Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 2


Hi my dear friends,sorry for late update.I felt not well in past day. Thank u for ur support&comments.&there is a little change. Laksh’s age is 25&he is helping Dp in business.

Scene 1
Ragini&family came back to home from temple.
Sumi:laadoo, day by day u r become more childish. Don’t forget that ur become a young girl!
Ragini:sorry maa. I just did that for a fun. I did’nt think that it will hurt u.!!!
She become sad.
Shekher:wat is this sumi?? Y r u scolding my little princes??
Sumi:I didn’t scold her!! I just tell her the reality. Shekher don’t misunderstand me.
Shekher:ok ok. I don’t want talk any more about this.any way cheer up laadoo,today is ur first day in ur new college. From today u r gonna be a MBA graduate!!! So make ur self strong.
Ragini didn’t say any thing. She hugged shekher.
Shekher:oh oh…sumi do u see this?my little princess became gloomy bcoz of u!!
Sumi looked at Ragini.she also felt bad see her.with out smile our Ragini is unimaginable!!!!
Sumi hold her two ears&said

Sumi:sorry baba!!! Pls smile karo,nahi toh tumhari papa will kill me.
Ragini felt relaxed she smiled&hugged sumi.
Sumi:look,agar meri bachi smile kardia toh uski chehra duniya ki sabzi ghubzoorat lagthi hai!!!
Ragini:ohooo..if I don’t smile,is not I look beautiful.
Sumi hold her nose&shake it!!
Sumi:oh oh baaba..! U always look beautiful.
Shekher smiled see them.
Suddenly Ragini look at clock&shocked.
Ragini:oh God..I am gonna late today.!!I will come soon after get ready.
While said this she run to her room.
Scene 2

MM.all r gathered hall for breakfast,except Laksh. Laksh came down from his room. He is wearing a blue color shirt&blue color jean,with a black coat.He take his car’s key from keyholder.
AP:Laksh,where r u going?come lets have breakfast.
Laksh(with a serious face):no maa.I have an important meeting.I will have my breakfast from reasturant.
Ap:but Laksh!!!
Dp:let him annapurna,first important is always our duties. U can go Laksh.
Ap looked at Dp.her face shows that she is disappointed with Dp’s words. Laksh also felt bad. He expected that May be Dp will stop him.but suddenly he thinks that,his dad’s most important thing in his life is business.his family have only second place in his mind!!!
Laksh:ok by maa..
He go towards his car.and went

Scene 3
Ragini came down from her room.she run towards table&started eating food fastly.
Sumi:slowly laadoo
Ragini:maa I wille be late!!!
she finished her breakfast. She take her bag&key of car.
Sumi:laadoo papa will drop u at college.
Ragini:no need ma…I will go my self.
Sumi:no,I will not let u drive again.
Ragini:papa,do u hear this?u gave me permission to take the car,he na?
Sumi gave a question look to shekher.
Shekher:haa …but ..
Ragini:koi but nahi.I will take the car.
Ragini:maaa.don’t be tensed I will take care in driving
Sumi:haa.mujhe jaanthi hum.I saw it in the morning.
Ragini hugged sumi.
Ragini:pls maaa.only for today.today my first day in college,na?so,pls pls pls…
Sumi’,s heart melted hear this.
Sumi:haaa laadooo,but…..
suddenly ragini interepted her.

Ragini:haaa maaa permission diya.
She run towards car.
Sumi:no no no…I just say that…
Shekher:sumi,tum kuch bhi kaho but laadoo will nor gonna hear that.
Ragini:papa is right.so by papa,by maa.
She wave hands
Sumi:by laadoo,take care.
Shekher:by,but don’t forget about speed.
Ragini:ok I will take care…by
She stared the car &went.


so guys pls gave ur valid comments….

Credit to: Lakshmi

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