Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 17


Hi dears!! Ur STUPID writer is back!! Wat to do guys? I think I started to write ff in a bad moment. Bcoz till now I couldn’t post my ff regularly!! Some thing will always trouble me….
But I am so happy that I got some good readers,whom always give me +very strength..I really thankful to u guys..for tolerate an irresponsible writer like me.
ANI,RAFEE,ANONYMOUS,MEGHS,TAIANA- thanks a lot dears for ur comments & praying .u all always give me +ve comments and make me cheer up. Through that I became fine dears.once again thank u guys.
Scene 1.
Morning. Airport.
Laksh& Ragini is waiting for Aditi.
Ragini:flight land gayi he I! Then where is she?
Laksh:cool down Ragini! She will come.y u r soo excited! Like she came back after so many years??
Ragini gave him a sharp look!
Just then Aditi came ..!!
Aditi:hi Ragini!!!
They both hugged.
Laksh: hi Aditi.
Only then Aditi notice him! They broke hug.

Then she looked at Ragini!!
Ragini:haam!! Long story hei! Come I wil tell u.
Laksh take car& they 3 go to aditi’s home.
While driving…
Laksh is driving. Adi&Rags were sitting back.
Ragini told the whole past things. Hear all this Aditi became sad&teary eyes. She hugged Ragini.
Ragini:Adi, just calm down dear. U see an? Nothing happened to me! Then y u became sad?just stop this.I don’t want to see this.
Aditi broke hug&smiled to hear Ragini.
Ragini:u know, through that incident I got Laksh’s friendship.so wat ever happened, it was good.he na?
Laksh was hearing this. He smiled to hear them.
Ragini: see laksh, I told u n? My Aditi is like little kid.
Aditi:me? Laksh, I am sure that u can tell the right answer for this,bcoz now u know Ragini very well. Tell who is like kid? Me? Or she?
Laksh became confused!!
Ragini: haam. Tell laksh, wat u think? Me or she?
Laksh:I don’t want to gave any answer for this! Bcoz if I tell the truth,Ragini gonna kill me right now!!!
Aditi laughed out!! She couldn’t control her laughing! Laksh too laughed! Ragini didn’t get the point. She look at them with confused face!!
Ragini: wat?
Aditi:buddu,don’t u get it? He told that u r like kid, indirectly .

Only then she got the point!!
Ragini: laksh!!
She gave a hit in his head from back!!!
They traio laughed..
They reached Aditi’s house.
Ragini: OK,then take rest&get ready in evening for shopping.
Aditi: OK baba!!
Laksh:so..Aditi. We r leaving.
Aditi: leaving? Y so fast guys? Come I will gave u a special tea,made by my mom’s hand.
Ragini: Adi,laksh have some important business meeting.I too told maa will come soon. So we will come some other time.
Aditi: then OK guys, see u in evening.
Ragini: take rest dear. They both hugged.
Laksh: by Aditi.
Raglak leave.

In car..
Ragini:I am so happy laksh. She came back.
Laksh:ohh!! I can see that in ur face.
Ragini smiled.
Laksh look at her. He couldn’t take his eyes from her.her face was glowing in happy.
Sudden Ragini too look at Laksh.
Ragini: wat Laksh? Y r u look at me like this?
Laksh:u always spread happy to ur surrounding.
Ragini:really? Thank u for ur compliment. They both smiled!
Laksh dropped Ragini at her home.

Scene 2.
Evening.shopping mall.
Ragini & Aditi is waiting for Laksh.
Ragini:oh!! He told me to come here at sharp 4.30.!!
See now it is 5.10.he didn’t come yet!
Aditi:he will,Ragini. Just wait! U have no Patience.
Just then they saw Laksh’car is coming.
Laksh parked the car&came out from it. He came towards them.
Laksh:hi guys!!
Ragini gave him an angry look.
Ragini:hi Mr. Perfect!! Do u have watch?
Laksh:sorry Ragini! Just now the meeting is finished. Wat to do yaar? Dad was there also with me!!
Ragini: u could inform me na?we came here in sharp time!! U told me to come at4.30 na? See now it is 5.10!!
Laksh:sorry ..sorry…sorry. I will never repeat this! OK? Come let’s go.
Ragini: no Laksh! I will not come with u!!
She became angry.

