Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 20


Hi guys!! I am back with a big twist in the story….how r u frnz? Hope all r fine…
I know everyone is angry on me. Especially ANI& RUHANI…bcoz they always comment me to update it regularly. But I always make them wait( not only them, but also everyone..). But don’t worry frnz.today u can comment me anything. I will read it & try to comment back. Bcoz I am totally free today. Not only today but this whole week.. So I hope I can post this ff regularly& also have some plan to write 2 or more OSs ( only hope. Bcoz I am a no.1 lazy girl so don’t expect more).
Then guys,today I am going to gave u a long update….with a new twist ooohh!!! Check it out.

Scene 1.
Laksh’s car. Laksh became super confused about Aditi’s question!!.
Laksh started the car& drive back to MM.
While driving laksh was thinking about Aditi’s question..!!
Then he think about Ragini..& also think about the situations if they were lovers!!!!
Laksh: chii…wat is this Laksh?? Wat r u thinking? She is ur friend… Just only that OK??
He try to change his thoughts.. But his efforts were in vain!!! He couldn’t stop his thinking about Ragini!!!
He reached MM.
He parked the car. He opened the door… Suddenly Uttara jumped in front of him& wish him
” Happy birthday!! “.

Laksh became shocked & he hugged uttara…
Laksh: thank u my dear sister!!
Uttara: where r u bhaai?? Do u know I was waiting for u till now…
Laksh: ohhh!! Sorry. Mujhe kaise patha ki meri pyaari behen mere liye wait kar raha hei??
Uttara: haam..I know that u don’t have any thinking about me!!!
Said this she made a sad face!!
Laksh: oh…my little princess became sad.
He pull her nose..
Uttara: ouuu.!! It is paining.
She rubb her nose…

Then everyone came to the hall for wishing him.
Ap,suja,& rp…
Sujatha hug him& wish him.
Suja:pure zindagi par khush raho…
LAKSH take blessings from her.
Then he goes to Rp for blessings.. Rp hugged him & wish him.
Then he goes to ap…
Ap look at him with teary eyes…
Laksh: maaa..wat happened? Ab rone ke liye kyaa hua?
Ap touch his face & said..
Ap: khushi ke aansoo hei!!
Laksh: maa ab ithni khushi hone ke kiye kyaa hua? My age became increase 1 more that’s it!
Ap: haam ..tum keliye sirf yeh hei ki tumhari age badi hogayi. Par mere liye meri betta ki khushi dekh kar khush horaha hei!!
Laksh: wat?? Meri khushi? Means?
LAKSH became confused!!
Ap: hamm. Voh…tum ek ladki……

Suddenly!!! Uttara gave her an action that don’t tell to him…
Sujatha also prevent Ap from tell anything more…
Ap stopped herself (????).
Laksh: wat r u talking maa?I didn’t get anything..
Ap: voh…voh..meim…
Suddenly uttara…!!
Uttara: voh..bhaai…. badi maa kehrahi dhi ki aap badi hogayi na? Toh aap keliye ek ladki ko dekhum…kyaa hum doond saktha??
Laksh: hmmm..

He catch her ear& said..
Laksh: ohh..I don’t want to gave any big works to my pyaari behen.. So don’t waste ur time. When the time comes it will happen… OK??
Uttara: OK..OK..now leave my ear…
He take back his hands…
Uttara: ouff… Tum kaisa bhaai hei??
Every one laugh to hear this…
Laksh: maa where is Dad?
Ap: ur dad abhi tak nahi aathi…
Laksh: y? Any important work? Time is too late now..
Rp: bhaai Saab koi client ko Milne gayi.. Voh abhi aavoongi..
Laksh: then OK..I feel so tired. Maa I will come back quickly after getting fresh, then we all will have dinner together OK?
Ap: achaa teek hei,jaavo tum fresh aane ke baad,him dinner saath meim khaavoongi…
Laksh: OK maa..

