Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 19


Scene 1.
Restaurant. Aditi is trying to talk about Ragini to Laksh!!!
Aditi: Laksh y r u being soo angry on her like this??
Laksh: aditi, don’t u know y?
Aditi: haam Laksh, I know.I know that y ur angry on her!! But…It is already one week ago,till now u guys r not ready to talk to each other!!!
Laksh: wat u r trying to say Aditi?? Do u want me to talk to her??
Aditi: I ….I don’t know that. But I really want one thing that is u& Rag should become friends again.. Just only that!!
Laksh: Aditi.. U know na? Today is my birthday.. So pls don’t try to spoil my day.. OK?
Aditi: but.. Laksh..
Laksh: oh…pls yaar…
Aditi: OK..sorry..
She became sad…Laksh felt bad to see her face.
Laksh: ohh.sorry yaar… I don’t want to make u sad, I just said wat I feel…
Aditi smiled a little!!
Aditi: I know..
Laksh too felt relaxed to hear her.. They both smiled..
Laksh: come lets go…
They both get in to car& go from there…

In the car…
They both r in silent.. Laksh was thinking something, while Aditi is in phone…
Suddenly Laksh look at her. He saw that she is too busy in her phone…
Laksh:r u busy with ur phone?
Aditi: no…
Suddenly she got a message from someone!!
She suddenly started to read that in soo fastly..
Laksh: kis ki message hei? Ithni jaldi se padthi hei… Who? Boyfriend?
He ask her in a teasing tone..

Aditi: Laksh…
She gave a hit in his head..
Laksh: just joking yaar..
Aditi think something & said..
Aditi: Laksh… Pls do me a favor..
Laksh: wat?
Aditi: voh…….aaj meri ek aur friend ki b’ day bhi hei!! So..I told her that I will come to meet her.
Laksh: soo? Wat should I do?
Aditi: If u don’t mind pls come with me.. Her house is just near..
Laksh: OK..but u said that u have an important interview today, it is already 9.20. Ur interview is at 10.00 he na?
Aditi: haa..but…but…we have the time to go there.
Laksh: I don’t think so. U will be late for interview.
Aditi:iss meim koi baath nahi Laksh I will manage that &…. Wat to do yaar,I promised her that I will come…
Laksh: OK..if u don’t have any problem, then wat? I will come…
Aditi: really?? Soo thanks my dear Friend.
Laksh: hmmm..come or u will become more late..
Aditi: yea…
They leave to her friend’s home.

Scene 2
They reached in front of a bunglow. They both stopped out from the car. Laksh look around. He couldn’t find anyone, even he felt that there is no one live in the house!!
Laksh: kyaa yeh hei tumhari friend na ghar?
Aditi: haam.It is my friend’s home.
Laksh: it seems like no one live in here!!!
Aditi: yeh saari baathem iske baad karoonga!! Now we will go inside.. Come…
Aditi ran towards the door& opened it& she stepped in to the house…
Laksh follow her.
To see inside of the house he get very amazed…
The whole hall was decorated beautifully with lots of balloons& floweres. In the middle there was a table & in that table also have a cake box!!!
Laksh look here& there!! He couldn’t find anyone!! Even Aditi!!
Laksh became a bit nervous & called out her name!!!
Laksh: Aditi….? Aditi?
Someone came in front of him& blast a balloon& said “Happy birthday….”!!!
It was Ragini!!!…

Laksh became very much shocked to see her !!!
Laksh: u????
Laksh: where is Aditi?? Call her I want to go!! Aditi……
But he didn’t get any response!!
Laksh: Aditi….. Come I want to go…
Ragini:( in a lower tone) r u busy now???
Laksh gave her an angry look..
Ragini: don’t be angry just ask to know, nothing more!!
Laksh became soo angry& he understood that it was a well plan,executed by Aditi!!
Laksh: oh!!! It was a plan,haaa??
Ragini bit her lip& didn’t respond!!
Laksh: sorry to say, but nothing will gonna work,so bye..
He turned to go, but suddenly Ragini stops him!!
Ragini: Laksh, pls.hear me once …pls..
Laksh is not ready to hear her!!
Laksh: Ragini, pls I want to go.. Pls & I don’t want to hear anything from u
So pls let me go..
Ragini became soo sad to hear him!!
Ragini: r u really angry on me,Laksh??
Laksh: oh..to hear these all what do u feel,am I joking??
Ragini: Laksh, pls sorry..
How many times I told u sorry… Kyaa abhi bhi aap mujhe gusse ho??

