to talk to me? Aree yaar!! U r childhood friend hei!! Kuch toh baath karo yaar!!
Ragini: aree yaar!! Do u know I have a lots of things to talk& me want too..but I don’t know.. I couldn’t get words…
Aham: no problem.. Come I will help u to talk..

He hugged her through side!!
Aham: come we will go outside…
Ragini: yeah!! ..ohhh… Laksh & Aditi?? Ohh ..God…
She hit her forehead with hand. Actually Then only she remember about them. She forgot everything to see Aham!!
Aham: wat???
Ragini: wait.. Actually my friends r waiting in outside!! Ohh I forgot that!!.
Aham: Ragini, u didn’t change a bit!!!
Ragini rushed to outside. Also Aham accompanied her.
Laksh & Aditi was waiting for Ragini outside GH. Laksh was in deep thoughts about the man,who hugged Ragini!!. He became restless & fume in anger think about that!!. While that Aditi was watching Laksh’s expressions& trying to talk with him!!
Ragini came outside. Laksh & Aditi was in lawn. Ragini saw them and go towards them.
Ragini: I am soo sorry guys!! I forgot that u two r here.
Laksh look at her!!

Aham came there..
Aham: don’t worry guys. She is always like this & also will be. So take ur self. She never gonna pay any attention to anyone!! If she got someone definitely she will forgot about u!! Am I right, Ragini??
Ragini: haaa…soo funny!!
Aham: really?? Thank you… Wat is this Ragini?? Don’t u want to introduce us each other??
Ragini: haam..I will do…I will do…pls wait yaar…
Laksh feel soo much jealous to saw them!! More than that he felt soo much pain in his heart.
Ragini: soo guys!! This is Aham, Aham khanna!! My……
Aham interrupted her!!
Aham: Ragini’s fiance!!
He forward his hand to Laksh!!
Laksh & Aditi became shocked to hear that!! They look at each & then at Ragini!!
Ragini also shocked to hear that & gave Aham a doubtful look!!
Aham look at her!!
Aham: I mean…not now.. But will be. He na laadoo??
Ragini: uuhh??
Aham: will be…?? Yeah sure..will be.he na?

He winked eyes..
Ragini: haaa haaa..may be.
Aham: not may be .will be..
Laksh & Aditi didn’t anything. Laksh forward his hand to Aham. They both shakes hand.
Ragini: and.. Aham this is Laksh… My…
Aham: is he is ur boy friend??
The question made a shock in Laksh…
Ragini: wat??
Aham: haam,agar hei toh…
Ragini tied her hands..
Ragini: hei toh??
Aham: then there is a chance to fight with him!!
Ragini: for wat??
Aham: to get u back!! Wat question is this ragini?? I want to marry u na?
Ragini: then hear…
She go to near Laksh & placed her hand on his shoulder!!
Ragini: haam…I am in love with Laksh!! And he also love me…we both love each other very much!!! Right Laksh??
Laksh became hell shock to hear her words!! He looks at her with soo much excitement!!
Ragini: he na?? Bathavo usko Laksh…
Aham: is it true Laksh?
Laksh was in a lost stage!! He don’t know wat answer should gave!!
Ragini: tell him Laksh, tell him the truth that we r in deeply loving each!!
Laksh looks at Ragini’s eyes … She was looking at him.. Her eyes were shining…
Laksh feel something, a sweet feeling in his mind..!!
Laksh gave the answer looking at her..
Laksh: yeah!!
Ragini: see…Laksh agree.. Do u believe now Mr. Aham Khanna??
Aham: yeah!! Laksh how bad luck ur!! I feel soo much pain to see ur critical situation?? But I am helpless dear!! If u started to love her, then u have a lots of things to suffer…. Bad lucky!!
Ragini: koi problem nahi hei!! In this u don’t have any role & I don’t need you to suffer anything for me!!