He gave one kiss to her forehead…
Ap& suja leave to kitchen, rp leave to his room.& Laksh went to his room.
Uttara also go to kitchen.
Ap& suja were busy with dinner arrangements…
Uttara: badi maa…aap yeh kyaa boldiya bhaai ko?
Ap& suja look at uttara..
Ap: voh…meim bhool gaya…
Suja: haam jiji!! Meim bhi socha ki aap abhi unse poochoongi….!!!
Uttara: badi maa…..wat I told u is just an assumption by me…I don’t know is it true.!! So pls keep it secret.. OK?
Ap: OK betta,voh..baath…meim chahathi hum voh sach hei…mujhe khushi se mujhe rukna nahi paye..isliye galthi se meim eise baath bathaya…
Uttara: haam..I know that. But pls ab bhaai ko math poocho,teek hei?
Ap: teek hei.
They trio smiled….

Scene 2.
Laksh’s room. After dinner he was lying in the bed. He was soo disturbed about Aditi’s words.. He became restless due to that question….he tried hard to sleep!! But he couldn’t.. He get up from the bed started to walk here & there!!!
Laksh: Laksh!!! Wat is this? Wat is happening to u!!! Y r u became soo restless about her words..u know na Ragini is ur friend, just friend or best friend.. Nothing more. So don’t think soo much .OK?pls calm..
He stopped walking…
Laksh: uff…Laksh is OK.perfectly alright. OK?
But again he feel something.. He couldn’t understand wat is that!!
He saw his phone. He think something & dialed Aditi’s number!!!
Aditi was in sleep..

She heared the phone rings & get up. She picked his call,but don’t saw who was calling.
Aditi: hello..
Laksh: wat have u done Aditi???
Aditi: hello!! Who is this??
Laksh: ohhh..!! Aditi.. It’s me.Laksh!!
Aditi: haam Laksh. Sorry I didn’t see who is calling, just pick the phone.. That’s y….then what’s the matter Laksh? Y r u calling me in this time?? It is already 12.30. Don’t u sleep till now??
Laksh: haaa!!!.if I slept did I call u now??
Aditi: Laksh..r u angry? Y ur sound make raise??
Laksh: I couldn’t sleep.. Bcoz of u!!
Aditi: wat?? U can’t sleep bcoz of me? But how?
Laksh: Aditi,wat r u asked to me? U know na,I consider Ragini as my friend …best friend!! Then y u asked like that??
Aditi get wat he is talking about!!
Aditi: ohhh!! So u couldn’t sleep bcoz of my question, right??
Laksh: haam…
Aditi smiled a little!!!
Aditi: but y Laksh?? I just ask my doubt..that’s all, for that y u feeling unsleepy???
Laksh: voh…voh..
Aditi: voh? Tell me Laksh.
Laksh couldn’t gave any answer to her ,bcoz he was unaware about the reason!!!
Aditi: don’t loose soo much effort friend, u cannot’ sleep bcoz…
Laksh: bcoz?
Aditi: bcoz…… U know that U LOVES RAGINI!!!
Laksh: haaamm….excuse me…wat?
Aditi: haam. Laksh I am telling the truth, u feel restless bcoz now u know that u love her …it is simple..
Laksh:wat r u talking Aditi? R u on ur sense??
Aditi:aree budhu!! I am asking u that r u on sense?? Don’t u can understand that u started to love her!!
Laksh: no…there is nothing like that.. She…she is my friend!!
Aditi: then OK..no problem. Just forgot my question & go to sleep, Iam feeling soo much sleepy laksk,bye….

She go to cut the call…but Laksh!!!
Laksh: Aditi.. Wait.. Just one second.
Aditi: now wat??
Laksh: aree yeh kyaa hei yaar??? Bcoz of ur question I lost my sleep, now u want to sleep haaa?
Aditi: aree tumhari problem kyaa hei Laksh? U told that Ragini is ur friend, only a friend .nothing more. Then wat is the problem??
Laksh: Aditi… Voh..voh.. Aise nahi… Voh..actually I don’t know Aditi… I don’t know am I love her!!!
After telling this he felt soo much relaxed!!
Aditi too understood his situation.