Just then Aditi came out from a room!!
Ragini: Aditi..tell him to hear me once..
Laksh saw Aditi!!
Laksh:Aditi!!! I didn’t think that u will help her!!
Aditi: Laksh,Ragini wat r u doing guys?? U two r just like kids!! U always fight for silly reason!! Bachom bhi abhi yese baathom par chagda nahi karna!! Just understand that..
Laksh & Ragini didn’t tell anything!! They look at each other..
Ragini: I don’t have any problem with him!!
Laksh: ohh..really??? Voh kaise hoga? Mistake is your’s then how u have any problem??
Ragini: Laksh….
Laksh: shut up…
Aditi feel so much irritated..
Aditi: stop it…..

Her scream made a huge silence in there….
Aditi: I don’t know completely wat happened in between u. So I will ask u& u can gave ur points.. OK?
Laksh & Ragini look at each other..
Aditi: so Laksh, first ur turn. Tell me wat happened??
Laksh: yea.. I will tell u wat happened.. In past Monday evening she called me& said that she want to go for some shopping, so told me that get ready & wait in front of her college.in that time I was in an urgent meeting, but only for her I didn’t complete that meeting & postponed it!!
Hear this Aditi look at Ragini, rag made a puppy face..
Laksh: then I went to her college to pick her& wait for her in front of that.I was expecting that she will came fast.but…
Aditi: wat happened?
Laksh: ask her wat happened?
Aditi: kyaa hua Ragini?
Rags didn’t respond..!!!
Laksh: yeah!! I know, I know that she will not said anything!!
Aditi: tum bathao Laksh, kyaa hua??
Laksh: she didn’t came!! I stand there till 7.00′ clock,like a statute!!
Aditi: Ragini…
Ragini: I didn’t think that he will come….
Laksh: then y did u call me??
Ragini: when I called u,u told me na, That ur in a meeting?
Laksh: yes,but didn’t tell that I will not come…!!
Ragini: but..but..I.. I think that u will not come..
Laksh gave her a very angry look!!
Ragini saw this & looked down!!
Laksh: not only this ,she didn’t call me & say anything. She went for shopping with her other friends!!
Aditi: wat is this, Ragini??
Ragini: I told u na? It was a mistake!!
Laksh: ohh.. It was a mistake,haaa?? So now u admit that u done a mistake!! Aditi, do u know one thing that I tried to call her a lots of time, but her phone was switched off. I became soo nervous, soo tensed!! It was already knight, so I don’t have any idea that wat to do!! She is a girl na?
Ragini: I know how to take care about myself..
Laksh: yeah,yeah. I know that clearly!!
Aditi laugh to hear that Ragini made a sad face..
Laksh: (in a higher tone)atleast she could call me na?? But wat she done?? She made me a fool!! I always try to take care, but she always try to make problems!! She always see things in a play full way,like kids… I am fed up bcoz of her doings!!
He stopped.a pin drop silence came between them!! He take off his coat & threw it on the floor& sit in the sofa.. He covered his face with hands & then brush his hair. He felt soo much sad..in his heart he can felt a pain… He remain silent.
Aditi too felt sad to see him!!
She look at Ragini!!

Ragini was stand like a statute!! But her eyes were where filled with tears!! Tears were falling down from her eyes!!!
Ragini slowly went towards him!! She sit near him& slowly placed her hands on his shoulder…!!
Ragini: Laksh…???
Laksh didn’t respond & even didn’t look at her!!
Ragini: Laksh.. Pls..pls look at me!! Laksh I understood that I done a mistake, a big mistake!! But I didn’t done that on intentionally. I thought that u will not come,so I think to go with them. But not to fool u!! Pls believe me Laksh. Do u think that I will make u a fool? No Laksh! Ur my best friend he na? So how can I do such a bad thing? …Laksh…pls forgive me once. I promise that I will not repeat this…! Pls Laksh. I can’t tolerate this any more,pls Laksh, pls…
She started to cry…
But!! Laksh didn’t look at her!! .
Ragini look at him& take a deep sigh!!
Ragini: sorry Laksh, if u don’t want to speak me, then Iam not going to trouble u..
She stand up to go!! But suddenly!!
Laksh stops her by holding her hand tightly…!!!
Ragini look at him..
Laksh have tears in his eyes..but also have a cute smile in his face!!.
Laksh: kyaa mujhe apni dosth ke saath chagda karne ke koi hak nahi hei??
Ragini felt soo happy to hear him!! She looked at Aditi.. Aditi too felt happy & also have tears in her eyes!!!
Laksh stood in front of Ragini & wipe her tears through his fingers & said….
Laksh: sorry…

Suddenly she jumped & hugged him through his neck!!
Laksh became embarrassed!!
Ragini: thanks a lot Laksh to talk to me!!
Laksh became blank bcoz of her act!! Then he slowly hugged her back!!!a smile came in to his face..!!!
To see this Aditi too felt something &smile a little!!!
Raglak broke their hug!!
Ragini: come let’s cut ur b’day cake..
She drag him to cut the cake..
She made the candles like light & gave him the knife…
Laksh cut the cake…
Aditi blast the balloons& AdiRag wish him….
They enjoy the whole day together in there!!
It became night..

