Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 16


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Scene 1
Night party.
Laksh completed his song!. Every one gave him big applaudes!! Ragini became soo happy&laksh too felt happy to see her smile!!!
He came down from stage to her!!
Laksh:so I think now my besti became happy&ready for a compramise. Right???
Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears!! But she smiled&shake her head”s”..
Laksh:sooo,friends again??
They gave a hi-fi.
Just then swathi came there!!
Swathi:thank u..!! Thank u soo much laksh to gave such a nice present. I really loved it!
Laksh:oh!! Thank u swathi.

Swathi:come guys,lets join us&enjoy!!
She forwarded a wine bottle to them!
But…. . Laksh didn’t take it!
Laksh:no.. swathi! Thank u for ur concern. But I have to leave now!!
He looked at Ragini& continue
Laksh…not only me but Ragini too…
Swathi:y guys!! Don’t u feel the party good??
Laksh:no..not that!! The party is really good. But wat to do friend,I have a business meeting tomorrow!
Swathi:business meeting?? R u not her classmate?
Swathi:oh!! I think u guys r classmates! BTW wat r u doing? I mean job in any business firm?
Laksh:well…sort of it!
Ragini:are yaar!! He is Laksh Maheshwari!! MD of Maheshwari group!!
Swathi became amazed!!

R u Mr. Laksh Maheshwari!! Oh I already read an article about u!!
Laksh smiled to hear this!!
Swathi:soo happy to meet u ….
Laksh think something& he asked swathi..
Laksh:wise swathi! U asked me that is she is my classmate?? Don’t u feel me as her boy friend!!!! A hot, handsome boyfriend!!
swathi&Ragini look at each other!! Laksh wink eyes at Ragini!! Ragini understood that laksh heared wat swathi said about him before!!
Laksh:sorry guys…
They 3 laughed..
Ragini hugged swathi&said by to swathi,Laksh&Ragini went out from there..
Scene 2.
Parking section.
Laksh go near to bike..

Ragini:thank u Laksh!!
Laksh:for wat? To protect u on that day? Or being ur friend? Or took u to here?? In these option which will u choose?
Ragini look him for just one second&take a deep sigh!!!
Ragini:for coming in to my life,Laksh!!
Laksh look at her,with confused!! Her face have a cute smile. But her eyes have tears too..!!!
Ragini:haa Laksh!! After we met,u always there for me in every needed time!!
they both share an eye-lock!!! Laksh felt some thing heavy in his heart!!
Ragini:soo..lets go laksh..
Laksh came normal!!
Laksh:haa! Come on..lets go!!
Laksh started bike&they sit in bike …. and went back.
On the way…

Laksk was driving,while Ragini was thinking something!!
He looked her through mirrors…
Her hair were open…it was shaking in the wind!! Some time it touched her glowing,lips!!,her eyes were also shining !! Her cheeks were lite red in that time.!!
She was soo beautiful!! Laksh felt something got stucked in his throut!!
He try to take-off his eyes from her!!
Suddenly Ragini!
Ragini:laksh,I am sorry! !
Laksh: kyuoom?
Ragini:for being angry on u!

Laksh:hhmmm.it’s ok..I will try to give u pardon!!
He laughs say this..
Ragini:Really Laksh! I felt soo fear when I came out from home. I decide to attend the party,bcoz I gave her promise! If I didn’t do that,it is sure that I will not attend the party! Aditi is also not here. So I decided to call u! When u said that u will not come,I felt soo sad.that’s y I became angry on u! I came out from home,it is of my angry on u. But I didn’t think that u wil come,Laksh!
Laksh:leave it Ragini. Now u r happy na?
Ragini:yea! Now I am soo soo sooo happy!
Laksh:I just wanted that! That I came..!!
Ragini:I scold u a lot! Sorry ..

Laksh:I told u that,leave it! Ok? Don’t tell anything about that anymore,do u hear?
Ragini(in a low tone): yes laksh!
Laksh:that’s my good girl!!
Ragini laughed to hear that..
Laksh:wise,Party was not boaring,yaar I like it a lot…
Ragini:Laksh. I was unable to believe my eyes&ears!! I became soo shocked to saw u in stage!! &Laksh to hear ur song,I couldn’t believe my self!!
Laksh:was my song is good?

Ragini:good?? Wat r u asking? It was sooo excellent!! I don’t think that u can sing!!
U don’t hear the chant of the people? All like it soo much!!
Laksh:I don’t ask about others? Do u like it?
Ragini:I just loved it …..
Laksh felt soo happy to hear that!! He feel that I came in heaven!!
Ragini:actually u sing that song for me! Na?
Laksh:yea! Don’t u hear? I tell it in the begining..
Ragini:thanks laksh,for such a sweet song!!
Laksh:Ragini will u stop it? All time sorry,thank u,sorry,thank u…ufff…! How many sorry&thank u will say in one day? Ragini:sorr…
She stopped& bit her tounge..

Laksh turned&looked at her..
They both laughed..
Ragini feel sleepy..
Ragini:laksh! I want to sleep now!
Laksh:wat? Will reach ur home in 15 minitues, then u can sleep.
but Ragini felt soo sleepy. Suddenly…!!!
She arounded his waist with her hand&placed her head in his back!!!
Laksh shocked!!!
Ragini:wat laksh? Stop it yaar,I want to sleep..
Laksh didn’t tell any thing…
he looked down to her hand in his waist& smile litely….
They reached her home..
Ragini was sleeping in his back!!
Laksh:Ragini! Get up… we reach ur home..
Ragini get up& stepped out from bike..

Ragini:by laksh.. good night.
Laksh:by.. ragini! But how will u enter to home?
Just then she think about that. Laksh realized it from her face expression.
Laksh:don’t u know how to enter to ur home? Then y u go to party at night?
She made a puppy face…
Laksh look somewhere& said
Laksh:come I will help u…
They go near to the wall.. suddenly he pich her by waist& said to climb up!!
She done wat he said&jumped in to the lawn!!!
She ran in to the entrence of GH.
Watchman was sleeping..
Laksh came slowly near to the gate..

He saw Ragini&she too see him!!
They both waved hands…
Laksh take bike&went back to MM. On the way he remembered the cute moments he spend with her!!
He felt soo happy.
Just then his phone ring! It was Ragini!!!
Ragini:Laksh,a good news!
Laksh:good news?
Ragini:yea! Aditi called me just now!&she said that she will come tomorrow morning!! Her show is cancelled!!!
Laksh:oh!!! Really?
Ragini:yea,ohhh!!! I am soo happy laksh. Haa..one thing r u free tomorrow?
Laksh:no. But I will come with u to pick her!
Ragini:how will u know that,I am going to ask that?
Laksh smiled..
Laksh:after all I am ur friend na?
Ragini:no..best friend!

Laksh:ok. Then I can read ur mind!
Ragini:ohh!! Laksh ur too cute.then by good night& take care. Haa be careful while driving..
Laksh:ok…baba. by good night..
They cut the call.
Screen freeze on their smile faces.


Hi guys. I think today’s chapter is a bit boring!! But don’t feel sad. I will post good one coming day..&wait for the TWIST&TURNS in RagLak’s life…

Laksh turned &looked at her

Credit to: Lakshmi

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