Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 18


(A short chapter)Hi dears!! Thanks a lot for ur supports dear& also thanks to every one who pray for me. Through that now I am fine dears& especially to MEGHS- dear,I saw ur comment. I am fine now.thanks a lot for ur concern& support from beginning.

3 months passed& they became soo close!!!!
One beautiful morning!!
Scene 1
Laksh’s office.
He is verifying some files in rush. Suddenly some one knocked in his cabin’s door.
Laksh look on.

His PA opened the door!
PA: may I come in,sir?
Laksh: yes.pls.
PA came inside.
Laksh: tell me wat’s the matter?
PA: sir,there is someone came to meet u.
Laksh:who? Any client?
PA: no,sir..a girl!!
Laksh: girl?
Suddenly someone opened the door& said!!!
“Haam ek girl& her name is Aditi!!”
Laksh& PA look at there!! It was Aditi, who have a bright smile in her face!!
Laksh: u?? Come in!!
She came inside his cabin.
Laksh to PA;
Laksh: u can go now.
PA went out side.

Laksh: Aditi, I didn’t think that u will come soo early!! Pls wait for some time.I have to check 2 more files.
Aditi: no problem, take ur time.
Laksh: thank u…
Then he go back to files..
Aditi look all around.
Aditi: vise Laksh, u have a good creative thinking!!
Laksh: y u said that?
Aditi: bcoz, I already came here 3 time before. But each time I felt new here .u always keep here neat& make good changes.
Laksh: thank u..
He completed his checking.
Laksh: ufff!! It is over come let’s go now.
They both smiled& went out side.

Laksh take car& they both leave to some where!!!
In car..
Laksh was in deep thinking..
Aditi notice this& said..
Aditi: wat r u thinking Laksh??
Laksh: hmmm?? Aah..nothing Aditi!!
Aditi understood wat he thinking!!
Aditi: I know Laksh, wat ur thinking now!! I told u na just leave that!! & don’ t make this day spoil. Bcoz we r going to celebrate this special day together.OK?
Laksh: hmmm…
Aditi take her phone & try to call someone! But she got a not reachable reply!!
Aditi: ufff… !!
Laksh: wat happened? Tum kon ki phone karthi he?
Aditi didn’t reply to Laksh!! She just look at him with an anxious face.
Laksh also get to whom she calling!!
Laksh: r u calling, Ragini?
Aditi: has… Laksh!!
Laksh: pls yaar,just cut the phone& I don’t want to destroy a wonderful day for anyone!! Pls..
Said this he look at out side!!
Aditi: r u still angry on her??
Laksh didn’t reply..
Aditi: Laksh??

Aditi: pls yaar.can we talk something else?
Aditi understood the situation.. She think something & said..
Aditi: OK!! Then we can talk something else!! But wat ?? Hmmmmm??
Haam! Laksh,I will tell u about my last dance trip. It was soo amazing!!
Laksh look at her shocked!!
Aditi:wat yaar??
Laksh: wat happened Aditi? R u lost ur memory??
Aditi look confused!!
Aditi: wat??
Laksh: are yaar!! U already said the same thing soo many times before!!
Aditi: haam.but it was nice na??
Laksh: haaa. But..
Aditi: koi but vat nahi hei!! I am gonna said that!!
Laksh: ohh my God!! Pls help me from this !! I don’t want to hear it more!! Pls..
Aditi became angry!!
Aditi: Laksh??

She playfully hit in his shoulder!!
They both laughed!!
Laksh stopped his car in front of a coffee shop.
Laksh: come Aditi, first I want to eat something. I feel soo much hungry!! I didn’t have my breakfast till now!
Aditi: OK.
They both entered to the coffee shop & find a place near to window..
Waiter came.
Waiter: sir wat would u like to have?
Laksh: hmm..one burger& one chicken sandwich. & one coffee. ..
Waiter: madam for u??
Aditi is going to tell but before that Laksh …
Laksh: one cold coffee& one burger… He na?
Aditi amazed to hear him& nodes ” yes”.!!!!
Waiter goes from there.
Aditi: wash Laksh!! How u know my likes??
Laksh: 3 months r passed,we met. Kyaa meim isbhi nahi samach sakthi him??
Aditi: haan ..even Ragini knew my likes very well!!

Said this only she think wat she said!!
She look at Laksh eagerly!! But he was silent..!!
They ate.their food in silence. Some times Aditi look at Laksh & she look towards outside through the window… Their was a Rose garden& it was filled with lots of red roses…!! A smile came to her face& then she looked at Laksh, who was eating in silent. She understood that while eating he deeply think about something else. Think this she made a laugh!!
Laksh looks at her with confused!!
Laksh: wat??/
She node”nothing”.
They finished the food& Laksh paid the bill.they both came outside.!!
Laksh is about to enter in to the car suddenly Aditi!!!!
Aditi: Laksh…!!
Laksh: wat Aditi?
Aditi: I want to talk to u!!
Laksh : wat u want to talk? Tell me!!
Aditi: voh..voh… Ragini me bare meim!!!!
Laksh take a deep sigh to hear her!!!!!!!


Hey guys how was this chapter?? Sorry I am busy know. That’s y I couldn’t post a long one. But pls read this& gave ur comments & suggestions. I really need it to continue. So I hope u will gave me ur valid opinions.
If u find this bad,u can also said that. So guys..pls give comments. Thank u…

Credit to: Lakshmi

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