Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 14

Guys…I am back after a looong break. My exams r finished. So from today I will post my ff,not only one but both!! Thanks my friends for ur comments. Even I am not punctual,u always support me. Thanks a lot for ur love.

RAFEE- I saw ur comment&dear I will post my another ff today night.thank u for ur support.

BTW I know guys,u all r may be in unhappy about the current track of SWARAGINI! Bcoz our cute Raglak r seperated! Being a raglakian I really felt bad! But hope they will unite soon. Iam waiting for that.

Scene 1
Park. Laksh stopped to hear Ragini called out his name. He turn&look at her curiously!!
Ragini:Laksh! Kyaa aap meri dosth banuoomgi?
Laksh became excited! And asked
Ragini:ohhh! Wait I will come.
She go towards him
Ragini:kyaa aap ko suna nahi? Laksh r u ready to be my friend?
Laksh(in an excited tone): yea,I will!
Ragini smiled.
Laksh forwarded his hand with full of happy!
But Ragini didn’t gave shake hand!
Laksh:wat Ragini? Give me ur hand! We r friends na?
Ragini:ufff! Now I got one thing Mr.Laksh,ur still in 80’s!
Laksh look cluelessly to her
Laksh:wat the matter Ragini?
Ragini:this shake hand! Oh!! It is really an old way laksh. &in my view friendship must start be with some unforgettable ways! If we start our friendship something like that,it will always strike in our mind soo long! !
Laksh:oh! That is soo cool!
Ragini:haa! Laksh tumhe pathahe, Aditi hei meri sabse ache dosth! My best friend forever!!
Laksh:Aditi? Voh…us din..coffee shop meim?
Ragini:haam! Voh hei Aditi. U know one thing we started our friendship through a big fight!
Ragini:haam fight se! In our school days,we were the leaders of 2different groups! We were busy in fighting all the time! One day she insulted me infront of our teacher&friends. I couldn’t control my angry. I spoiled their group project! It leads to somany problems!!
Laksh was hearing all this&observing her face expressions keenly! Her face was like a kid!
Laksh laugh out loudly!
Ragini:kyaa laksh! Kyaa hua?
Laksh:Ragini,tum bilkul bachom ki taraf hei!
Laksh:kyum ki tum yeh bath karne ki waqt,tumhare chehra bilkul ek kid ke tarh dhi! Or tumhari baath bhi vaise dhi,ek bacha,apni dosth ke saath hue chakda kisi or dosth se baath karthe hei!
Ragini felt really embaressment to hear that!
They two laughed!
Laksh:waise Ragini, can I ask u one thing?
Ragini:haa,tell me laksh.
Laksh:is this is ur habbit from childhood to fight with someone for silly reason? I really want to know that! Bcoz till now Aditi was the vicim. But from today I also will be! He na?
Ragini made an angry face
Ragini starting to chase laksh!!
They get tired& sit one of the bench.
Laksh:haa… Ragini bolo,kyaa baath hei?
Ragini:Laksh …. .I want to eat ice-cream laksh! Kyaa tum mujhe dedoongi?
Laksh:but,where is the bakery?
She pointed to an ice-cream parlour other side of the road!
Laksh:wait I will go &buy,so which is ur favourate flavor?
Laksh:hmm..mujhe bhi butterscotch bahuth pasand hei!
Ragini:really! So our choice r same! PERFECT MATCH!
Laksh smiled to hear this&he go to buy. He came back with ice- creams. They ate ice-creams.
Laksh:how is it Ragini?
Ragini:mm super Laksh! Thank u soo much!!
Laksh:so,wat will give u return?
Ragini:for wat?
Laksh:achaa! Yeh hei sahi dosthy? Aaj hamari friendship ki pehle din hei,meim tum ko ice-cream diya. So now it is ur turn to give me something return!
Ragini:haam. Tum bilkul teek kehrehi hei laksh! I didn’t think that. But wat will I give u?
She started thinking…she looked to something&a smile came to her face.
she take Laksh’s hand
Ragini:come Laksh! I will give u something,which I never gave to any one yet!
Ragini dragged him to the other side of the park. She find a place free. They are alone there.
Ragini:yeham koi nahi he na laksh?
Laksh looked arround
Laksh:haam! But baath kyaa hei Ragini?
Ragini:laksh I am going to give my special gift to u laksh!
Laksh:gift! Par tumhare haath par kuch nahi hei.
Ragini came closer to laksh&placed her hands on his shoulders! Laksh remain cluelessly!!!!
Laksh:Ragini,yeh kyaa…
Ragini didn’t allow him to continue!! She placed her finger on his lip!!!
Laksh became super shocked!!
Ragini:laksh I told na I will give u a special gift!! I..I will give u a sweet kiss laksh!!
Laksh:wat? Ragini r u mad?
He try to stop her . But she came more close!! He steped backward… SUDDENLY….
He fell down to the pond!! Ragini started to laugh….
Laksh understood that it was her plan. He gave her an angry look..
Ragini lost her control in laughing!!
Ragini:how was my kiss Laksh? Is it sooo hot! Or soo cold!? Haaaa…haa..
Laksh:achaa.. come I will tell u !!
He pulled her led!! She lost balance &also fell in to pond!!!
Laksh:how do u feel now? Is sooo hot? Or sooo cold?
They looked at each other&started laughing……..


HI dears,I know that my story it boaring&bit dragging also.. Sorry for that.but keep supporting&gave suggetions. Thank u …..

Laksh:Ragini,yeh kyaa…
Ragini didn’t allow hin to continue

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