After their party they leave..
Ragini on her own car& Laksh & Aditi on Laksh’s car.
In the way of return…
Laksh talked in an excitement to Aditi!! Some time his voice became raise bcoz of his happiness!! He was talking in an unstoppable mode!!
Aditi was silently hearing all these.. She was thinking something!!
Laksh: uhhh..!! Today was really a good day in my life, a happy day!! Wat about u Aditi??
Then only he notice that Aditi didn’t listen any thing!!
Laksh: Aditi, wat r u thinking?
Aditi: hmm nothing!!
Laksh: no.there is something bothering u very much!! I also notice this from many days..come on tell me wat’s the matter?
Aditi: hmm.Laksh…yeah! Ur right! I want to tell u something,no..I want to ask u something…!!
Laksh: u want to ask me? Come on ,ask
Aditi:only give me the true answer, OK?
Laksh: done,tell me..
Aditi take a deep sigh& asked!!
Aditi: do u love Ragini??
Laksh suddenly stopped the car& look at Aditi.. He became soo shocked to hear her question!!
Even he don’t know wat to answer for that question!!
Aditi have a smile in her face..
Aditi: aree…y u stopped the car?
Laksh: I… Sorry…
He became blank & started the car!!!!
While driving Laksh was too nervous.. He look at Aditi!! She was sitting in silence.. But he became afraid that she will ask the question again. He don’t know wat answer should gave her?? Bcoz he don’t know is he is in LOVE WITH RAGINI????
They reached at Aditi’s home.
Laksh curiously look at her!! He praid to God that she should forgot the question!!
Aditi: Laksh,till now u didn’t gave any answer to my question!!
Laksh: Aditi…. Voh…voh..
Aditi: Laksh, only truth, I don’t want a false ans:
Laksh was not sure wat to say!!
Laksh: Aditi… I.. I don’t know !! I don’t know wat to say???
Aditi smiled to hear this!!
Aditi: I was sure Laksh, I knew that u will gave me this answer!! Bcoz u really don’t know is u r in love with her!!
Laksh remain silent!! .
Aditi: I was thinking this from a long time!! U know from the day I heard a lots about u from Ragini, I thought that u two r in a relationship!! But then I understood that she is not!! Bcoz she always consider u as her friend!! But Laksh,from the second time meeting I can find something in ur eyes for her,a beautiful thing!! I was not sure but now I am sure that u have some feelings for her Laksh!!
Laksh: no…!! No Aditi.. It is not like that….
Aditi:Laksh, y u r trying to hide ur feeling? May be u don’t know that ur loving her!!!
Laksh: Aditi…
Aditi: Laksh, don’t be panic, u know one thing if u two start to love each other, I will became the most happiest friend in this world!!! Bcoz ur too good Laksh, u can be a good partner for my dear Ragini!!
Laksh became speechless to hear her!!he don’t know wat to say!!
Aditi: aap socho Laksh,iske baad aap ko samach kar saktha ki ,aap Ragini se pyaar kartha hei!!bye & good knight!!
Said this she go towards her home!! Laksh sits like a statute!!!……


Hey guys!! I know u all r angry at me!! But chill guys.. I will try my best to post my ff regularly…. & I hope u all enjoyed Holi with lots of happiness. Me too enjoyed it a lot with my friends& family…
And dear my readers..I want to inform u something ( also said in promo)
1.If u r the reader of my another ff “ADHURI KAHANI- PAIN OF LOVE”, I want to kindly inform u that I dropped that ff,I am not gonna continue that,due to some personal problems. So sorry guys…
2. I posted a new ff” Love-a new story ” 3 days before. I only can take my phone today. But I couldn’t find it due to some net connection problem.I don’t know y. So guys pls do me a favor, pls search it & comment me.if u could find it( my writing name was on that”L”). It is a request…
I don’t know when u will get this, hope soon…
Give ur valid comments & support& also valid suggestions… Thank u

Credit to: Lakshmi

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