Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 15

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Scene 1
Park. They both came out from pond.
Laksh:how was it Ragini? Did u enjoy?
Ragini playfully hit in his shoulder…
They both went out from park towards their own cars
Laksh:so ..how will u go back?
Ragini:I have my own car.
She show her car.
Ragini:then by laksh… haa !! One thing more,give me ur phone number laksh.
He gave his number.
Ragini :so..will meet u soon,my dear friend!!
Laksh:yea!! But when will we meet after this?
Ragini: patha nahi!! Aur if u want to see me,u can come to my college but I will not come to meet u in ur office,don’t expect that
If I come there then ur dad&I will became enemies!! So I am not ready to take any chance,ok?
Laksh laughed to hear that!!
Laksh:ok baba.
Ragini:then see u laksh,by..
They go different direction.
Suddenly Laksh stops&turned
Ragini looked back!!
Laksh:thank u! Thanks alot for became my friend&also for this beautiful day!!
Ragini smiled to hear that!!
They went back …

Scene 2
Night. MM. Dinner time. All r having dinner.
Laksh was in thinking of Ragini. He remembered whole thing happend between them& thinking about their meeting in park,he felt soo funny!!
h laugh out loud!!
All look him,with excited!! Bcoz he smiled like that after a looong time!!
Ap felt soo happy to see his smile
But Dp became soo angry!!
Dp:yeh kyaa hei laksh??
There became a sudden silence!!! Only then laksh came sense
Dp:wat r u thinking in the time of food? R u forgot table manners??
Laksh felt soo much pain!!
Laksh:I am sorry dad…
He looked down..
He looked at plate for one second,then get up&go to his room.!!!
Laksh didn’t look&respond…Ap&suja looked at each other!! All felt unhappy. They finished their food in silent…
Laksh’s room
Laksh was sitting in bed. He felt soo pain&angry at same time. He remembered Dp’s word…
His eyes became filled with tears….
Suddenly !!! Ap came inside ….he saw her…
Ap:Laksh,y r u didn’t complete ur food?
Laksh:maa,don’t u hear dad! Maa y he always behave like this with me?
His eyes couldn’t control the tears!!! It started flowing.!!
Ap cupped his face. She felt soo pain inside to see his situation!!!
Ap:dad is really loving u all! But u know na he don’t know how express that! Bcoz he is a big business man. He is soo busy with his work!!!!
Ap kissed in his forehead. Laksh’s face got a sas smile!!
Ap:aavo Laksh! If u didn’t eat food,how can ur mother become happy?
Laksh:but really maa,I don’t have hungry now,sach meim!!
Ap:then I will take some milk for u.
Ap smiled! She go from there. ..
Laksh think that,she gave the same explanation all the time.!!
Laksh:(in mind)”maa,I know that u r trying a lot to make dad good in every ones eyes!! But maa ur whole efforts don’t have any result !! All r gaving a fake smile to u maa!! Only making u happy&only,only for u!!don’t u can see? Or r u trying to avoid the truth…?”
He wipe the tears…
Ap came back with milk, he drunk.
He started sleeping,just then his phone ring!!
He take phone&look at the number. But it was a new number,which he didn’t know!!
He pick the call!!
It was Ragini!
Ragini:hello Laksh..!!
Laksh felt soo happy to hear her voice!! He really became happy&a wide smile came in his face!!!
Laksh:hai Ragini!! Y u call? Voh bhi itni raat?
Ragini:y u asking like this? Do u feel disturb? Then I don’t want to talk to u,I will cut the call…
Laksh:noo..noo.I didn’t mean that,I ask bcoz it became soo late na? That y….
Ragini:I call u to aks….no I call u to invite u to a party!!!…
Ragini:haam party..! Today knight! In my friend’s house!!
Laksh:wat?? Today knight? But it is already 10.30 now!
Ragini:are budhoo,it is night party hei!
Laksh:wat??? Night party?? R u go to attend night party?
Ragini:today is one of my friend’s birth day! So she set a party for all of her friends in her home,not any other place. So she invited me. Party will start on 11.00. So I think,if u will come with me,it may be good!
Laksh:me?? R u serious? It is already night,I am not interested in night parties!! So not ready.
Ragini felt sad
Ragini:I thought u will come with me! But …it’s ok I will go my self!
Laksh:wait! Go my self,mathlab? Do u decide to go alone?
Laksh:no,Ragini I will not go&u also!! So go&sleep. It is already late!
Ragini:excuse me!! Who r u to stop me? I gave her promise that I will come! So I will go there,It is decided…
Laksh:no …! U r not going any where in this time!!
Ragini:I f u have any interest,u can come with me! But u don’t have any right to stop me! Got it? I think u will come with me! It is my fault!! So sorry for that!! &hear one thing I WILL GO THERE TONIGHT,BY MY SELF….
She cut the call!!
Laksh:hello! Hello Ragini??
They both felt unhappy!!!