Laksh:Ragini… Aditi tell her.
Aditi: Ragini..
Ragini: no,I am not gonna hear any one!!
Laksh &Aditi look at each other.
Laksh ask Aditi how to calm Ragini, through his eyes.
Aditi answered ‘don’t know’ through her eyes.
Laksh think something.
Laksh:then fine!! If u don’t want friendship with me,I will not compel u!! But if I hurt u I am gonna ask u sorry.
Suddenly he sit in knee in front of her. She became confused.
Suddenly……!!Laksh started to ask her sorry in a loud voice!!
Laksh(loudly):sorry Ragini! If u felt that I hurt u,sorry.
Ragini became shocked!! She look around!! People were watching at them!! All r staring at them with amazement!!!
Ragini:wat is this laksh?!! Come get up..
Laksh (loud): no.I will not.first u should tell me u will gave me pardon!!
Ragini:Laksh! See people r looking!! Just get up from here.
Laksh:noo…first do wat I said!!
Ragini look at Aditi!! Aditit too was in a shocking.
Laksh:(loud):tell me Rag…..
Ragini covered his mouth with her hand.
Ragini:haaa!! I have no problem with u!! Just get up!!
Laksh smiled&get up from there. He saw people stare at them.
He smiled.

Suddenly Ragini take his coller&dragged him!!!
Aditi too follow them.
Ragini:Laksh!! Ur disgusting!! Wat u have done in front of the mall Laksh?
Laksh laughed.
Laksh:wat ever I done,bcoz of u Ragini!!
Ragini:oh!! Really?
Laksh:haam!! U told me na, u don’t want my friendship?
Ragini: no!! I didn’t tell nothing like that!! Haaaa if I told something like that, wat fault in that?
Laksh stopped to hear this!!
Laksh: really,u don’t have any Problem?
Ragini:noo,I don’t.!toh?
Laksh didn’t tell anything!! He became silent!!
Ragini felt bad to see this!!she didn’t meant to hurt him! She said just to make him angry!! But…..
Ragini take his hand& tell!!
Ragini:are yaar,mood off hogi? Just try to make u angry! Now ur my good friend he na? How I can lose a good company?
Laksh laughed..
Laksh:I too know that!!just to fool u!!
Ragini:Laksh…!! U..
She hit in his shoulder!!
Aditi was see all this!! She felt so happy to see them&their bonding.
Ragini:Adi, come wat r u looking?
Aditi:hey, nothing!!

They entered to a shop for purchase dress.Rags&Adi went to take tops for jean.while Laksh look some t- shirts.
Just then Ragini call him.
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh came towards them.
Laksh: kyaa hua?
Ragini:tell me laksh,which one is good for me?
She show him 2 tops.1 is red color& another one is dark blue color.
Laksh: I think….. This !
He choose blue!!
Ragini:hoooo!!see Adi,I told u na?
Ragini:I choose blue top,Aditi selected red top for me! She told me to buy this. But I have a lots of red top. So I told her that,I will show this tops to u& which one u select,I will take that.she told me that u will select red.but I told,u will select blue! See u selected blue,so I will take this!
Laksh look at Aditi!
Aditi: no problem Laksh.any way,I wonder that u guys have same choices!! It is good!!
She gave him a look& he became confused!!
They finished their shopping& go back.Laksh dropped both of them in GH.

Scene 3.
GH.Ragini’s room.Ragini was checking all the things purchased, while Aditi was in deep thinking!!
Aditi: Ragini,Laksh is soo good na?
Ragini look at her!!
Ragini:haaaa… Wat Adi?
Aditi: nothing! In that day,in restaurant, I think he is a bad guy.
Ragini: no adi,he is such a good person. Really good at heart. First I also think him as a jerk! But in real he is a good person.!!
Aditi look at her.
Ragini to talk about him… She talked too much about him,his attitude,his helping mentality etc…
Aditi was staring at her to hear about him!!!
Ragini finished!!
Ragini:he is really a good friend.he na Adi?
Aditi didn’t reply!!! She was in some thoughts!!
Aditi became sense!!
Aditi: haaa…kyaa hua Ragini..?
Ragini:don’t u hear wat I said! Oh then wat were u thinking at that time?
I waste my energy !!

Aditi smiled hear this!!
Aditi:yea,I heard everything u said.
Ragini: then tell me,whom I talked about?
Aditi: Laksh ke baare meim.
Ragini: thank god u heared that!!
Aditi smiled& think some thing!!!


Guys sorry for this boering chapter. But guys don’t miss upcoming chapters. Twists r waiting for u!!! Thank u.
I will post ADHURI KAHANI PAIN OF LOVE tomorrow morning.

Credit to: Lakshmi

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