One second a silence filled between them!!
Aditi break the silence!!
Aditi: Laksh..? R u there?
Laksh: haam Aditi!! Tell me..
Aditi: I will tell u one thing Laksh!! I know that now ur in a very bad condition!! With soo much confusion & with out answer. But I will suggest u one way Laksh, to realize ur feelings for her !!!
Laksh: bathvo Aditi, how can I get the answer??? Jaldi bathavoo na….
Aditi: Laksh!!! Y so fast?? Keep calm ur self I will tell u..do this..just go& sit calmly& think only about her….. Then u will get that wat is ur feeling for her!!!
Laksh: is it work??
Aditi became angry to hear him!!!
Aditi: ohhh hello!! It is not any lab work to predict result, do u got me??
Laksh: Aditi, tum kyuum itni gussa ho rahi hum?
Aditi: just get lost u buddu,!!! If u get any answer then only call me,OK? Only then… Bye.
Good knight.
She cut the call..
Laksh: hello..hello Aditi… Hello??

He look at phone & find that she cut the call..
Laksh take a deep breath & keep the phone in the table. He came to the balcony…
Fresh air make him feel fresh. He sit in the chair & he slowly closed his eyes.. Now he have Ragini in his mind,only Ragini!! He thought about the whole past things happened between them!! Their car hitting, next meeting in restaurant, his help,how they start their friendship,their night party journey, his singing,their cute fights etc…
A wide smile came in to his face!! He slowly opened his eyes!! He stood up & look at to the sky!! He saw the moon, again he close his eyes & said ” yes Ragini now I know, I know that I LOVE U” !!!! He slowly opened his eyes& he had a wide smile in his face…
He take his phone & called Aditi!!

Aditi pick the call!!
Laksh: hello Aditi!!
Aditi: haam Laksh…bathavo…
Laksh: I love her Aditi, I really love her!!!
Aditi: I know that Laksh, I was waiting for ur call till now…
Laksh: I am soo happy Aditi!! Thanks so much my dear Friend for helping me to realize my love!!!
Aditi: it is OK my dear Friend!! Do u know one thing? U r happy na,even I am also feel soo much happy to hear this!!! So now it is over…. Tjust go to ur bed& we will meet tomorrow, OK?
Laksh: OK. Ohhh no…we can’t meet tomorrow I am going for a business tour tomorrow!! I think I told u??
Aditi: ohh yes I do remember, then…when will u come back??
Laksh: only after 2 days.
Aditi: then OK we will meet after ur tour.
Laksh:OK bye..
Aditi: bye..Laksh, meet u soon.
Laksh: Aditi…. Voh..
Aditi: wat Laksh?
Laksh: tell her also…
Aditi: ouuuu!!! Is our hero is blushing?
They both laughed…
Aditi: wise Laksh, u can call her na? And tell her about ur journey.
Laksh: no.I will meet her only after I came back.
Aditi: then OK.bye Laksh
Laksh: bye Aditi..
He cut the call& smiled thinking about his next meeting with Ragini!!!!

2 days passed…
Laksh came back after his tour!!
Scene 3.
Aditi’ s house. She was practicing dance. Her phone began to ring… She picked up the phone.
Aditi: hello?
Laksh: hello my dear Friend!! I am back!!
Aditi: Laksh??!! When u came back?
Laksh: today early morning.
Aditi: how was ur tour??
Laksh: it was OK.
Aditi: just OK?
Laksh: haam. I was missing u all.
Aditi: ohhh!! I see miss all? Or miss Ragini??
Laksh: Aditi…..
Aditi: sorry Laksh..
Laksh: it is OK. But now I call u to gave a very shocking news!!
Aditi: wat is Laksh??
Laksh: Aditi, I am going to propose Ragini, today!!!
Aditi: wat?? Today?
Laksh: yeah!! Today. I set all arrangements in my farm house!!
Aditi: wat?? In ur farm house?
Laksh: yeah! U just come to here,now!
Aditi: OK .I will,tell me the way to ur farm house.
Laksh told her the way..
Aditi quickly got ready and leave to his farm house…