Scene 2
GH. Ragini’s room.
She walked here &there
Ragini:I think he will come with me!! But …he is really a stubborn man,excatly like his father!!! But …I am his friend na? So…
she think to call him one more time! But then change the decision!!
Ragini:no need of him! If he may not became my friend,what may I do now? I will go my self!! Any way I promised her! So I should go ..!!
She decided to go alone..
It became already 11.00
she came out from her room,with out noise. Slowly go shekher&sumi’s room. Conformed that they r sleeping!!
Then came out side home!! Slowly opened the gate,noiselessly. The watchman didn’t hear the sound,he was sleeping!!
She came to road! But after came out side she started to fearing!! Her whole courage gone!! She came out on the angry upon laksh! But now, to see datkness she startef fearing!! She stood like thay for some times. Then started to walk,bcoz there was no other way to go!!”
She walking slowly&look arround!!
SUDDENLY… she felt that some one following her!! She didn’t look back!! And started walking fast…she remembered pastthings happend!” She started shivering!!
Ragini:laksh was right! I may not go there in this time!!. But wat to do know?
She turned&look! Yes she was right!! 2 men were in her back!!
Her heart beat raise up. She remembered whole past events!! Her eyes filled with tears! If in that day laksh didn’t came!!!
she couldn’t think that! But today if any thing happend? She hit her forehead&curse her self for to give promise to her friend!! She increase heer speed.
A bike came&stop a little far,infront of her!!!
A man stepped out from that!! She look on&became happy!!!
It was laksh!! Her eyes started flowing!! She ran towards him!&came near him&hugged tightly!!
laksh became shocked in her sudden action!!
Saw him the men go from there!!
Laksh saw this&gave Ragini an angry look!!
Ragini understood&looked down
Laksh:don’t open ur mouth!! I told u to stay at home! Don’t go any where! But wat have u done? Don’t u remember about the past days incidents!! U always creating problems!!
He shouted at her!! But she remain silent!!
Laksh:come!! &tell the way to ur friend’s home!!
She obeyed him like a little child!!

Scene 3
Friend’s home.
They reach there.(name of her friend is swathi)
Ragini go towards swathi. Saw her swathi became soo happy!!
Swathi:Hi Ragini!
Ragini was not in a plesent mood! She made a fake smile!!
Ragini:hi swathi!
They both hugged!!
Swathi:I don’t think that u will come! But now I am soo happy.
She look at Laksh!!
Ragini introduce him!
Swathi:hai laksh!
Laksh:hi,swathi,many more happy returns of the day!
Swathi:thanks a lot!!
Then she asked Ragini in a low tone
swathi:is this is ur boy friend?
Ragini gave her an angry look!
Ragini:no!! He is my best friend.
Swathi:sorry I thought he is ur boy friend! Any way he is soo hot&handsome!
Ragini:stop it swathi!
Then she look at laksh!
Laksh heared this!! But didn’t express it!!
they two go to a lonely place!
Ragini was still mood off!
Laksh:are yaar! Y u keep ur face like this! I said that don’t to hurt u! But u know na? U r a girl& should take care of ur self,ha na?
She didn’t reply! She remain silent!!
Laksh:are baba! Kuch smile kar dona please?
She didn’t smile. Laksh look her for a while! Then go from there!
She go to meet swathi&then search laksh! But she couldn’t find him!! She became too tensed…
Suddenly the lights went off! All became shocked!!
Suddenly laksh came in stage with a guitar!! Spot light fell upon him! He take mick!
“Hi dear friends ,today our dearest friend swathi celebrate her …… birthday. So every one pls gave a super happy b’day wish to her….”
Ragini hear his sound&came near to the stage!! She shocked to saw him in stage with a guitar!” He also saw her&wink eyes at her!
He continue…” on this occation I decided to sing a song for out cute swathi!&also I take this time to make a compramise with my best friend,who is now angry with me!!”
He looked at her& started singing!!

“Haan haa…
Haan hasi ban gayi…
Haan nami ban gayi..
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye…(2)

Haan hum badalne lage…
Girne sambhalne lage….
Jab se hai jaana tumhein….
Teri ore chalne lage….

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye…
Maante thhe khuda…
Aur haan wahi ban gaya….

Haan hasi ban gaye…
Haan nami ban gaye….
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye….”
he completed song! Every one gave him huge appludes!! He look at Ragini!!
Her eyes were filled… but have a wide smile in her face!!
saw that he also smiled….!!


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