Then she looks at Laksh..
Ragini: my Laksh is ready to suffer anything for me!! He na Laksh??
Laksh look at her with an amazement!! Suddenly he feels that she also love him!! He don’t know y,but he feels that..
They both share an eye-lock.!!
Aditi saw this and became soo happy!!
Ragini: tell Laksh, u will suffer anything for me na??
Laksh smiled a little & said
Laksh: yes!! I will!!
But suddenly Ragini go towards Aham!!
Ragini: but wat to do?? I am loving him !!
Aham laughed to hear that& Laksh & Aditi became shocked!!
Aham gave a side hugg to Ragini!!
Aham: yeah !! I am her childhood friend!! I love her from that time… So I am truly love her!! Do u have any objection Ragini??
Ragini: no..no..
Aham: so wat will u do Laksh??
Laksh became blank to hear them. He couldn’t get that is they r joking, or in real???
Ragini look at confused Laksh!?
Ragini: aree Laksh!! Leave it!! We r just joking!! Aham bachpan se eysi hei!! Sab ko maza udadoonga…leave it yaar
Laksh felt relaxed to hear that…Aditi too..he looks at Aditi…
Aham: noo noo..I am not joking!! I am seriously saying yaar!! I am really loving Ragini..
Ragini: ohh!!! That is just amazing.!!
Aham: aree Laksh I am not joking.. I am truly loving her..if u also loving this idiot. Then it is sure that there will be a fight between us!!!

Laksh felt something strange to hear that!! Even he is said all this in a joke way but Laksh felt that it also have some inner meanings!!
Aham: if u also love her no problem!! Bcoz I have faith in love & I am truly believe that only true love will win. So in between us,who have true love,a strong one will win at last. So don’t be tensed Laksh!!
Ragini: agar aise kuch hua toh,I am damn sure that Laksh’s love will win!!
Laksh once again became in beyond happiness!!
Aham: y?? Don’t u think that I will win?
Ragini: absolutely no.. Bcoz Laksh will love in truly but ..u…I don’t have faith in that..
Aham: u…
He catches her hand & twist it!!
Ragini: ouu!!! It is paining!! Leave me u devil..
Aham leave her hand..
Aham: kyaa dard ho raha hei,meri pyaari ko??
Ragini: I am gonna kill u fool..
She catch his shirt.!!
Aham: OK OK yeh sab iske baad karoonga,first u should introduce ur another friend, see na she stood like a statute!!
Ragini: ohh!! I forgot!!
Aham: see I told na??
Ragini: Aham…
Aham: yeah..got it..
Ragini go to Aditi& hugged her from side..
Ragini: Aham… Yeh hei meri sabsi achi dosth….
Aham: Aditi..!!
Ragini & Aditi became amazed!!
Ragini: how do u know??
Aham: bachpan se yeh dhi na tumhari best friend? I know. U told a lot about her in our child age& also hear a lots from ur mother today… So I can easily catch her name!!

All smiled!!!
Aham: ur a professional dancer, right?
Aditi: yeah!!
Aham: I like dancing! Anyway nice to meet u!!
Aditi: me too..
They both shake hands…
Ragini look this& coughed a little..
Aham: Ragini…
Ragini: kyaa hua Aham??
Aham: I got wat u mean, don’t need to cough more..
Ragini gave him a wide smile…
Just then sumi called Ragini..
Sumi: laadooo…
Ragini: haaa maa..coming.. Guys I will come back now…
She went to inside..
Aham: then… wat r u doing Laksh? Studying??
Laksh: no..I am helping in my family business.
Aham: oh!! Me too …wat is ur group name?
Laksh: Maheshwari& company p.v.t.
Aham: ohh!! Maheshwari group!! It is very famous! I know, I already heard the name before… Of great!! So u r the young Maheshwari,haa?
Laksh smile a little..
Laksh: so which is ur company name?
Aham: K& group..
Laksh: ohh!!! So ur the MD of Khanna group!!! Aham Khanna!! Ohh I heard a lots about u !! The most young successful businessman!!
Aham: really?? Thank u..
Laksh: ur company’s base is in US right?
Aham:Yeh voh actually after my 12 age,my family moved to US. So not only my company, my full root is on US. But still have some beautiful relation in here,like shekher uncle & family. So when I get time, I came to India. But Ragini & I met really after a long break!! After I moved to US.it is the only 2nd time we meet.first meeting was 10 years before!!! We were very good friends in our childhood. I was soo unhappy when my family decided to move to US. Bcoz I was very afraid about losing my friendship with Ragini!! Bcoz I was soo close to her!!but now I have no tension,bcoz she is still have the closeness towards me!! We r still sharing a good bond in between us,don’t u feel?
Laksh didn’t say anything!!
Aham: bolo na? He na Aditi?
Aditi look at Laksh & said
Aditi: yes!!
Aham: yeah! I know.
Laksh: y the sadden visit? Just to meet them,or have any other business meeting?
Aham: no just to meet them…and..
Laksh: wat??
Aham: don’t tell her,keep it as a secret, promise?
Laksh & Aditi look each other!!
Aditi: wat is the matter?
Aham: I came here now to get engaged to Ragini!!!
Laksh felt that something big hit in his head!! Aditi too felt shocked & opened her mouth a little!!
Laksh: excuse me ..wat??
Aham: don’t get believe na? Yeah it is true!!