Scene 4.
Farm house.
Adit came to there in her car. She parked her car& stepped in to the hall.
Aditi: Laksh? Laksh? Where r u??
Just then Laksh came down from upstairs.
Laksh: Aditi…
Aditi: wow Laksh!! Ur soo fast… I didn’t expect that u will propose her soo fastly!!
Laksh smiled to hear her.
Aditi: do u call her?
Laksh: no,actually I want ur help for that.
Aditi: y me? U can call her& ask her to come here na?
Laksh: yes! I can…but..
Aditi: ohhh got it!! Communication problem!! Don’t worry I will help u.
Laksh: thanks Aditi!!
Aditi: it is OK! But must give me a treat for helping u.agree?
Laksh: ohhh!! OK baba! Now pls call her.
Aditi: then OK.
She call Ragini.
Ragini pick the call.
Ragini: hii Adi!!
Aditi: hi Ragini!wat r u doing now?
Ragini: I am on hurry Aditi, today I am gonna late to college. Oh God!! Where is my book??
Aditi: listen Ragini, today u r gonna cut ur class!!
Ragini: cut?? But why?
Aditi: today we have a party dear!!
Ragini: party? Where??
Aditi: Ragini Laksh is back !!!
Ragini: wat? Voh stupid came back?
Aditi: yes dear. Our bestie came back!!

And he also arrange a party for friends in his farm house,for his b’day.
Ragini: I will not come.
Aditi: but y Ragini?
Ragini: he didn’t call me till now! U know it is already 3 days ago.if he is near to me I may be kill him.
Aditi: Ragini, do u need to scold him?
Ragini: haam.
Aditi: then I will give phone to him. Laksh is with me!!! I am in his farm house!!
Ragini: really? PS gave him phone.
Aditi: yeah.Laksh,take it it is Ragini!!
Laksh gave her an action to don’t gave him the phone.
Aditi: Ragini, he told me that,he don’t need to talk to u…
Ragini: really?
Laksh pretend angry& take the phone from Aditi’s hand.
Laksh: hello Ragini!
Ragini: tum,Laksh. I….
Laksh: wait wait… U can call me anything. But not through phone. U should come to my farm house OK?
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: no excuses Ragini, u will come.I& Aditi will come there to pick u,OK??
Ragini: OK,but not in here. Pls come to my college. I have some important project work in there. Not soo much,I will complete it quickly & will come with u.
Laksh: fine.but not try to cheat like before!!
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: OK we will come to ur college.
Ragini: bye guys,meet u in there.
Laksh: bye Ragini!!!

He cut the call& looked at Aditi!!
Laksh: u cheater!!!
Aditi: sorry dear Friend, just for fun.
They laugh together…
Laksh: Aditi we have to go to her college for picking her.
Aditi: OK.then come let’s go…

They both leave to Ragini’s college.
They reached at there.they both wait for Ragini in canteen. Laksh was soo nervous!! He is thinking some thing& continuously drinking water!!!

Aditi: r u ok Laksh ?
Laksh: yeah,Aditi! I am OK!!.
Aditi understood that he is nervous!!
Aditi: don’t be soo nervous Laksh.
Laksh: I don’t know y.I am trying my best to normal.but…Aditi, will she accept my propose??wat do u think?
Aditi:Iam sure,she will accept ur love. Bcoz she knew that ur a very good person ,Laksh.
Laksh smile to hear her.
Suddenly Ragini came there in a rush!!!
Ragini: Laksh, Aditi!!!
Laksh: wat happened Ragini? Y u r seem like soo tensed?
Ragini: Laksh, meri maa called me just now!! She told me to come home fast!!
Aditi: but y?
Ragini: I… I don’t know Adi!!
Laksh: come on guys!! We will to ur home now!!

They both leave to Ragini’s house!!
In car….. Laksh & Ragini were sitting in front & Aditi in back.
Ragini was soo tensed.
Laksh look at her& placed his one hand upon her hand.!!
Laksh: don’t be tensed Ragini!! Every thing will be fine.
She smiled hear this and cover his hand with her hand!!!
They reached GH!!!!.
Laksh parked the car.Ragini rushed to the door!! Laksh & Aditi followed her.!!!
She opened the door!!!
Someone came from the side of the door & hugged her from back& said!!!!!!
” SURPRISE….. “!!! .Laksh & Aditi became shocked & looked at each other!!!!
It was a man who is hugging Ragini!!!!!!

PRECAP: NEW ENTRY…..!!!!??????

Oops New entry??? Hey guys do u like the new twist?? I hope yes. Who is the man who hugged Ragini?? Is he is going to make troubles or going to help raglak?? Who is he?( also guess the actor I am gonna introduce)!!!

Credit to: Lakshmi

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