We r getting engaged soon!!
Laksh couldn’t believe his ears!!
Aditi: wat r u talking?? Don’t play prank..
Aham: wat?? I am not a kid to play pranks!! Pls believe me I am telling the truth!!
Aditi: no I will not believe this.
Aham: I don’t want to make u believe, but Laksh u should believe me that I am telling the truth!! Don’t u believe me?

Laksh became speechless!!
Aditi: so funny!! If there is something like that she will told me first! I know her!
Aham: yeah! I know that. But she don’t know this.!!
Aditi: wat? Then how she will get engaged to u??
Aham: wat is the problem in that? Our families already decided this in our child age. So wat is the need to rethink that?
Aditi: it was in ur child age na? Now she became a young girl, who have her own thoughts & opinions. So don’t u think that it is needed?
Aham: iss meim tum kyoom ithni gussa ho raha hei? Wat? Is she is in love with someone?
Aditi look at down & then to Laksh!!!
Aham: kon he? Is it Laksh??
Ask this he look at Laksh!!
Laksh look at Aditi&then Aham!!
Aham: if it is Laksh…. Then..
Aditi: then wat??
Aham: no it will not be him! I am sure. I know u two r the besties of Ragini.
Aditi didn’t say anything!! His tried to control him self!!
Aham: so I will call u both in our engagement! U two should be with me as my friends, not as her.I don’t have so many friends here,OK?
Laksh felt to ran from there!! He feels that he failed to control himself!!
Aham: where is she? Come friends, we will go inside.
Laksh : voh..I want to leave now!!
Aham turned & look.
Aham: y? No no not now. I will not let you go now. Come inside,we will talk some more time.
Laksh: no I forgot that I have an urgent meeting!! So ..want to go now!!
Aham: ouu !! It is too bad,then OK. U can go now. But don’t forget that u should come tomorrow. We will talk. Laksh,

I really felt u as a good friend! So pls I don’t have soo many friends here. Only Ragini. But I want u both to consider me as ur friend, OK?
Laksh smiled a little & gave a hand shake.
Laksh: tell her.!!
Aham: yes man.
Laksh turned to go..
Aditi: Laksh, wait I will also come with u!!
Aham: to where?he is going for a meeting.
Aditi: so? He will drop me in my home.
Aham: don’t even think about that. Now ur not going to any where!!
Aditi: wat?/who r u to decide that? I will go. Tell her that I am leaving!!!
Aditi is about to go. But suddenly!! Aham catch her hands!!
Aham: no no. Ragini will kill me,if I allowed u to go. So ur not leaving now.I may not allow him to leave if he didn’t have any meeting. But wat to do?? So u should stay here with us. After some time I will drop u at ur home.OK?
Aditi: but I want to go now!
Aham: for wat? Do u have any important meeting?
Aditi: no..but..
Aham: then no excuses! Bye Laksh.come Aditi!!

He dragged her to inside the house…
Laksh didn’t say anything! Bcoz in that time he really needed loneliness!! He think about Ragini & then the words of Aham. His eyes filled with tears.. !!
He rush to his car& drive fastly..some times his car went to hit other vehicles!!

Scene 2.
Finally he reached his farm house!! He didn’t get out from the car..!! He sit like a statute for some time… Tears were flowing down from his eyes!! He remembered about his past two days. In those days he had only one think in his mind! Ragini!! A sad smile came in to his face.!!
He slowly get out from the car & slowly walk inside the house. He went upstairs!!
He stopped infront of a room!! He look towards it& hesitantly opened it!!
The room was filled with a lots of red roses& red balloons!! There were red candles every were& the walls were filled with Ragini’s photos!! .
Laksh looked around…
He went towards 1 of her photos… He looks at that for a minute . he slowly touch it…his heart became broken…
He came back& looks once more. Then went near the table & opened a draw… It had a little box..he slowly opened it!! It had a beautiful diamond ring!!!
To see that he became more sad…!!
He bent down in his knees..
He was staring at the ring!! He cover it in his hand for one second & take the hand next to his heart!! A smile came in his face!! Suddenly he throw it& screamed!!
He hit in the glass table!!! His hands got cut… It started bleeding heavily!! He covered his head with hands& cried hard……
” Jo tu mera hum dard hei….
Jo tu mera hum dard hei…”
Plays in back ground…


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Credit to: Lakshmi

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